Are we conditioned to be cruel?

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Are we conditioned to be cruel?

July 17, 2016 By

It has become almost a normality now to go about one’s day consumed largely or entirely with aspects that concern oneself, with little regard to the people in our lives or issues surfacing in the world that desperately need attention. Our fixation on consuming and having more for ourselves, has long outrun our concern for developing empathy and compassion and choosing to give to others who are in dire need. Our attitude towards who we may be harming with our consumption is barely a priority or rather not even something we give the slightest consideration. Our attitude in even being enlightened towards who we harm, is often to dismiss the matter and claim we hold no responsibility for the products that we buy that inadvertently and indisputably cause the sufferings of other humans or animals around the world. Far more of us would be boycotting the cosmetic brands still tested on animals and opting for vegan alternatives with the food we purchase oppose to putting our taste buds before our ethics and what is clearly the correct moral decision, if we acknowledge that change begins with us oppose to the system we continuously blame while shunning all responsibility. There are a select few individuals leading the way for a reformed society, one which is more ethical, and leaves the suffering of the impoverished, animals and the environment aside. But how big is the percentage of people posting about climate change and the need to cut down or meat, the current state of our economy and the importance of environmentally friendly living in comparison to those raving over the latest trends or other matters that are entirely inconsequential and irrelevant in regard to the welfare of others and indeed ourselves? We don’t need to do a survey to know those individuals posting about the former are few and far between. So how did we get to the point where out world is upside down to such a degree that burying our heads in Pokemon go is more of a necessity to follow and tweet about than half of the world’s animal population becoming extinct or the crisis future generations will, not may, will suffer, if the current generation do not begin to recognise the damage that their irresponsible over consumption is causing along with the industries fuelling it. We can begin by blaming ourselves.

As i had to explain to a friend the other day in regard to the issue of animal welfare who stated that it was the farming industries to blame, I point out that we are in fact the perpetrators and we need not look no further than ourselves. To being with, indisputably what we purchase leads to the continuation of the organisations we may complain about or express shock over in regard to their practises. What continues to surprise me is how very few individuals want to take responsibility for the blatantly obvious matter that we are the ones fuelling these industries and absurdities that exist in the world that we dislike and regularly express disgust over. Consumers create and increase demand by buying existing products, even if the creation of those products was at the sacrifice of somebody else’s life (meat, dairy, palm oil, fur, leather and wool industry plus countless more as an example). My friend is under the impression that these farming industries would exist on their own accord if customers did not continue to create the demand that they do. When truth be told, simply if we as consumers took responsibility for our often mindless and unnecessary consumption of these products and instead searched elsewhere for more ethical alternatives, then these corporations would catch on and they would eventually be forced to update and evolve with their practises. As consumers, it is entirely our fault and our responsibility when it comes to the world we are creating. People are still under the false impression (or maybe it is merely a matter of adopting a complacent and lazy attitude) that the world around us runs on its own accord and we hold no say and play no part in the production of the reality we reside in. We keep excusing ourselves from the role we could hold as individuals that would influence the type of progression and evolution many of us yearn to see. We do of course have alternative external influences to blame excusing ourselves from our generally lousy and inadequate lack of attempts to create that change. Blaming the media if we do not want to take full responsibility, is a great place to begin.

The brightest of us recognise that an awake society, means a threatening society, to the corporations that thrive off of people’s ignorance and fear. What could they possibly benefit from an empowered, free thinking world, one where people question exactly how their products and food are made, where they come from, and wether it’s truly doing them any good (take a look at the commercials needed to promote certain food brands, simply, if it was any good for you, it probably wouldn’t need promoting). An awake society is a dangerous one to those in power that run off of people’s insecurities, those that are pacified and distracted with the over consumption of products which have had a ridiculous amount of money poured into marketing and branding schemes, drenched in the promise of a new tomorrow and a new reality which results in a healthier and happier you. So far, from what i’ve witnessed, it’s not happening. Our consumerism obsessed society is more selfish, more depressed, more unconscious, more obese, more sick and more uncentered than ever before. People are miserable, and miserable people are often unconscious and cruel people. And unconscious and cruel people need things, things to numb them from feeling miserable, and when that does not work they resort to easily accessible, unsustainable, unrealistic forms of entertainment to escape their misery, distracting themselves consistently day in day out with a combination of low vibration foods and low vibration entertainment, adding senseless layer upon layer until they no longer seem in control of their behaviour. All of this perpetuates the cycle of a miserable society, an unconscious society, an unfeeling society that lack compassion and sensitivity. How can we possibly care when we can’t feel. We have become masters at numbing. It’s not exactly difficult to master when round every corner you are presented with countless choices for your preferred form of numbing. In the modern world, it is almost impossible to escape all of this unless we hide ourselves away in a remote part of the world isolated from civilisation, relocating to an island free from capitalism and the systematic ways of the world that we can not avoid being engulfed in . But in our modern world, i may add, many of us have access to information that should invite us to question think and recondition our own habits so that we can escape from this unconscious disempowering cycle. If we have access to information that provides us with the truth, then we have the opportunity to wake up, embrace the reality we are part of, and actually do something about it oppose to behaving like we have no choice, searching for a variety of excuses as to why our lives are so miserable, and justifying our unconscious behaviour by searching for others to blame oppose to embracing the wonderful alternative : Actively generating the change we want to witness. 

We are stuck in a deeply depressing yet equally fascinating cycle which we can not seem to escape, because simply, we allow ourselves to be in it, and we perpetuate the cycle by being complacent about it’s continuation rather than giving the consideration towards breaking it and starting anew. A new way of eating, a new way of consuming, a new way of being. Most of us do not even recognise that we indeed have this possibility, this is truly the tragedy. Who’s to blame? The education system? The media? Your parents? Your social group? Not really, you. Yes you. It’s difficult to own a Facebook account these days and not be blasted regularly with news updates on the never ending corrupt and absurd happenings of the world, to which we all gasp, sigh and curse over, but then return to our beds at night thinking “well there’s nothing I can to do change that”. And then the numbing and detachment proceeds. It may seem extreme to target those with access to information who choose to disassociate from it and label them as cruel, inhumane, lacking in compassion, but let’s get real here for a second. You complain about not living in a free world, you complain about wanting to live in a better world, then you close your laptop down for the night, take one last look at your phone and say “oh well, maybe tomorrow things will be better” expecting to magically arise to a utopia the next day, that you played no part in creating, because you were too ‘busy’ with other ‘important’ matters and decided to leave the heavy, gruelling gritty work to those that really know how to go after what they want in life and influence the turning of a wheel leading us into a new age. You, want a kinder and more compassionate world, but you do nothing to influence it. If we begin to understand that creating that does not mean turning into batman or superman overnight, then good. Because none of us are them, the pioneers leading the way now, start off as curious minds with big hearts but unknown names in their basement, bedroom or their back yard. Nobody got there overnight, or even within a couple of years, but the point is, they started somewhere, and created the change they wanted to see bit by bit everyday. We can all find our own way of going about it. For me, it’s building an online platform, writing, sending out letters to companies still testing on animals or supporting barbaric practises and bombarding friends and families with petitions on a weekly basis (it might make them hate me but it  won’t stop me from doing it) For you, it can be anything. Literally, Anything at all regardless as to how big or small it is, it does not matter, but don’t ask for change, if you are not prepared to be part of the change. Because asking for change and not being prepared to work for it is like asking to get paid for a job you don’t do. Theres no difference really.

Fast forwarding…everything we have created in this world promotes productivity and convenience. Both of those things to not equate to a stronger, better, healthier and more logical world. Our world is in fact, quite illogical if we bring topics such as Veganism into the debate, keeping certain animals as pets and eating the others, dedicating much time to supporting and posting about football, or about public figures that do not give a remote shit about your existence but who we willingly cling to and gossip about at every opportunity, seems rather peculiar do you not think? That we would tie our identity in with people and items that have no concern for our welfare what so ever but very much enjoy using us as tools to boost profit and self-esteem. We could surely invest our time in actively promoting the endless list of causes that are so desperately in need of the attention and time which we give to mundane and useless matters. And the difference between what we get in return, is the promise of changing someone’s life, and therefore making a difference in the world, oppose to feeding into the often irrelevant list of temporary and maybe even damaging pleasures we invest our time in.

What is my definition of a better world you may ask. A kinder one. A just one. A concerned one. And a conscious one. One where we bring our attention and focus back to matters that need to be spoken about. Like the alarming rise in depression and why nobody seems to be willing to dive in deeper and question the root of this condition, or how is a normality for children to be stuck in front of a TV when they get back from school oppose to running around outside marvelling at the magnificence and beauty of the natural world , which there may be very little left of if we continue to abolish it at the rate we do. Or the percentage of overweight, extremely sick people being funded and dealt with by the national health who fail to create correct dietary guidelines so that people return to eating a whole food plant-based diet oppose to junk wrapped in plastic consisting of 20 types of ingredients we can’t recognise, and most likely coming from the shelf of a warehouse where it has been present for 8 or more.

I think we can all agree we want a world that is a little more logical here. One which teaches our children how to grow their own food so that diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses are not carried into the future. One where we bring back the ethics and values that only those of our grandparent’s generation had the pleasure of witnessing. I think we all want a world that sees a decrease in unethical and cruel practises towards both animals and humans in the coming years. I think we all want a world that removes the barriers we continue to put between ourselves and other races perpetuating the cycle of hatred, intolerance, violence and inequality. My question to others is, are you prepared to step outside of your reality to merge with the actual reality of the world and be part of a movement, or even create a movement that leads a way to that future? Or are you going to sit on your Facebook feed, repeating what so many who failed to acknowledged how powerful their voice and influence truly could be most commonly believe of themselves- “i’m not important enough to change anything”. Change starts with un-conditioning ourselves from the numbing, ignorance and lack of empathy that has been passed down to us, bestowed upon us, or that which we have actively chosen to participate in by our own everyday choices. Our barriers break when we go beyond the habits we have formed. Our limitations cease to exist when we stop thinking that our own inner world (which has been structured out of the conditioning and many unconscious behaviours we cling to) has far more to offer than our current capabilities and will. If we are a cruel society, it is because we are conditioned to be one, and if we were conditioned to be this way, we can un-condition ourselves and re-programme our thoughts, and therefore behaviour, paving the way for a more compassionate, conscious and cruelty free world.

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JwaydanJwaydan Moyine is a classically trained Film Composer, Pianist, Cellist, Singer/Songwriter, and a Writer and Entrepreneur. She founded Earth Children to bring awareness to matters regarding the Environment, Animal welfare, Sustainable & Conscious living, Wellness & Humanitarian issues. She is heavily involved with activism for animal welfare in the UK and Egypt and child welfare in Syria, Thailand and Romania. She resides in Berkshire Running an organic food farm, an organic skincare company, bringing awareness to matters regarding the Planet, Plant based nutrition, Cruelty free living & the necessity of adapting to Veganism for the sake of Sustainability, Animal welfare and our Health. She has several qualifications in nutritional therapy, culinary medicine & holistic healing. You can find out more on what she is doing over at the Earth Children Facebook Page!
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