Juices & smoothies for your ultimate detox

Lemon water : lemon water is a highly effective way of detoxifying the body. Fresh lemon juice enhances the water’s ability to draw out toxins from the body. Squeeze the juice of one lemon into warm water with honey (or agave syrup for vegans) and drink each morning to help rid your body of toxins. Heavy mental detox juice :…


10 reasons to go organic.

There are some very sound reasons why you should eat organic foods. Let’s name 10 of them. All points are based to scientific studies. Please feel free to follow the links or to google these points. Diseases: Pesticides are linked to a number of disease including asthma, diabetes, autism, reproductive dysfunctions, parkinson’s and Alzheimer disease. There are many studies confirming…


Why going to the doctor won’t necessarily help

During the many occasions in which I went back and forth to the doctor for blood tests during my iron deficiency phase about 6 years ago, not once did I hear them mention diet. It seems to be one of those things doctors just don’t take into account. Food. Even though it should be the first thing they ask a…


The surprising secret behind weight-loss

Most of us would be surprised to hear that increasing our consumption of carbs would aid with weight-loss. But in the interview, Dr Michelle McMacken explains how whole-food plant based carbs, contrary to what we believe, are the answer for losing weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. About the author Jwaydan Moyine is a classically trained Film Composer,…


Top tips for transitioning to a plant-based diet

1)Let’s start with the obvious one. Cutting out animal products. Load up on healthy whole-foods such as some grains, legumes, steamed sweet potatoes, broccoli and avocado. Aim to eat a big bowl of greens each day full of detoxifying leafy greens such as kale, spinach, lettuce, chard, cilantro, parsley and add in some sweet corn, leaks, mushrooms, cucumbers, avocado, arugula,…


How to calm troublesome skin

What you need to know about your skin ; It’s great to have a bedside table full of wonderful skincare products, but the reality is, beautiful skin starts from the inside, and all the most expensive facial oils and creams in the world won’t give you that, if you diet is full of ingredients that link to bad skin health….