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6 ways that our consumption of meat is destroying our health and the Planet.

Nutritional guidelines given by the USDA The American diet is centred around dairy and meat produce while vegetables and other whole-food plant based produce takes a backseat, treated as an afterthought rather than what should be seen as the most fundamental and vital building blocks for human health. The USDA pyramid’s guidelines are at the centre of a disease and…

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Going vegan may be the answer to saving our oceans

According to various news outlets including Huffington post, The guardian, The Telegraph and Tech times, ecologists and economists calculated that the loss of biodiversity will curb the oceans ability to sustain the population which is expected to rise by over 50 percent by 2050. Billions of fish being killed worldwide for food every year has resulted in the extinction of…

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What going vegan in 2017 can solve

With the growing environmental and health concerns, it has become a global phenomenon for a great number to adapt to the vegan lifestyle. To us, this does not consist of the way we chose to eat alone, but the companies and brands we support, and how each and every action we engage in each day has a phenomenal ability to…

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Tigers, Elephants & Penguins might not be around for much longer.

Half of the world’s animals have been lost in the past 40 years due to climate change, and one in 6 of the planet’s species will be lost forever due to the stress on habitats from deforestation, the rise in pollution, fishing farming and global warming. Current endangered species include tigers, elephants, rhinos, gorillas, orangutans, snow leopard, giant pandas, marine…

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How our food choices shape the health of our planet.

Recent research indicates that meat is a major driver of climate change and that adapting to the vegan lifestyle can drastically reduce our carbon footprint. According to recent research, moving in the direction of a plant based diet could avert 5 million plus deaths per year by the time we reach 2050, representing a 6-10% decrease in global mortality. On…

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Who are Earth Children

Earth children was founded by a small team in june 2016 who are committed to bringing awareness to matters that we are extremely passionate and dedicated towards regarding the planet, wellness, animal welfare and more, in order to promote the essential change we believe is currently needed on this planet. Our aim is to encourage readers to begin to ask…