How food corporations destroy our wellbeing

When we eat food that has come directly from the ground, we are fuelling ourselves with the energy that the earth provides. High vibrations foods are full of life source, they have retrieved that energy from the sun, from the dirt, from the water, so imagine what it does to your body to be filled with fresh and wild food…


‘Hidden’ names for sugar we should all know about

Some ‘hidden’ names for different types of sugar -Agave nectar -Golden syrup -Anhydrous dextrose -Grape sugar -Barbados sugar -High fructose -Barley malt -Hexitol -Barley malt syrup -Honey -Beet sugar -Icing sugar -Brown sugar -Isomalt -Buttered syrup -Invert sugar -Cane juice -Lactose -Cane juice crystals -Liquid fructose -Cane sugar -Malt sugar -Carob syrup -Malted barley -Carbitol -Maltodextrin -Castor sugar -Maltol -Coconut…


For IBS & leaky gut syndrome

This was advice I received from my nutrional therapist who is highly knowledgable when it comes to gut and digestive issues as well as aruveyda and other cultures that have profound insight into the diet and nutrition. Her knowledge is extensive when it comes to a variety of many health conditions, alternative ways of eating, supplements and herbs as well…


Why we stay sick

I recently spoke to a young boy who’s mother had cancer, I met a lady with breast cancer, a man with a chronic condition, a woman with a severe skin condition, who has a son with an even more severe skin condition, and then there’s my mother, who also has a skin condition that is considered a mysterious illness, and…


What your pain means

I have long been fascinated with the link between physical and emotional health, which we so often overlook, and it is only in recent years that hollistic healing has begun to infiltrate into mainstream culture, and more of us our beginning to recognise the link between the two, and how our mental patterns largely contribute to, or exacerbate physical aliments….