Why going to the doctor won’t necessarily help


Why going to the doctor won’t necessarily help

July 29, 2016 By

During the many occasions in which I went back and forth to the doctor for blood tests during my iron deficiency phase about 6 years ago, not once did I hear them mention diet. It seems to be one of those things doctors just don’t take into account. Food. Even though it should be the first thing they ask a patient when they walk through the door to be examined. Food is healing. It has the power to heal almost any diseases. Studies have proven this over and over again. Stories I have witnessed myself with friends and family members have proven this. That a raw plant based diet devoid of any animal products and sugary processed foods can do wonders in curing almost any illness. Yet not once did I hear a doctor mention the importance of diet. In fact. More recently, a friend of mine was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease, an autoimmune disease in which the immune system turns against the body’s own tissue. She was put on a dose of hormones and told to avoid searching for the answer via food. I was absolutely astounded by this. Her diet was overrun with gluten and dairy and she rarely consumed fresh organic vegetables. Most of her meals consisted of cooked refined foods. So there was absolutely nothing in her diet that would aid her immune system to repair itself and cure from her illness. Rather than being encouraged to consume a whole-foods plant based diet after discovering stories of others with the same disease, she was told to avoid searching for the answers on the internet and stick to her hormone treatment.

Conventional medicine is failing patients over and over again. And the more stories I hear, the more I realise than the way patients are treated is not a solution for long term health. It might clear up the disease or illness they are suffering from, but it certainly won’t prevent it from returning or something else going wrong in the body if their overall health is not supported with a diet rich in antioxidant nutrient dense plant based foods. It genuinely infuriates me when I see so many around me suffering with ill health, consistently let down by a medical system that should be supplying them with all the knowledge they need so they can take their health into their own hands, oppose to being given a dose of antibiotics and told that their health condition will most likely be a lifelong thing.

Some patients will need multiple different pills to treat several aliments diseases all at the same time. A lot of the treatments they are put on do not strengthen health or result in the disease never returning. And when we become reliant on these medications, it does nothing for our overall health. And yet the great thing about a plant based diet is, it literally tackles every illness in the body all at the same time. You can’t clear up one of three conditions for example and still be suffering from others. When you begin to eat a whole-foods plant based diet, you clear up everything at the same time. No medication needed. The body has it’s own healing mechanism. If we’re getting the correct nutrients, then our food automatically activates the body’s healing mechanism and gets to work repairing whatever needs to be repaired, and unlike with medication, not only will your body be cured, but you will also be protecting your body from other illnesses at the same time. Nothing can take care of you like your diet and regular exercise can. Yet in spite of the many success stories of those who have cured themselves with juicing and a vegan diet from conditions as serious as cancer, food continues to be undermined as the most effective, safe, logical, and long-term treatment.

So when it comes to food, whatever your doctor is advising, if there is no mention of a whole-foods plant based diet, then it’s time to go away and do your own research. It is absolutely possible to heal your body on a vegan diet. It is absolutely possible to ensure that the diseases you currently suffer will never return. Just to give an example, a close friend of mine had a father who suffered from gout, heart disease, high-blood pressure and diabetes. My friend juiced with green vegetables such as kale, spinach, celery, red cabbage, carrots, courgette and apples, lemons and lime every single day, and made sure his father drank this is copious amounts. He put his father on a diet rich in organic vegetables, a little steamed potato and a few nuts and seeds supported by various vitamins, minerals and natural supplements. In less than two months on a diet of organic vegetables and fruit combined with regular juicing and green tea, his father’s blood sugar and pressure reading were stable without the use of his usual medications, and his gout pains diminished significantly. This is one of many many stories that have occurred simply from switching to a plant based diet consisting primarily of raw foods and only whole-foods. The reminder I wanted to send out with this article is simply that if you have been to a doctor recently (or even not so recently) battling with a mysterious health issue and put on a dose of antibiotics or other medication to help reverse the condition, if you really want a long-term solution that will not only heal your condition but also result in overall great health, put yourself on a strict whole-foods plant based diet for a month and juice with mostly vegetables and a little fruit several times a day, and I can assure you the symptoms will be treated simply by giving your body the right foods, and activating it’s own healing mechanism.

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