10 reasons to go organic.


10 reasons to go organic.

August 5, 2016 By

There are some very sound reasons why you should eat organic foods. Let’s name 10 of them. All points are based to scientific studies. Please feel free to follow the links or to google these points.

Diseases: Pesticides are linked to a number of disease including asthma, diabetes, autism, reproductive dysfunctions, parkinson’s and Alzheimer disease. There are many studies confirming this.
Colony Collapse Disorder: 30% of our food supply relies on pollination while the bees are on a road to becoming extinct. You eating organic produce will stimulate a healthier environment for the bees.
Nutrients: Organic food is higher in nutrients then non organic foods. So you will be healthier.
Weakened plants: The immune system of most plants is severely weakened if not completely damaged by the use of pesticides. This leads to a downwards spiral of higher use of pesticides and GMO crops.
Farm workers health: Farm workers exposed to the chemicals run a very high risk in contracting diseases connected to pesticides. Farmers, who lead an otherwise very healthy life run a higher risk in developing leukemia, Hodgkins disease, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and many other forms of cancer.
Biodiversity: Non organic crops are grown on the same plot of land year after year. This mono cropping (as it’s called) basically plunders the soil from all nutrients so that chemical fertilizers are used. Most organically grown crops need to rotate each year, creating a greater biodiversity and a healthier soil.
Aquatic life: Pesticides end up in ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams, negatively affecting the balance of all aquatic life including an alarmingly high fish, frog and salamander mortality.
Flavor: Organic produce tastes way better.
Prices and availability: More people eating more organic produce would lower their prices and create a higher availability. Link here
A dangerous lobby: Our safety and that of the ecosystem is put in the hands of billion dollar cooperations that decide for farmers what to grow, what to spray and by that for you what to eat. High profits go hand in hand with political lobbying which makes matters only worse. This is a situation no one wants.
I could go on.

The only on that can change all of this around is you by eating as organic as possible. The power is not with governments or multi billion cooperations but with the people blindly following their lead.

So be wise and healthy and contribute to a healthier environment for all of us!

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