Vegans & Elephants

Vegans & Elephants

Vegans & Elephants

July 22, 2016 By

Coming soon! bare with us a bit longer!

Vegans & Elephants is a separate platform we created providing you with tons of healthy and nutritious vegan recipes and everything else you need to know about transitioning to the vegan lifestyle! In the near future, you will be re-directed from the Vegans & Elephants tab on Earth Children to the website to find all this info!

We will also be launching an Ebook via Earth Children which you can download once you sign up to our website to learn more about how to obtain all the essential nutrients your body needs from plant-based foods!

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JwaydanJwaydan Moyine is a classically trained Film Composer, Pianist, Cellist, Singer/Songwriter, and a Writer and Entrepreneur. She founded Earth Children to bring awareness to matters regarding the Environment, Animal welfare, Sustainable living, Organic gardening, Wellness & Conscious living. She is heavily involved with activism for animal welfare in the UK and Egypt and child welfare in Syria, Thailand and Romania. She resides in Berkshire Running an organic food farm, an organic skincare company, and an online platform called Vegans & Elephants, bringing awareness to matters regarding the Planet, Plant based nutrition, Cruelty free living & the necessity of adapting to Veganism for the sake of Sustainability, Animal welfare and our health. You can find out more on what she is doing over at the Earth Children Facebook Page!
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