Why you need to start listening to your vegan friends.

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Why you need to start listening to your vegan friends.

September 4, 2016 By


According to Viva, In the UK, there are over 350 licensed slaughterhouses. The number of animals slaughtered each year in the UK alone equates to around 8 billion : 9.8 million pigs, nearly 15 million sheep, 18 million turkeys, 14 million ducks, over 945 million chickens, 2.6 million cattle, and 7.1 million fish.

This means that every time you breathe, an animal is killed, or rather, hundreds within that one second in the UK, and if we take other numbers into consideration worldwide, Thousands are killed every second you breathe. 22 million animals slaughtered every day; 919,000 an hour; 15,000 per minute and 255 every second. If you’re friends with a vegan on Facebook or elsewhere, you’ll most likely see them plastering their Facebook wall with the images of suffering and tortured animals along with articles and memes in regard to Veganism, while raging over how unconscious, selfish and cruel non-vegans are. As someone who is ignorant in regard to why vegans are relentless, “obsessive” and “fanatical” with their movement, it may seem extreme, irritating or like they need to get a life. But if you were to consider the many various issues vegans attempt to tackle and bring to light, you may begin to see things radically differently. Currently, There is no other movement in the world that is burdened with tackling the amount of suffering, death, abuse and inequality as much as Veganism does. Currently, there is no other movement in the world that can aid the planet, promptly abolish cruelty, significantly diminish poverty, protect and restore indigenous communities and secure the survival of our fast declining wildlife population that we rely on for our very own survival. The plant based diet is one of the most powerful and effective ways to combat the mass health crisis that is currently invading our society, while reversing the tremendous damage that has been done to the planet’s eco-systems and bio diversity. But even if we take environmental issues, the loss of bio diversity, other lifeforms and world hunger out of the equation, animal agriculture on it’s own represents more than a valid enough reason to entirely drop all animal products and understand why vegans are so “obsessive” in regard to their cause. If you were not aware that every second of the day you breathe, thousands of lives are brutally taken, well now you know. Check how many animals are being killed as you read this here and here and here.

Considering these mass murders are occurring daily at such a rate, in makes perfect sense that vegans would post every half hour or so about the issue. In receiving complaints in regard to my own posts (because it makes those who are not aware in regard to the current state of the planet, uncomfortable in finally needing to acknowledge an ugly truth which they are all too often perpetrators of) I have responded by saying that I could happily schedule posts to go public every minute of the day if I had the time to produce such content, because simply, in conjunction with my posts, millions and billions are losing their lives. No other issue is currently resulting in the same amount of torture, imprisonment, rape and murder as animal agriculture. No other undertaking is causing the same level of destruction to the planet as animal agriculture. And unfortunately, environmental organizations may work tirelessly to promote greener energy, encourage the population to recycle and cut down on water usage, but all the while deliberately failing to mention the biggest contributor to climate change and resource depletion. Even third world aid charities will avoid the ‘V’ word, despite the fact million of children die every year as a result of the food that is grown in their countries, but owned by the US, and therefore imported into the US and other regions to be fed to the animals that we eat (which we have no need to consume and is largely contributing to an increase in worldwide obesity and other debilitating human diseases). The UK alone imports £46,000,000 worth of grain from third world countries to feed to their livestock and in the US, the amount of grain used to feed animals for meat alone could feed millions of people, to be precise, around 600,000,000 people in developing countries. 

Our demand for animal products is increasing poverty, destroying habitats, a leading cause of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and, as research has recently shown, cancer. Meanwhile, environmental movements are tiptoeing around the subject of climate change and animal agriculture and instead, emphasizing the importance of minor lifestyle changes that are utterly futile and ineffectual  if we really want to ensure there is a future for this planet. You can forget Governments, you can forget health care systems (that continue to advocate meat and dairy as part of a ‘balanced diet’) and you can forget Green peace, Friends of the earth and most other environmental movements claiming to be urgently taking the matter into their hands, and you can start looking to vegans instead. Because currently, vegans are the only group of people telling the absolute truth. We’re not concerned about making compromises so that animals are ‘humanely’ slaughtered and the population still get to consume their meat or any other nonsense that is promoted in order to conciliate and appease the public so that they can make the least effort in regard to contributing towards real change. We’re not concerned with offending people by relentlessly and unapologetically bringing the truth to their attention every second of the day (don’t you think it’s about time we stopped putting our taste buds before the lives of others?) and we’re clearly not afraid to use the V word at every opportunity we get, because quite frankly, there is absolutely no other way to promote Veganism and what it stands for and combat the most urgent and alarming matters the planet is currently facing, unless we rigorously and exhaustively post, tweet and talk about it as often as we do. We’re not doing this because we’ve got nothing better to do. Hell, I had a significant amount of projects I cared about passionately but they all went on hold the minute I decided to start my own organization and commit to bringing awareness to this movement and what it represents, and I am happy to do it because I know that absolutely nothing in the world right now is effecting the future of our planet, resulting in dire ill-health and causing the same amount of abominable cruelty as factory farming, and it’s not just factory farming. Inserting misleading words such as “organic”, “Humane” , “free-range” or cage free” all result in the same fait for the animal in the end, and these misleading terms are rarely a result of animals being raised in cruelty free conditions, so before people assume that if it’s tagged as one of these terms then it’s ok to consume it, wrong. Factory farming is one thing, but all animals murdered for the sake of providing the population with the body parts of dead animals that their human body has no need for, is equally as unnecessary. As long as animal bodies are commodified, there is exploitation and suffering. When it comes to animal products, people are under the colossal illusion that they can still have their cake and eat it ; in other words, believing that you can not continue to enjoy the consumption of animal products and expect these environmental, social and moral issues to just clear up. Well it’s time to face the music.

We’re no longer in a position where we can sit back and expect everybody else to take responsibility and commit to change around us while we get to make minimum effort or consider ourselves to be the one exception to the rule for the mere excuse that we like the taste of meat and dairy. So I am not asking you to reduce your intake of meat and dairy, I am not asking you to opt for eco-friendly brands oppose to the typical one’s you purchase, and I am not asking you to reduce your water intake or consider riding a bike instead of driving a car. All of these suggestions are merely a means of attempting to pacify the public so that they can do the least amount of work in regard to this matter, and remain mildly pissed off, oppose to offended, angry and defensive because it’s finally being brought to their attention that it is not their right to enjoy the flesh or secretions that belong to other sentients, and that the consequences of enjoying their flesh and secretions is resulting in mass murder and destruction. What I am asking you to do, without hesitation, reservation or the fear that I might offend you or shake up your conscience, is to make the transition to veganism. There. Done. Simple. No bullshit, no beating around the bush. Your vegan friends are posting 100-1000 times a week in regard to Veganism, because they’re currently the only group of people that do not only care about preserving and restoring the planet and all other lifeforms on it, but are also walking their talk and doing what is required of them to help spare the Earth’s resources while avoiding unnecessarily harming other sentient beings. We need to drop the illusion of privilege and self-entitlement when it comes to believing that we have the right to destroy, harm, kill or purchase anything that is the result of the violence and oppression that is carried out each and every day to meet the population’s demand for animal products and instead take a good look at our moral compass and do what is undeniably correct. For the sake of future generations, for the sake of the earth, for the sake of those in developing countries, for the sake of all other lifeforms that are suffering at the hands of our irresponsible behavior, we must do us very utmost to make the transition to the vegan diet, collectively doing our duty if we want to see a future for this planet and other lifeforms including our own.

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JwaydanJwaydan Moyine is a classically trained Film Composer, Pianist, Cellist, Singer/Songwriter, and a Writer and Entrepreneur. She founded Earth Children to bring awareness to matters regarding the Environment, Animal welfare, Sustainable & Conscious living, Wellness & Humanitarian issues. She is heavily involved with activism for animal welfare in the UK and Egypt and child welfare in Syria, Thailand and Romania. She resides in Berkshire Running an organic food farm and bringing awareness to matters regarding the Planet, Plant based nutrition, Cruelty free living & the necessity of adapting to Veganism for the sake of Sustainability, Animal welfare and our Health. She has several qualifications in nutritional therapy, culinary medicine & holistic healing. You can find out more on what she is doing over at the Earth Children Facebook Page!

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