How water transforms our emotions

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How water transforms our emotions

August 1, 2016 By

 The aim of this article is to bring awareness to how water is at the centre of our very existence and how it often goes overlooked. Specifically, we wish to share practical tips to help you realise the connection between water and your emotions, and how you can transform your thoughts and feelings by utilising the incredible power of water.

Water and our emotions :

It would seem that we live in a world where we have been generally conditioned to view emotions and feelings with scepticism and distrust. Deeming them to be wild, chaotic and unruly. Yet from a yogic perspective, our spirit is actually trying to communicate through our emotional body via the element of water, through our instincts and feeling awareness. In essence what we feel is more real than what we think. Water and emotions are one. Water is the ruler of instincts and feeling, it is feminine and yin. It rules the subconscious mind and is attached to our desires and creative sexual energy. It is influenced by the moon cycles. Water rules energy motions. Energy motions are waves of water based reactions tiding within the mind and body. Our emotional compass is the internal way finder to help us live an authentic and self-expressed life and protect us from negative influence. Being rational and cold is not superior to being emotional and hot.

Being emotional is a wonderful human gift, but falling under the trap of ’emotionality’ is where a vast majority of problems begin. ‘Emotionality’ is where we associate ourselves with our emotions rather than simply experiencing them. Hooking and deepening our false association to these emotions can lead to chronic and negative ways of being. Such as a wrathful and domineering person, a shy and anxious victim or a depressed and sluggish delinquent. We trap ourselves in our ’emotionality nets’ and rarely come unstuck. Alternatively, being emotional means being fluidly in touch with our emotions by paying attention to how we feel within the body moment to moment, day to day . This means noticing when signs of discomfort or ‘dis-ease’ are occurring within us. Examples include depression, anger, anxiety, melancholy and lack of motivation or vitality, to name but a few. As conscious human beings, we want to enjoy our emotions and have influence over them, rather than being victims of the constantly changing weather of our feelings. We can do this by getting in touch with our water element and increasing our understanding of it.

How water cleanses away the negativity in our cells :

We are liquid beings under the illusion of solidity. We are literally bags of water. Think of yourself as a water being. Life comes out of water. There needs to be water. The earth is 70% water, we are a microcosmic fractal of the earth, 70% like the earth. The molecular vibration, the structural blueprint of our water molecules is shaped and determined by our emotional frequency because all emotion is suspended within water. We therefore understand that our emotions and our water are one of the same because energy flows through the water in our body. Blood flows, feeling flows, hormones flow, everything is liquid. By definition, water and emotion are one of the same, so if you wish to influence the current of the water within your cells as well as influencing your emotion, you have to work with the water element in your body. Your mind has various layers. The denseness layer of your mind is called mannas (san script) so your manasic mind, can be controlled and influenced through the power of vibration, which is also sound. One daily example as to how water can shift your emotions is by having a hot bath, by having a cold shower and by drinking a litre of water as soon as you get up in the morning,to activate and stimulate the kidney meridian. Why do people feel so good after exercising and drinking so much water? Because they’ve literally changed their state and their flow.

Water in medicine and healing :

According to Tibetan medicine, it uses herbal baths as its main principal to heal it’s patients. The ancient Greeks and Romans made public bath houses available to as many of their citizens as possible to create wellbeing, cleanliness and purity in their society to heal and restore. Yogis would begin each day under the rising sun, cleansing themselves in cold water rivers to wake up the body and mind. The Scandinavians religiously use saunas and ice water to stay healthy and remove the seasonal effects of depression (SAD). Hydro therapy not only improves skin tone but literally flushes toxins from the organ and has been used to heal every type of condition in ancient and primitive cultures. Through bathing, any emotional blueprint inside of you is being pulled out with the power of water. In native american cultures they would use the sweat lodge to heal the body and purify the spirit.

How water influences your daily emotions :

If you are hydrated you are in a state of flow. If you are dehydrated you are in a state of stagnation. Through deep breathing and constantly checking in with your emotional state, you are tapping into the water element within you. What does this mean? Water rules your creativity, your sensuality, your sense of flow and connection. It is the principal of life itself. Just as water wants to flow, so do your emotions. Modern daily life is often very restrictive and artificial. And the sense of blockage or feeling stuck or frustrated is often due to the water within us feeling trapped. When we do not flow, or if we feel stuck, our overall potential and performance does not move. We can turn to all sorts of methods to help us but all the while ignoring how water has a tangible visceral effect on the way we feel and function. When we feel depressed or lethargic, our water element is dense and ‘syrup like’. When we feel in flow and happiness, our water element is circulating freely and fully. When we feel anger or frustration, our water element is steamed or heated. This may be a new way of speaking and not scientific or logical, but non the less makes common sense and empowers you to experience water within you, rather than relying on science to tell you from outside. In essence, water is the elemental ruler of your emotions, and as your daily life is washed by the waves of ‘energy motions’ you are influenced by this reaction taking place within you. Rather than believing that daily emotions (both negative or positive) are outside of our control or influence, we should strive to be the masters of our own emotional compass and inventory. We can change or transmute our emotions through the power of water (hydration), meditation and breathing techniques and conscientiously going in to our emotions as they happen in real time to either overcome and heal it or to enjoy and expand it. Ignoring or numbing your emotional experience is the same as ignoring the water in a fish tank or swimming pool, eventually it will get dirty and toxic. Flowing gracefully through the palate of emotions in your daily life means staying connected to your water element, your creativity and your sense of feeling. Know this to be a key to power and peace – use your emotions and harness them in your daily pursuits by recognising the various ways in which water influences our emotions whether from the consumption of it, or bathing in it.

the water signs express our emotional body and communicate for our soul through instincts and feeling awareness” – Guru Rattana Ph.D

Water in people’s daily lives :

Drink 1 litre of clean mineral water per 25 kilos of bodyweight. As soon as you wake up drink two glasses of water, if you want to go a step further, add lemon juice to help activate the lymphatic drainage process. Monitor the colour of your urine. If it’s yellow it means there is too much acidity in the body and you are suffering from dehydration.

Before you sleep, one way of making sure that your spine is lubricated is by putting a generous pinch of salt on the tongue followed immediately by two glasses of water. This improves the quality of our sleep and means that the body is encouraged to repair. The body’s cells need to swim freely otherwise the repair process will be stuck and congested. Look at all movement as mimicking the human body. In order for nutrients to move there must be that flow. If you are feeling a sense of stagnancy in the mind or body the most obvious place to start in order to fix this issue is by drinking water.

False associations :

After urination, drink water immediately. The brain does not know the difference between the thrist response and the hunger response. Most people are thirsty but mistake the signal with hunger. And because emotional eating is tied into a feeling of lack or void, food is often used as a replacement and numbing technique, when water should be used to hydrated and feel. False association and bad behavioural patterning has created a hunger response rather than thirst response. This is linked to the avoidance of emotional undercurrent. People don’t want to feel. This is how people become obese. Rather than reaching for food when you feel emotionally out of balance, try drinking a few glasses of water and you may be surprised as to how rapidly it transforms your mood.

Dehydration :

The world is chronically dehydrated, relying on sugar spikes from caffeine bursts and artificial sugary drinks. Chronic dehydration is an epidemic even in the wealthiest parts of humanity. Alcohol and caffeine are not replacements for pure water. There has been a standardised equation, for every 25 kilos of body weight, you need to be drinking at least one litre or water a day. So if you are a 75 kilo individual you need to be drinking at least 3 litres of water per day. A way of overcoming the constant urination reflex when your body is still acclimatising to drinking so much water is to add mineral salt with your drinking water. Salt and water have a yin yang relationship, if you want water to stay in your body for longer, increasing your salt intake is what you need.

Symptoms of a dysfunctional Water element within you:




-Low in energy, feeling fatigued



-Emotional isolation, Depression, Insecurity

-Denial of emotional needs

-Emotional commotions

-Feel powerless, victimized, vulnerable, fearful

-Aggression and anger



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