Your guide to delicious plant-based alternatives

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Your guide to delicious plant-based alternatives

September 20, 2016 By

Meat & dairy alternatives that taste pretty damn good ;

Cheese alternatives : Vegusto No-Moo HerbTofutti Original Creamy SmoothViolife Cheddar Flavour SlicesVeganic Vegan Pizza CheeseVBites Cheezly Edam Style (Melting)MozzaRisellaSweet Chilli Creamy Sheese, Provolone.


Milk alternatives : Cashew dream, Oat milk, Alpro Almond, Alpro Almond unsweetened, Rice milk, Coconut milk, Soy milk, Spelt milk, Cashew milk, Vanilla soy milk, Soya + calcium and vitamins, Hazelnut milk, Macadamia milk, Coconut & Almond, Rice & Coconut, Rice + Calcium, Rice & Almond, Brown Rice Drink, Coconut drink rude health, Almond drink by rude health, Oat drink by rude health




Ice creams : Soy DeliciousSoy or Rice DreamOatly Vanilla Ice CreamSwedish Glace NeapolitanAlmond Dream Mint Chocolate Chip Ice CreamBooja-Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate, Booja-Booja Vanilla      Booja-booja ginger      Sticky Date CO YO Ice Cream



Vegan yoghurts : Alpro plain yoghurt, Alpro coconut yoghurt, Alpro plain yoghurt, So delicious, Daiya greek yoghurt, Amande, Silk yoghurt, Provamel, Almond dream, Living harvest, Kite hill


Vegan meats : Beyond meat, Gardein , Tofurky, Field roast, Trader joes, Light life, Simply balanced, Morning star farms, Amy’s kitchen, Dr Praegers, Hilarys eat well, Neat, Sol Cuisine , Sunshine burger , Sweet earth foods


Side note! ;

To help increase the demand of the products you want, write to your favourite supermarkets and ask for certain products to be stocked or suggest that they make plant-based versions of the items you love! The more people that demand it, the more likely it is they’ll make it! It only takes a minute to write and if more of us do this this every time we want a plant-based alternative stocked (or invented) eventually we will find a lot more of the food we love and a lot less of the stuff we don’t! Here’s an example of one i sent to Marks and Spencers :

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 20.21.32


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