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6 ways that our consumption of meat is destroying our health and the Planet.

Nutritional guidelines given by the USDA The American diet is centred around dairy and meat produce while vegetables and other whole-food plant based produce takes a backseat, treated as an afterthought rather than what should be seen as the most fundamental and vital building blocks for human health. The USDA pyramid’s guidelines are at the centre of a disease and…

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Born on death row – my short story

I was tired, exhausted, but anxiety dominated and rendered the escape of sleep redundant. My feet, cold and crippled on the floor of my concrete cell. I was so used to the pain that I’d discarded my cries after an eternity of being engulfed by darkness. I could hear the whimpers of others rising up into the already dense fog…

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5 reasons not to eat pigs.

The truth about pigs ; Did you know that pigs are highly loving, gentle and intelligent animals that are equally as sociable as dogs and have the intelligence that surpasses a three year old child? They develop strong bonds when raised by people and those who keep them as pets have noted them as being naturally very clean, smart, loyal,…

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What going vegan can teach men

I think the beautiful think about veganism is that it breaks down barriers. Cultural barriers that disallow you from seeing with a crystal clear vision. And once you are able to do so, you recognise this movement for what it truly is – abandoning all former ideologies and ‘normalities’ to go in search of the truth. Not just in regard…


The paradox to consumerism

Recently, a conversation occurred in which my friends questioned that matter of how various products are produced involving unsustainable practises and inhumane working conditions for those hired by big corporations. They concluded that all this was due to the immorality and greed of humanity. However, it is fundamentally not just about greed The monetary system itself is the root issue…

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Does being vegan make you less manly?

With an increasing amount of men now opting for a plant-based diet, the old perception that it makes you ‘less manly’ if you don’t eat meat, is fast being wiped out. David Haye, Mike Tyson, Nate Diaz, Mac Danzig, and even Mr Universe 2014 – Barny du Plessis – are all proving beyond doubt, that you can be vegan AND…