Veganism – The guide to all of your questions & statements (so far)

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Veganism – The guide to all of your questions & statements (so far)

July 26, 2016 By

This guide was written specifically to debunk various myths in regard to consuming animals and their produce, and cover a large variety of questions often asked by those who are unfamiliar with what Veganism is and the reasons as to why many of us are beginning to go vegan.

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1)“Ye but our ancestors wore fur”

2)“Tribes kill animals all the time in the wild”

3)“Animals eat other animals so we should too”

4)“Animals are not as intelligent as us, they’re below us”

5)“I like dogs but I don’t have the same amount of love towards other animals”

6)“Humans have kept dogs as companions and killed cows, chickens and pigs for thousands of years”

7)“Pigs, chickens and cows are here to be eaten, they have no other function”

8)“We’ve always eaten meat”

9)“Plants and trees feel pain”

10)“Vegans look malnourished and weak”

11)“We need meat as part of a healthy balanced diet”

12)More evidence that we do not need meat as part of a healthy balanced diet.

13)“You shouldn’t keep pets if you believe in being a vegan”

14)“Don’t force your opinion on me I have the right to eat whatever I want” 

15)Believing you are entitled to eat whatever you want harms more than just animals.

16)“But if there were humane ways to kill animals it would be ok right?” 

17)“But animals are here for us to eat”

18)“Vegans are so arrogant” 

19)“What about Grass-fed, organic, free-range” 

20)”Why are you rescuing dogs but not pigs, cows & sheep? 

21)“Vegans are so rude and offensive” 

22)“Vegans are so aggressive” (sort of the same as the last statement but thought i’d throw it in here anyway)

23)“Veganism is like a religion” 

24)“You will never make everyone vegan, give up!”

25)“You can never avoid using other products that have caused the suffering of someone else anyway in the western world”

26)“But if you don’t produce the meat, you’ll strip the soil of its nutrients and you’ll have a critical shortage of fertilizer”

27)“Vegans are dumb”

28)“Vegans think they’re so superior to everyone else”

29)“People will think i’m weird if I go vegan”

30)“If I go vegan it won’t make a difference anyway”

31)“We’re naturally predators : that’s how we got where we are today”

32)“You can’t build muscle on a vegan diet”

33)“We should put humans first”

34)“If everyone went vegan it would disrupt the livelihood of farmers”

35)More evidence that switching to plant farming is crucial.

36)“I want to go vegan but It’s so much of a personal sacrifice to give up animal products”

37)Tradition and cultural conditioning.

38)Changing social normalities.

39)Bizarre Cultural examples that what is considered a ‘normality’ is often plain madness

40)“But I do not personally kill the animals so I am not responsible for their pain or deaths and since the meat and dairy is already available to me, why would I waste it and refrain from eating it?”

41)”Real men eat meat”

42) “I love the taste of meat though” 

43) The communication gap that could solve the vegan and meat-eater issue

Now I will begin with one of my all time favourite question i’ve been asked so far :

1)“Ye but our ancestors wore fur” Our ancestors didn’t have a vast array of techniques allowing them to create clothing out of plant based materials and recent advances in technology, as you may be well aware, have enabled us to use recyclable plastic materials and plants such as bamboo and hemp to make extremely effective and comfortable clothing out of, leaving out the absolutely barbaric and horrific practises involving animals. Outdoor clothing companies such as Tog 24 and North Face are two of many innovative brands that are producing clothing from a combination of coconut shells and volcanic materials. Fibre husks are also being turned into bio waste-based charcoal to be used by farmers as an organic fertiliser, which would improve soil quality, reduce pesticides and ensure that any coconut inspired fashion supply chain is circular. Other companies such as Matt & Natt are able to create renewable “eco-leather” made from plant fibres and fabric out of banana plant stems with material that is entirely carbon neutral, vegan, cruelty-free and helping reduce our carbon footprint. More industries are updating their practises to create innovative materials that come from natural sources using biological fabrication as their method of producing clothes, shoes and handbags with raw materials that leave out the exploitation of animals and the unsustainable practises. I try to resist making these remarks but…i just have to point out that our ancestors also lived in caves, so perhaps you should pack up, sell your house and all your fancy items and go find a nice cave somewhere in the middle of the wilderness and revert back to our ancestors ways since you believe so strongly in reversing evolution.

Please see here for ethical clothes, shoes and hang-bag ranges.

2)“Tribes kill animals all the time in the wild” – Pardon me if I am wrong, but I am assuming since you have access to the internet that you are not part of a tribe that needs to kill to survive. You most likely live in the modern world where you have plenty of access to plant based foods. And therefore this matter is irrelevant to you. It is unlikely you will ever be part of a tribe that’s only option is to hunt their meat, and it is equally unlikely that we will all be stranded on a desert island where our only option is to kill animals in order to survive. You most likely live in an area of the world where there is an abundance of plant based foods, therefore it is unnecessary and irrelevant to bring arguments into the topic that have nothing to do with our situation.

3)“Animals eat other animals so we should too” – Animals eat other animals for the following reasons ; If you compare the structure of a carnivore eaters jaw, unlike ours, It is designed to chew tough hard substances that which include meat. Humans on the other hand have an evolution and physiology that define them as herbivores. Humans as much as they may associate with themselves as being carnivores, are simply not. If you look at the shape of a humans jaw and our teeth, we are designed to chew and consume plant substances. Our teeth are not designed to rip and tear apart flesh like that of a lion for example. Humans have no sharp front teeth, but rather flat rear molars for grinding food, where as meat-eaters have sharp front teeth for tearing, with no flat molar teeth for grinding. Carnivores jaws move only up and down, requiring them to tear flesh from the prey they’re caught. However, because humans are designed to only eat foods that can be ground up easily such as fruit and vegetables, our jaws move up and down and from side to side allowing us to do so. Salivary glands in the mouths of humans are well-developed which is necessary to pre-digest foods such as grains and fruits. Salivary glands in the mouths of meat-eaters are not needed to pre-digest those foods. Similarly to herbivores, our intestines are very long, around 20 feet long, which means that if we consume meat, it will sit in our digestive tract rotting and intoxicating our bodies for days, increasing the risk of us being exposed to-an array of diseases such as colon cancer, which is caused by a slow evacuation of meat in the colon. Those that live on a lifelong plant based diet very very rarely suffer with such a disease. Meat also contains high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat which we are not designed to consume. Carnivores however have a very short intestines which is about five feet long, so they can rid themselves of animal flesh quickly and effectively without being exposed to the health risks that humans are. The other things that also distinguish humans from those who are designed to eat meat ; Meat-eaters have strong hydrochloric acid in their stomaches which helps to digest meat, whereas humans have stomach acid that is 20 times weaker than that of a meat-eater, because we do not need such strong acids to digest pre-chewed fruits and vegetables. Unlike carnivores, we do not have sharp claws to rip meat apart, we have hands which are short, soft, and only designed to grab and pick things such as fruit from the trees and vegetables from the ground, not tear apart animal flesh. We would never be able to tear an animal apart with our bear hands, because simply, we’re were not designed to do so. Animals rely on instinct to consume their food. Carnivores such as tigers or lions have an acid-based digestive system. Our hydrochloric acid is not nearly strong enough to fully digest meat. However we are able to make a choice. All of these details that indicate humans are not designed to eat meat are similar to that of a herbivore. If humans were really designed to eat meat then we would not hold these similarities with herbivores. Interestingly, It is stated in the American Dietetic Association that most of mankind for most of human history has lived on a vegetarian diet. Carnivorous animals in the wild will not suffer from the sort of illnesses and diseases that humans do, such as heart disease, cancer, gout, diabetes, obesity, which are all caused from a large consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol found in meat. The average consumption of meat per day that some humans consume when fed to an animal, would not cause that animal to develop hardened arteries that would learn to heart disease and strokes in humans. The excess fat and cholesterol that is found in a meat-based diet is the number one killed in the U.S according to the american heart association. And it has been confirmed by many medical experts that consuming animal products is largely the cause of this. The popular argument that many meat-eaters present is “animals eat animals in the wild, it’s just nature”. Well, we’re not in the wild. Nor do we carry the instinct that drives carnivores to kill animals in the way that they do. Humans would not naturally enjoy the idea of hunting down their own prey, ripping apart the animal’s flesh with their bare hands and genuinely taking pleasure in the scent of blood, or hearing the tortured screams of the animals as they’re being killed, unless of course, that human is a psychopath with serious mental issues needing urgent treatment. Still not convinced? Read more here :

Our body type consists of a pH levels 4-5. Our ideal pH reading around 7.5. Carnivores are able to keep their gastric pH down around 1-2 even with food present which is necessary to facilitate protein breakdown and to kill the abundant dangerous bacteria often found in decaying flesh foods. Humans are not able to do so. The human body needs to exist in a primarily alkaline environment otherwise you become susceptible to inflammation and therefore disease. Animal products are acidic, plants are alkaline. A little acidity is needed, however that should be obtained through plant foods such as fermented foods, some grains, and citrus fruits which the body knows how to digest properly, not animal products. Consuming highly acidic foods like processed foods, soda, junk foods, meat, eggs, and dairy, strips our bones from crucial minerals which leads to things like osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases. Most serious illnesses that plague the majority of people are caused by a high-acid diet’s caused by meat and dairy which leads to things like heart disease, stroke, cancer, skin disorders, auto-immune conditions, allergies and premature ageing.

Even if there was more evidence to suggest that an animal product based diet is more sufficient for the human body than a plant based one, it is unable to tackle the matter of sustainability, the water and energy crisis, the depleted oceans, those in developing countries that are suffering due to our consumption of animals, and the ethical aspect. So i repeat. EVEN if there was a significant amount of unbiased evidence produced (which was not funded by the meat and dairy industry to sway the public into believing they need animal products to stay healthy when the truth is the utter opposite) to suggest that humans are better off on a meat and dairy based diet, this argument still fails to recognise all other vital elements of this debate. If we look at it from a dietary perspective, then perhaps there may be room to debate certain matters in regard to people’s dietary concerns with the plant based diet which mostly revolve around vitamin b12 (if you download my free ebook you will see that there are plenty of sources to obtain b12 from in plants and getting sufficient amounts of b12 is not remotely an issue as a vegan) but since veganism is not only about diet, and also encompasses the current crisis the planet is facing, plus tackling the atrocities that animals suffer, going vegan wins against all other diets any day, not only for the sake of human health, but for the sake of the health and safety of all others. I will digress a little now…

Naturally, any argument against Veganism will fail to take other aspects regarding the planet, the impoverished, the indigenous, the health of our eco-systems, and the animals, into consideration, because they are thoroughly aware that it will weaken their stance on the matter, and therefore they only mention the dietary aspect. Sadly, there is an overwhelming amount of information that has been deliberately hidden from the public’s eye, that clearly indicates the plant-based diet is the answer to so many of the disasters we are facing, and particularly in regard to our own health, there is a copious amount of information that proves over and over again the wonders that switching t o a plant based diet can result in such as reversing diabetes, heart-disease, liver-disease, chronic conditions and even cancer. But of course, the food industry will pay large sums of money to the media to keep this information hidden from the public so that they may continue to profit off of their ill-health as they continue to invest in animal products loaded with toxic substances that benefit the food industries perfectly, that have cosy relationships with pharmaceutical companies, that keep the population addicted to foods that are killing them, reliant on health care systems that keep them dependant on medications that never get to the root of their illness…and guess what could make ALL of this go away. The plant based diet. This is it in a nut-shell ; Health care systems can not profit off of a population that is in good health. They can not profit off of a population that manage to cure or reverse their illnesses. So rarely will ever doctor suggest to their patents that they can reverse their illness with food alone, even though more and more stories are coming to surface on the magical properties of plants and going vegan. Ever wondered why the findings of holistic healers, nutritional therapists, and other doctors and professors advocating a plant based diet is often disregarded by many leading medical institutions and your doctor? No industry can profit off of a mindful, healthy and empowered individual that takes the matter of health into their own hands. So how does it work? You fund two of the most corrupt corporations on plant earth, to keep you sick, addicted, brainwashed and dependant on their ‘nutritional’ guides and ‘treatment’. The solution could be so simple. Switch to a plant based diet, leave aside the addicted foods full of sugars, additives, taste enhances, saturated fats, and all other ingredients making you fat, tired, depressed and fed up, and slowly transition to eating a diet that is loaded with good, REAL food. Whole-plant based foods such as eggplants, sweet potatoes, broccoli, leaks, asparagus, peppers, spinach, kale, chickpeas, kidney beans, quinoa, millet, other legumes, seeds, nuts, fruits and veg, and watch as your health begins to transform, hopefully no medication needed! What people fail to understand about the vegan movement, is that many of us want the public to start feeling empowered and taking the fragile matter of health into their own hands. We want you to WAKE UP! oppose to voting for the continuation of a corrupt system with your wallet each day which you do not even realise is not a result of your own choice or independent thinking. For many of us growing up, we simply have not been given an alternative choice. We have been slowly pacified, indoctrinated and raised on a steady diet of misconceptions in regard to food (the most classic one being we need milk for calcium and meat for protein) while all the while, the truth is hidden from our sight so that we remain with the illusion that the diet that is advocated for the public’s general health, is merely a deceitful, unscrupulous and shameful scheme dedicated to the promotion of false, unsuitable and illogical evidence that results in the public’s ill-health, and with ill-health comes a complete surrender of the mind to all of the information it is fed. As our bodies are pumped full of pathogens, bacteria, toxins and hormones, our minds are pumped full of fallacies, delusions and misconceptions which sadly, the majority of us cling to for dear life as if there is no alternative : and that is precisely why food corporations and health care institutions will continue to win, until we take back our power with a little more free-thought and scrutiny and hopefully begin to realise that we do not need to invest in a system that infects both our bodies and minds, with the dead body parts of animals and their secretions. Currently, the majority of us are merely tools to be experimented on, indoctrinated, manipulated, poisoned and weakened for profit. We are no different to the animals they put in cages, tie up in chains and subject to torture and suffering, but we have become so heavily indoctrinated and conditioned surrounded by corrupt propaganda that we have entirely forgotten that there is a world that exists outside of this madness, and it is one in which we can be self-sufficient, independent and in control of our own health and our own lives. This world begins with the plant-based diet. Every time we walk into a supermarket, we get to decide wether we will fund animal abuse, torture murder, ill-health, corruption, inequality, poverty and the slow but inevitable destruction of our planet…..or….a kinder, gentler world, one in which all sentient beings are treated fairly, one in which we feel better NOT just physically speaking but mentally, emotionally, spiritually, goodness…if only you knew what life was like on the other side of the rainbow where you begin to understand what feeling alive and in good health looks like.

I would also like to point out that it is interesting that those who are against adapting to a plant based diet use the debate of being superior to animals often to justify why they are entitled to eat animals, but at the same time manage to contradict themselves by justifying that they are entitled to eat animals because animals also do as well :

-“we’re superior to animals that’s why we eat them”

-“we’re just like animals and animals eat other animals so that’s why we eat them”.

That contradiction was the contradiction of all contradictions….

Other sources to back up evidence that humans thrive best on a plant based diet :

10 Documentaries that Will Make You Rethink Everything You Know About Food and Health

4)“Animals are not as intelligent as us, they’re below us” – So if a human happened to be born into the world disabled with a mental impairment which prevented them from functioning in a manner that classified them as equal to your intelligence, does that give you the right to kill them or eat them? Likewise, if you met a tribe of people who have been living in the wild for their entire lives and can not communicate with the same level of adequacy as you, does that give you the right to eat them? The idea that it is justifiable to kill a sentient because it lacks the cognitive skills that humans do makes absolutely no sense. Even if animals do not have the same cognitive skills as we do (Note from Peta- “Professor Donald Broom of the Cambridge University Veterinary School, “Pigs have the cognitive ability to be quite sophisticated. Even more so than dogs and certainly [more so than human 3-year-olds”) it does not mean we have any right to dispose of them or objectify them. If you truly believed this then i’d imagine you would find it normal that people kill dogs and cats for meat in other parts of the world, and I am sincerely hoping that we can agree that is a despicable and unspeakably cruel act, and therefore it would seem as with most non-vegans who ask such questions, the elements standing in the way of your justification that it is acceptable to kill other sentients include ; 1) Abandoning all logic and reason 2) The fear of what lies beyond familiarities and the fear that you may be wrong 3) Cognitive dissonance, 4) Not giving this topic a great deal of thought before responding with a perspective that is adopted from others, oppose to a result of your own scrutiny and independent thought and 5) The struggle to see beyond the many barriers of cultural conditioning and social normalities that many of us have been exposed to since birth, disallowing us from recognising when the ‘normalities’ we’ve grown up with, are not remotely normal at all once we use common sense and rationality. Cows, pigs and chickens have all been acknowledged as having cognitive skills that are somewhat stronger than that of many dogs and cats. Therefore if we were to apply your logic, then it would be acceptable to murder many of the animals we keep as pets. But it is not acceptable or justifiable to murder any animal for food, use them for entertainment, medical reasons and so forth. Nor should their intelligence be a relevant issue here. Animals do not live to serve humans the same way humans do not live to serve animals. 

It is merely one of many illusions that humanity has created ; that animals are owned by humans, animals are here for our consumption, and regardless as to wether they are tortured, tied up, beaten, knifed or raped is irrelevant, because they were their for us to do with as we wish. What sort of deranged and foolish individual or group of individuals, would believe that if they were present on this earth, it gives them the right to exploit, objectify and harm any other sentient be it child, woman or animal, simply because the child, woman or animal may be the more vulnerable individual. Is it the mindset applied by a logical, sane, moral, compassionate and decent human being to view those who are in a more unguarded or fragile position as an opportunity to exploit and dominate? Or is it the mindset applied by those who hold an abusive, immoral, ruthless, cruel, unfeeling or psychotic nature? If the latter is the mindset applied by the majority, that does not make it right, nor normal, it simply makes them one or more of the above descriptions. 

Our behaviour in regard to animals can be seen as quite nonsensical. We tend to put emphasis on the animals that deserve to live based on their ability to serve us and benefit our emotional needs. Our perception of certain animals interferes with how we respond to them. Dogs can serve us with loyalty and love and because we typically keep them as pets, but we assume that they are the only animals that can provide us with emotional wealth. However, we value our pets it seems as long as they can provide us with this affection. Our love towards them is based on conditions, and like the love we largely have towards other humans, it is based around the conditions and expectations we hold towards them to provide for us, oppose to an unconditional love that does not give others value based on wether they are equip to serve us or not. We centre our relationships around what others can provide for us, but never what we can provide for them. A cow or pig can not necessarily respond to me the way a domesticated animal can, but that does not define wether i can love it or not. On the many occasions that I have sat down with cows in a field, they slowly approach me to lick my hand or nuzzle at the hat on my head, clearly indicating how affectionate they can be. Our twisted and warped perception of how the animals we eat are so radically different from the animals we keep as pets, is one of the many barriers that cloud someone’s vision when it come’s to comprehending that in fact, other than physical form there is nothing that particularly distinguishes one from the other. Both would scream when cut, both would make noises that indicate their delight when happy and excited, both would run away when sensing danger, and both are throughly capable of forming bonds with others, both humans and animals. In knowing the similarities that all other sentients share with us, how can be possibly justify our meat and dairy eating habits and continue to reject what is so unquestionably clear? The only truthful response in regard to our animal eating habits would be to admit the convenience of it all, in an animal product dominated world. But beyond that, there is no reason for any of it. For us to create a separation between the two in which we regard one as a commodity and the other as a being deserving of love and life, truly shows that it is not our natural way of perceiving things, but rather the indoctrination and misconceptions we have grown into, yet never dared to question and when we do, we begin to understand the detriment and separation the perceptions we hold can cause, not to mention how astoundingly illogical and bizarre it is to view it as a normal and justifiable act to eat one animal, and snuggle up with the other in bed. We live with these paradoxes every waking day of our lives. We pet our dog, cats, horses and other pets, while in the very same moment eating a pig, cow, chicken, duck or fish. It is one of the great absurdities our society has ever participated in and yet an absurdity which is hidden from our view while we are so heavily conditioned to see it as a natural way of life around every corner we turn and almost every other person we meet. In asking people why love a dog but eat a cow, I have received answers such as “well it’s just how things are isn’t it” or “because we can’t keep cows as pets” but the first of these responses simply shows no thought process or scrutiny has been accomplished and no careful consideration given to the alternative, and the second response, even if holding an element of truth, can not be a reason to justify why we love dogs and kill and eat cows. I can assure you that throughout my many interactions with those who eat animals and consume their secretions, not once have I found any valid counter argument (and we are only taking the ethical perspective of veganism into account here, not even the many many other vital elements that should encourage others to make the transition) and it is quite the same for other vegans when debating the matter of why we give certain animals special treatment but refrain from doing the same with others. No sensical or valid argument can be given in justifying why we have caused such a mass separation. It is our perception that prevents us from understanding that the separation we cause between cow and dog is nothing more than a perception that has been formed on the grounds of ignorance, assumption, habit and culture. Although I have previously brought this point up, it is appropriate to do so here again. In considered a cultural matter to consume dog and cat meat in certain parts of Asia, and yet we here in the west would look at such actions with complete horror and utter disgust. But is it any different to what we do in keeping dogs and cats as companions and eating cows, pigs and chickens? Not at all. There is no difference. But even in attempting to make people understand the obvious here, our perception is what creates our reality, and so in asking people to change their perception, we are asking them to make a paradigm shift which will no doubt not only change their perception of why we eat certain animals and keep others as pets, but indeed change their entire perception of the world. As mentioned when we discussed the nature of the unconscious mind, once we start forcing ourselves to alter certain realities, we begin to alter many others in conjunction, and on a sub conscious level in being aware of this, we are reluctant to face our animal eating habits for what they really are. We can not simply demand that somebody makes the connection with the meat on their plate and the cow from whence it came, because in reality, most people have never experienced cows up close or even formed any remote bond with them, and so what lacks here is our memory and connection with the animal on our plate. Recognising that what is now upon our plates, was once a very much alive, feeling sentient, weeping for it’s life, trapped in the horrendous conditions that all cows are subjected to. We react in disgust when we learn that in other cultures people consume dog and cat meat, because our memories and connection to these animals consist of playing with them in our garden, cuddling up with them in bed, taking them on long walks, and generally treating them like members of our family. So naturally we become abhorrent in learning how they are killed, and often tortured, in the process of raising them for meat, just as we do here in the west with farm animals. I would imagine that if we were to keep cows and pigs as pets ( as more people are doing now) then our perception of them would immediately shift and we would begin to see them as loving and gentle companions in the way we do our pets and thus a connection would be built between us and the animal, and we would no longer be able to perceive it simply as meat on our plates.

We have advanced far too much in the past decade to continue exposing innocent beings so such brutal faits. Animals have extraordinary abilities and diversities that we know little about because we have never taken the time to truly connect with our planet and other lifeforms and understand the enormous role that other beings play in  regulating and stabilising our eco-systems. We are one of many many lifeforms on this earth, but if anything, the least important, for unlike bees, birds and other animals which we rely on to pollinate and provide us with many of the foods we exist on, we are the one species that if removed from the earth, would greatly benefit eco-systems. We can take a worm out of an eco system, a butterfly or a beetle, and that eco system will greatly suffer because they are so important to the earth, but if we were to remove humans, the earth would benefit immensely and start to heal and flourish.

Nature is at the centre of all we do and all we depend on, but we in our blindness behave as if it were the other way round. Our eco-system is slowly but surely falling to pieces due to our over consumption. Plants, various birds, bees, mammals, fish and other species are reducing at an alarming rate. When this in balance is created and the population of certain wildlife begins to dwindle, it disrupts the entire rhythm life. A loss of bio-diversity means that poverty will increase, and many of the materials that we humans rely on for food, clothing, medicine and more, will eventually cease to exist. Our health is strongly linked to the health of our ecosystems, an ecosystem which provides us with that which we could not survive without. One of the elements that we are most reliant on with our eco-system is medicine. Nature provides medicines which we, and many in the developing world and indigenous cultures rely on for treatment and healing. We have been able to treat diseases for thousands of years long before modern day conventional medicine appeared. We know too little in regard to other lifeforms to ever claim that animals are ‘below’ us or of less importance. If we are to deem bees, birds and ants as lacking in value then our entire population may have been wiped out by now, and certainly we would not have so many medicines and foods at our disposal so for us to make any claims that undermine other lifeforms intelligence is preposterous and these misconceived views are formed on the grounds of ignorance and deception.

We too often give the animals around us value based on how they can be of use to us, forgetting that these animals have personalities, needs, families and lives of their own. We should never give another value based on whether it can serve us or not, love us or not. All are equally deserving of life, love and a peaceful existence. You are not here to serve me, and I not you, and so we must understand that no other being is here to do so for us either. If we have taken animals and used them as commodities, it does not make it right, nor our right, but only a reflection of how disturbing our behaviour can be in regard to other sentients. But the wonderful part is, we as individuals do not need to participate in this behaviour anymore. In an age where we are presented with infinite knowledge, we are equip with information that can allow us to make more calculated, mindful and healthier decisions.

Here’s a great quote in response to wrap this one up ;Peter Singer states that the basic principle of equality does not require equal or identical treatment; it requires equal consideration. This is an important distinction when talking about animal rights. People often ask if animals should have rights, and quite simply, the answer is “Yes!” Animals surely deserve to live their lives free from suffering and exploitation. Jeremy Bentham, the founder of the reforming utilitarian school of moral philosophy, stated that when deciding on a being’s rights, “The question is not ‘Can they reason?’ nor ‘Can they talk?’ but ‘Can they suffer?’” In that passage, Bentham points to the capacity for suffering as the vital characteristic that gives a being the right to equal consideration. The capacity for suffering is not just another characteristic like the capacity for language or higher mathematics. All animals have the ability to suffer in the same way and to the same degree that humans do. They feel pain, pleasure, fear, frustration, loneliness, and motherly love. Whenever we consider doing something that would interfere with their needs, we are morally obligated to take them into account”

5)“I like dogs but I don’t have the same amount of love towards other animals” – I like dogs too and I don’t have the same amount of love towards you, so I guess based on your logic, it’s ok to kill you right? Firstly, how could you possibly know if you have a connection towards other animals if you’ve never kept them as a pet before like you have a dog. We should not need to go through the process of bonding with any other being in order to cultivate empathy since it should be naturally how we react to all creatures on Earth. Our relationship with animals and general attitude towards them including our pets, so selfishly and arrogantly causes us to define these animals based on how well they can serve us. It is why dogs with behavioural disorders or health conditions are the last to be re-homed, and yes I can see the other side to this story which is not every person is in a position to take care of a dog with a disability or disorder however, so often we extend kindness towards those that we know can provide us with something, and therefore it is not genuine kindness for it is stemming from our unconscious need for these actions and feelings to be reciprocated, and not act of kindness should be done with reciprocation in mind. Even our relationships with our pets sometimes seem peculiar. Some could argue it is not a relationship at all in-fact, for it seems like a one way interaction in which we dictate the rules and imprison the other with our needs, giving little consideration towards the fact we are dealing with another sentient with a heart and soul that is not here for our amusement and enjoyment, but rather, has a life of it’s own, thoughts of it’s own and feelings of it’s own that should be all the while taken into consideration if they are to become a companion.  I am assuming you have never kept a pig, goat, sheep or cow as a pet so this statement is made purely out of your own misconceptions in regard to other animals. I know plenty of people that have a pet pig or cow and according to them, those animals are equally as loving and playful as their dogs. Claiming one does not have the same amount of love towards other animals one has never been up close to for a significant period of time is like saying we don’t like a particular country we’ve never travelled to or we dislike a book that we’ve never read. This is pure ignorance and nothing more. And just because we don’t happen to have the same love towards certain animal, again, it does not make it excusable to view that animal as a commodity or tool for our use. There may be people i have met in my life time that i carry absolutely no love towards, i don’t use that as justification as to why they should be killed…and then eaten.

6)“Humans have kept dogs as companions and killed cows, chickens and pigs for thousands of years” –  Humans have also done many other barbaric nonsensical things for hundreds of years, does that mean men should continue burning down villages, raping women and killing other men because we’ve done it for hundreds of years? Yes we choose to domesticate one animal, and raise the other to be slaughtered. It could easily have been the other way round. Dogs did not choose to be the companions of humans. Humans choose dogs. We need to be able to distinguish what is ethical from what is traditional or habit. Tradition, more often than not as expanded on later, rarely has any connection to ethics or a moral compass, and since our practise of raising livestock to be slaughtered is causing more damage to the earth than any other practise that has stemmed from tradition, I suggest we take a good look at all the traditions and ‘normalities’ we’ve grown up with so far and begin to question which ones are truly helping us advance as a civilisation and devoid of cruelty, and which ones are unsustainable, cruel and an urgent necessity for us to change. Most of what would has been considered a normality in the past such as human slavery, women not holding equal rights, and punishing those for having children out of wedlock, have, for the most part, become abolished notions in civilised parts of the world. Strangely, (or not so strangely due to the immense profit that is made) the tradition of raising animals for meat and dairy is still an everyday part of the most of our lives. and out of all of the atrocities that man has created, this by far, is the most unsustainable, the most illogical, and the most cruel. Yet it is a billion dollar industry and it’s driven by us. The consumers. that vote with our wallets each day. We can not keep using “but we use to” statements as a justification for anything that involves cruelty and suffering of any kind. No doubt enough of us are now aware that animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, and on top of that, it plays an enormous role in destabilising the eco-systems that provide us with materials for food, clothing, medicine, purifying our air, water and soil. Animal agriculture has literally caused a domino effect of devastation and destruction worldwide and we are the perpetrators if we use excuses that defend these unsustainable and barbaric practises. Whatever we use to do, is no longer applicable in this day and age. 

7)“Pigs, chickens and cows are here to be eaten, they have no other function” – Let’s discuss your abilities to contribute towards humanity using the same logic that you apply in regard to animals and how their value is based on wether they can provide for you or not. Are you capable of building a company worth 1 billion? Or of writing an international best seller? Or inventing a solution that will abolish world hunger? No? Well then, your life has absolutely no value and you do not deserve to exist, based on your ‘logic’, because someone of a greater intelligence, education and disposition to yourself could use exactly the same ‘logic’ that you have applied to animals who’s lives you’ve devalued. Unknown to most, both pigs, chickens and cows are equally as intelligent as the animals we keep as pets, however, even if they lacked the cognitive skills required in order to serve us as companions, it does not take away their right to life. Does a disabled person not deserve to be alive if they can not operate as a functioning member of society? We do not give something value because of it’s purpose in this life or it’s ability to serve us. We give it value because it is able to feel pain, fear, love as much as any other sentient. So based on the ‘logic’ you’ve applied, one could claim, that only the most intelligent, educated, and intellectual of us are worthy of existing, and anyone that has a lower IQ, or a limited set of skills is not worthy of existing and should be therefore killed immediately. If you adopt such an attitude of believing that sentients who are not typically kept as pets, are of a lesser value and therefore it is acceptable to eat them, then you are discriminating against all others who are not capable of contributing to society and therefore justifying that killing these beings, be it human or animal. To base an animal’s value around wether it can serve you or not is absolutely illogical not to mention horrendously arrogant. But yet again, if we are to apply your ‘logic’ then I suppose only the most productive members of society with the highest contributions, are worthy of this existence, but you however, if unqualified in possessing the same level of intellect or skill set, have no right to this life, and therefore you can be disposed of. Again, I am only applying the ‘logic’ you use in discriminating against animals of a certain kind, and showing you what the world would be like if people applied precisely the same logic when observing you. By making this statement, you are justifying discrimination, inequality and cruelty all at once. And on top of that, animals are not here to serve you. The same way you are not here to serve anyone unless you choose to. And that does not make your life less valuable because you choose not to serve anyone. It just means that you are free. As we should all be, animals included.

8)“We’ve always eaten meat” – I’m sure you’ve already read this response somewhere before but – we also allowed slavery, forbid women to vote up until the 20th century, and have done many other things that would at this point in time, seem backwards, primitive and barbaric so the “we’ve always eaten meat statement” can be easily compared alongside many other traditions, social conditionings and ‘normalities’ from the past, and in this day and age, none of those, including that we need to eat meat, can be considered remotely valid up against the vast amount of knowledge that contradicts all that of previous ideologies and normalities we have contributed to. Eating animal products contributes unnecessary suffering, the devastation of our climate, eco-system, other animals we don’t eat, and ill-health. So again, using the “we’ve always done it this way” statement is not applicable here.  In regard to nutrition, now we’re presented with knowledge that clearly shows us the majority of our nutrition comes from plant based foods, and that meat and dairy on the other hand, provides us with very little nutritional benefits, and instead, contributes towards a large number of diseases that society, particularly in the west, are rampant with. There is a large amount of science now surfacing proving that when we eat meat it causes devastation to our bodies by increasing our risk of getting degenerative arthritis, gout, strokes, heart disease, liver disease, obesity, kidney disease, lung diseases, autoimmune diseases, gallstone, osteoporosis, inflammatory bowel disease, cholesterol, diabetes and stomach, colon, rectum, pancreatic, lung, prostate, testicular, kidney, and bladder cancer. A Harvard study of 37,698 men and 83,644 women, over 22 and 30 years, confirmed that red meat increases total mortality rates and cancer mortality rates and another Harvard study found meat eaters to have three times the colon cancer risk compared to those who rarely eat meat. The oxford vegetarian study confirmed that heart disease is almost 60% lower in those on a whole-foods plant based diet oppose to meat-eaters. The Physicians Committee reported that meat consumption was strongly associated with hormone-related cancers such as breast and prostate cancer. A study published in health journal fertility and sterility discovered that that men who avoided all meats had an almost 30% percent higher fertility success rate than those consuming bacon and other meats. According to the telegraph, one of the largest studies of it’s kind followed the health of almost 450,000 people aged 35 to 69, found the more processed meat people ate, the more likely they were to die early from any cause. Cancer Research UK reported that around 16,200 people died of bowel cancer in 2012 in the UK and stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer for men and the ninth most common cancer for women in the UK. All of this caused by the consumption of red meat, processed meat and also lean meats such as chicken.

Contrary to what most still believe, early humans had a diet that was very much reliant on plant based foods and similar to the diet of great apes. Eating meat was a rare feat for our ancestors who would maybe manage to hunt and succeed at killing their prey and consume meat every so often but their consumption of meat would primarily come from the leftovers of animals that were killed by other animals first, rather than animals that they would kill themselves. But our bodies have never adapted to it, for obvious reasons. And plenty of research in recent years has shown that meat eaters tend to have a much higher risk of causing heart disease, gout, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancers. Because we have a DNA structure that is largely the same as a apes, this also clearly indicates that our diet should be much the same as theirs, and foods that we consume very rarely ; Raw plant based foods, which our diet lacks to an alarming extreme, hence why our society is rampant with illnesses. This is actually where we need to obtain most of our nutrients from. When we chew plant based foods, the juice that is extracted from chewing is the most vital nutrients our bodies need to ward off various diseases and provide us with the vitamins, proteins, minerals and phytonutrients that exist in the high quantities in foods such as berries, sweet potatoes, legumes, dark leafy green vegetables and fruits. This is also why the juicing trend has been at large recently since many juicing stories have resulted in huge benefits for the human body including reversing various diseases and weight loss. There are little to no stories currently trending on the internet suggesting that a diet consisting primarily of meat or even dairy products does the body any good. Because simply, it does not.

I understand that if we have been conditioned to believe we must consume meat for many many years because we were under the impression that prehistoric humans lived off of a diet that was primarily meat based ( I am not sure how this myth even began since there is little evidence to suggest such a thing) and I also understand we’ve had certain traditions passed down to us and it is difficult to unwind our minds from a particular thought pattern or commonly held beliefs and awaken to the reality that meat was never a primary part of our diet as a species and nor was it ever a necessary one that was beneficial for human health, but for the sake of our health, the environment, the animals, those who lack the food to survive in other countries because of our high demand for meat elsewhere, and the future, it is an absolute necessity that we adapt to a plant based diet and leave out the animal products that are entirely unnecessary and unhealthy for our bodies. Sadly, it will take the majority of society a while to unwind from the conditioning that has dictated to them for so many years that animal products are a necessity in order for us to consume the nutrients that we can get in perfectly large quantities from plants, but in the words of Author Magnus Vinding “our view Is clouded by two things : the first, tradition, and the other is our failure to see the consequences of our actions. Together, these two make up the thick cloud that prevents us from realising that our practise o exploiting, killing and eating non-human animals is morally reprehensible”. There is such an overwhelming amount of evidence, research and studies presented by nutritional and anthropological scientists from some of the most reputable institutions also clarifying that humans are natural herbivores, and that many current diseases that society is rampant with, could be solved by reverting back to our herbivore roots and consuming a large variety of plant based foods. Not to mention, relieving the health care system of a huge strain, as well as cutting green house gas emissions.

9)“Don’t plants and trees feel pain” – The following paragraph is taken from Will Tuttle’s book “The world peace diet” which I highly recommend you reading if you are interested in becoming a vegan, or indeed already a vegan or simply want anymore of your questions in regard to this lifestyle answered-`”While some may argue that plants are nevertheless capable of suffering, this would be all the more reason not to consume anima-based foods, because it requires enormous amounts of grain to produce meat, eggs, dairy products and farmed fish. it also requires enormous amounts of grain to forests, parries, and wildlife habitat for pasture  to grow these grains, and the destruction of marine eco-systems. Looking deeply, we see that there is little suffering caused by eating these foods : most plant foods are fruits and seeds released from grasses, herbs, trees, vines and other plants. In addition, unlike animals, which are mobile and thus need a nervous system with pain receptors to help them avoid self-damaging behaviours, plants have nothing analogous to a physical nervous system or pain receptors. Since they are rooted and stationary, there is no reason for nature to grant or evolve mechanisms that would help them by allowing them to feel pain. in contrast to plants, which naturally produce health and nourishing foods that involve little if any suffering, animals are routinely dominated and attacked in order to obtain flesh, milk and eggs we humans eat. This clearly involves suffering, for all we know with utter certainty that taking a knife and cutting into the skin of a dog, cow, cat, chicken, rabbit, or human is totally different to cutting into the skin of a tomato or grapefruit, that biting into the leg of a pig cannot be compared to biting into a fresh apple. We know today that all vertebrates animals are endowed with central nervous systems with proprioceptors that are sensitive to a variety of painful stimuli, including being cut, burned, crushed, confined, electrically shocked, and subjected to cold and heat, noxious smells, bruising, and chafing, and that they feel psychological pain as we would when they are physically confined , their babies stolen from them, or their innate drives are systematically thwarted”

May i also add that if you are concerned about plants and trees than it is important to register the following : It should make you even more reluctant to consume animal products in knowing that millions upon millions of trees are cut down each year  (precisely two acres of rainforest are clearer each minute – source : to make room for the cattle to graze on this land until they are sent off for slaughter. Up to 80 percent of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is due to an increase in raising cattle for human consumption. Over 3 billion acres of grazing land are needed to feed the US alone their meat & Over 260 Million Acres of US forests are cleared to create land for producing feed for livestock. Animal Agriculture is one of the prime causes of deforestation. It is killing our trees, our plants, our bio-diversity, our animals & our planet, yet somehow, non-vegans believe it is a logical debate to use in defending their meat and dairy eating habits, in regularly bringing up the ‘plants feel pain too’ matter. If you purchase meat and dairy, you are a no.1 contributor to all of this destruction, so it makes absolutely no sense to raise this point or show ‘concern’ in regard to it when you are one of the sole perpetrators of so many trees and plants being eradicated. Not to mention the harm that is caused to wildlife habitats, bio-diversity and our eco-systems (as mention above) due to animal agriculture that you continue to fund in buying meat and dairy.

Plants have no blood, organs, brains, or nervous systems. Animals are living organisms that have saturated fat and cholesterol associated with all their cells and tissue. All animals have blood, organs, brains and nervous systems, feelings and emotions. All essential protein (and amino acids), fats, and carbohydrates (“essential meaning those that are needed to sustain life and that we cannot produce ourselves) can be derived from plants. All animals and animal products, if eaten, contain many non-essential and, in fact, unhealthy substances, such as cholesterol, saturated fat, high levels of methionine-containing (sulfur-type) proteins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), heterocyclic amines, hormones, and some pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. Additionally, animals and animal products that are eaten contain no fiber, no appreciable vitamin value, and phytonutrients, which boost our immune response and other systems. Plants on the other hand contain hundreds of these very important substances. Although some researches have known much of this information for at least the past fifty years, organisations such as the American Dietetic Association, the American Cancer Society, and others finally support these facts”. – Dr Richard A.Oppenlander

If we are to look at our relationship between the plant-based diet, No form of suffering or violence can occur here. We prepare our land, we plant our seeds, we nurture them and provide them with water and the right environment, unlike the animals we raise for slaughter, and thus, in return the earth provides us with fruits and vegetables that nourish and protect our bodies. We help protect the earth in abstaining from raising animals for slaughter, so that no animal waste is produced that can pollute our environment, and she in turn, protects us for living in a matter that does not harm others. Some may argue that plants have the capacity to suffer, but when I plant root vegetables such as beetroot, parsnips, turnips, radishes and onions, they will emerge from the ground sitting gently at the surface of the soil ready to be taken and prepared for meals. They emerge so naturally when they are ready to be eaten that I barely need to remove them from the soil. And with our apple, blueberries, raspberries and plum trees, fruits are always falling upon the ground ready to be eaten. So we can see that in growing our own food, there is no force with what the earth provides. Everything emerges when it is ready to be eaten. We can not say the same for animals, for we must force them when we breed them, force the milk from them, force a knife into them, force and pull their children away from them in order to obtain their flesh and secretions. This is the difference between eating from nature and eating from animals. With nature, nothing is forced and everything is provided. With animals, oppression, aggression, force and violence is used. We can not claim that this is a matter of opinion, for it is clear that one way requires spilling rivers of blood and causing the largest amount of suffering the planet has ever witnessed, and the other requires us to spill water, nurture gently, and eat mindfully. It is clear which of the two ways are better for the animals, the earth, our karma and our health. We simply can not compare raising animals for slaughter with planting seeds gently in the ground. One results in us spraying our land with water, and the other results in us spraying our land with blood. Only those that have strayed far from their hearts can deem the shedding of so much blood a normality.

10)“Vegans look malnourished and weak” – If vegans appear to be malnourished it is most likely because they are fuelling themselves on a diet of high processed sugary foods and carbs rather than cooked or raw whole plant based foods (see list for whole plant-based foods below). There are healthy vegans and there are not so healthy ones. Labelling oneself  ‘Vegan’ does not automatically mean ‘Healthy’. Making the jump to Veganism without doing a significant amount of research on what you’re going to replace breakfast, lunch and dinner with, if your contents was primarily animal produce before, will of course result in your diet being extremely limited and therefore you appearing to be rather malnourished. There are quite a few plant based foods that are unfamiliar to many, and that most of us have never even introduced to our diets before such as legumes, yams, tofu, dried fruits, nuts, seeds,spirulina, barley grass and certain super foods, So it’s important to do a little bit of research in order to know where to get your protein,carbohydrates and healthy fats from before you go jumping into an entirely new dietary realm replacing the previous animal based foods you got your energy from, with all the wrong alternatives. A healthy vegan diet requires a little more effort than an animal product based one, because unless you’re eating a salad, it’s going to take a bit more time to prepare meals by cutting up various raw vegetables, steaming others, and maybe cooking some grains, tofu, eggplant or beans. But in the end it all pays off because you’re feeding your body with wholesome, nutrient dense, antioxidant rich foods which will hopefully give you the good health you desire in the long run. Please see the following list below to get an idea of what a healthy varied vegan diet with all the nutrition your body will ever need would look like. Based on research, vegans on average tend to rarely get sick in comparison to both meat eaters and vegetarians, and also have the lowest bmi of the three groups. they are also less prone to an array of diseases which includeAllergies, Lactose-intolerance, Diabetes, Heart-disease, Liver-diseases, Strokes, Alzheimer’s, Respiratory Problems, Obesity & Cancer.

“In a recent study, vegans had higher intakes of sixteen out of the nineteen nutrients studied, including three times more vitamin C, Vitamin E, and fibre, twice the folate, magnesium, copper and manganese, and more calcium and plenty of protein. Vegans also had half the saturated fat intake, one-sixth of the rate of being overweight, and, while vegans were shown to be at risk for deficients in three nutrients (calcium, iodine and vitamin B-12) people eating the standard American diet were at risk for deficiencies in seven nutrients (calcium, iodine, vitamin C, Vitamin E, fibre, Folate and Magensium”- Will Tuttle

There are a number of vegan athletes that are clearly proving that making the jump to veganism not only allows them to keep their training up, but also improves their training greatly. Many claim to have faster recovery, more energy and an improved emotional state. See examples of these athletes at point no.32. If you have anymore questions feel free to email me at [email protected] for more tips on what to eat if you’re thinking of adopting the vegan diet –



11)“We need meat as part of a healthy balanced diet” – i’ve frequently heard people make this statement but when prodding them further on the matter of how much they know about plant based proteins, they seem to know very little more often that not. I am not sure if you checked the FSA nutrient and food based guidelines for UK institutions recently but the food standards agency published this back in 2002 and it was only revised in 2007, which does not suggest that any additional and updated information in regard to nutrition was added. In other words, since the guidelines to what having a healthy balanced diet looks like was published, more than enough evidence from leading researchers such as those from Harvard School of Public health , George Washington university school of Medicine, the world health organisation, WHO’s intentional agency , University of Reading and countless more have arisen to confirm that the consumption of both meat and dairy does more harm to human health than good. These are all very recent studies that have come about in the last few years since the revision of the nutrient and food based guidelines that have been presented to the British public. However it is not a coincidence that the public have been largely kept in the dark over this matter and continue to be swayed into believing that the consumption of animal products is beneficial for human health. I have no doubt that the information that is fed to the rest of the world in regard to where they must obtain their nutrients, is equally as inaccurate, false and bias, as promoting such information benefits the government financially – It takes a lot more weight and effort to persuade the population to eat their veggies and fruits oppose to simply advocating that a diet rich in meat and dairy is sufficient. Since more evidence has come to service in regard to the dangers of consuming both meat and dairy, not to mention the contribution towards greenhouse gas emissions, clinging to the “meat is part of a healthy balanced diet” ideology isn’t a feasible argument anymore. It Is of course in the government’s interest to continue to advertise to the public that meat and dairy are necessary for your consumption in order for you to obtain the required amounts of protein and calcium since they will profit off of the public’s ignorance, however what they failed to provide in their list of nutritional advice, is an in-depth introduction to a large variety of plant based foods that we can obtain all of our required nutrients from without needing to consume a single animal product. It must put into question who is funding the Committee on Medical Aspects of food and Nutrition Policy for such outdated information to continue to prevail. If you’re not sure what I am getting at with this, here’s an example : In the documentary “That Sugar Film” in which Damon Gameau explores the detrimental effects of sugar on the human body, he discovered that the main speaker was Dr john Sievenpiper who spoke about there being no link between sugar and metabolic disease in their studies. The event for sponsored by Coco Cola. Coke advertised this on social media to further promote Dr Sievenpiper’s ‘research’ done ‘proving’ that there was no evidence to show sugar was contributing to the epidemic of obesity. The entire talk was funded by the sugar industry. This is precisely what the meat and dairy industry do when advocating the importance of animal products for health, and the ‘dangers’ of a plant-based diet. A manipulation of evidence is common more often than no in the food industry, and when it comes to the meat and dairy industry, lies upon lies are promoted in regard to the public needing to derive their sources of protein and calcium from animal products. Statements such as “eat less saturated and trans fatty acids is a message used by health and medical care associations” so that they avoid using the term “meat” and “dairy” which is clearly causing the majority of the populations health problems since animal products cause the heights content of saturated and fatty acids. How ironic that health care institutions and governments would promote messages that advocate the avoidance of foods that contain these substances, while at the same time promoting animal products, that contain the HIGHEST saturated and fatty acid content contradicting their statement with the use of subtle terms that disguise their agenda, and lying to the public on a matter that is the most vital one of them all – our health. 

This is where the statement “we need meat as part of a balanced diet” has come from. Nutritional information that has misguided, manipulated and successfully indoctrinated the population for a good few decades thanks to the billions that have been fuelled into marketing tricks and clever advertising, alongside paying various media outlets, celebrities and scientists to promote the message that they want promoted. The food industries pay scientists, to do studies, that favour those food industries, so it makes those particular food industries look like their no.1 concern is the public’s health. It’s astounding that the public still believe that any corporation could possibly have their best interests at heart. The public’s best interests are not even at the bottom of these corporations priority lists. It’s just not on there. These food industries pay money to professional organisations like heart and cancer related organisations so they put out deceptive statements in the press such as for example, encouraging the population to up their milk consumption to get stronger bones.

You may also be interested to know that the Food Standard Agency (FSA) was set up by the government and it was originally intended that this would be independently run by people with expertise in food safety and without any hidden agenda. However, instead, Sir john Krebs, a zoologist with no particular expertise in food or nutrition, was affirmed as devising and taking charge of the FSA nutrient and food based guidelines. In an interview with Jeremy Paxman, Sir john Krebs expressed his views on genetically modified foods claiming that he was in support of GMOS and was critically unconvinced of the benefits of the population consuming organic food . That’s right – The man appointed boss of the food standard agency guidelines advertised on the British government’s website, had no knowledge or expertise in the area of nutrition, food and safety, or general health, and was in favour of GMOS. What I am trying to get at here is, who on earth would take nutritional advice from someone that knows nothing about nutrition. It also so happens that Unliever , a major consumer goods company, had a close relationship with the food standards agency here in the UK and great influence over what they advertise in their nutrient and food based guidelines. We should certainly be more cautious of what our Governments and health agencies tell us when their nutritional advice is not fitting current day facts in regard to the foods that we should consume for our own health. And since major corporations such as Unliever have the capacity to exert influence to such a large extent, it makes it difficult to trust The Food Standard Agency as an organisation if they are or have been in league with a major corporation that would play a huge role in the information that is given to the public in regard to food and safety. Similarly to FSA, Monsanto in the US had former employees and bosses of the corporation as part of the FDA (food and drug administration). None of the information that is given to the public in regard to their health should be influenced by major corporations or governmental agencies. It would be good for the public to bare in mind that profit, will always be put before public health and that “meat and dairy” as part of a balanced diet, does not benefit anyone, except the companies in league with the FSA from all the money they will be lining their pockets with from continuing to advocate the consumption of particular foods.

Let me go a little further into the corruption that our world is built and reliant on : A group of individuals devised a system in which billions of animals are slaughtered, in more often than not, dirty and diseased conditions in which those animals have been raised on a dose of hormones and antibiotics, The bodies and minds of the human population are then infected and contaminated with dead body parts & secretions, which leads to the development of food Allergies, Lactose-intolerance, Diabetes, Heart-disease, Liver-diseases, Strokes, Lung diseases, Autoimmune diseases, Gallstone, Gout, Osteoporosis, Inflammatory bowel disease, Raised cholesterol levels, Alzheimer’s, Respiratory Problems, Obesity & Cancer so that the population become reliant on a health care system that profits off of their sickness, which is supported by the government, who support the food industry, who advocate toxic food, that the public, in their indoctrinated, brainwashed, meat and dairy addicted state…fund. A system that through the use of clever marketing ploys, attractive branding, billions spent on advertisements and celebrity endorsement, manage to convince the majority of the population that they absolutely must consume animal products to stay healthy even when all of the most credible, unbiased, indisputable evidence form professionals who are not funded by the food industry, and not paid a hefty sum of money to advocate that the population up their broccoli and kale intake, blatantly prove that the plant-based diet is the most appropriate diet for human health. You must begin to understand that these corporations, governments and health care systems profit off of our misconceived beliefs that we need these foods, so we continue to consume them, so we STAY sick, STAY addicted, STAY reliant, while they KEEP making money. Because, what health care system benefits from healthy recovered patients right? We know for a fact that those on a plant-based diet are less likely to get sick. which means MONEY is not being MADE. Our world is built upon lies & deceit & we operate like puppets in a dangerously unconscious state that makes us forget that this sickening cycle can only be broken by us.

12)More evidence that we do not need meat as part of a healthy balanced diet :

The idea we need meat as part of our diet is largely a misconception stemming from social and cultural conditioning, tradition and years of smart marketing campaigns advocating very backwards and outdated nutritional programmes and advice. Your parents told you you need it, because their parents told them they need it, and if your parents ever took you to your doctor when you got sick or deficient in something, your doctor (who has also been dragged into this warped, corrupt and rigged system) will advice a dose of animal products to keep you strong and healthy. Incidentally, the majority of doctors know a frightfully limited amount when it comes to nutrition because less than a quarter of medical schools have a single course on nutrition, and what they do learn is entirely influenced by the meat, dairy and egg industries. it’s well known that the animal food establishments and university research, publish promotional pieces posing as educational materials and engages in questionable arrangements with professional medical research organisations.

“The animal food industries also cultivate cozy relationships with the professional nutritionists, dieticians, and medical associations by sponsoring programs and studies and in other ways helping them financially. These associations of course repay favours by recommending- or at least not questioning – the practise of eating animal foods” – The world peace diet

In the UK alone, 25 percent of boys and 33 percent of girls aged between two and 19 years are overweight or obese. Obesity currently costs the country around £2 billion annually and shortens lives by nine years, due to the associated health problems. And in the US, 60% of Americans are now overweight and with that comes a warping $100 billion price tag in health services. Obesity now kills around 330,000 Americans a year. The primary causes of this being diet and lack of exercise. We know that vegans have a lower BMI on average out of the three groups (meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans). We also know that vegans tend to get less sick so again, these figures are one more reason that we should be raising the younger generation on a whole-foods plant based diet. Less illness, less obesity, less medical bills, less suffering for everyone else involved (the animals, those in developing countries, and every other life-form on earth basically)

To quote Markus Vinding, so called red-meat – flesh from cows, pigs and sheep- has for instance been found to increase mortality risk significantly. As one study found, for each increase of just a single serving of “red meat” a day, the mortality risk seems to increase with about 13-20 percent. The study also showed that respectively 9.3 and 7.6 percent of the deaths in men and women that had been observed by the end of the study could have been prevented had all the subjects been eating significantly less “red meat”. The conclusions of the study were summed up with the following – Red meat consumption (consumption of the flesh of cows, pigs and sheep) is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality. Substitution of other healthy protein sources for red meat is associated with a lower mortality risk. In contrast, consumption of the perhaps most obvious alternative source of protein, namely legumes – beans, lentils, peanuts, peas and chick peas etc – seems to be linked to a longevity and reduced mortality risk. As a study undertaken among five cohorts in different parts of the world concluded “the legume food group showed 7-8% reduction in mortality hazard ratio for every 20g increase in daily intake so 20 grams of legumes seems to be about half as good as a serving of “red meat”seems to be bad. It seems that if we want to live longer and healthier lives, we should replace flesh with legumes as our main source of protein. It is not just the consumption of “red meat” and consumption of shellfish and fish flesh which increases the mercury levels in our body, that have certain adverse effects on our health that we can avoid by eating a vegan diet, but also the consumption of the flesh of chickens and turkeys, and consumption of eggs and dairy. The flesh of chickens for instance tends to contain high amounts of arsenic and the intake of arsenic should, like the intake of mercury, be minimised. Arsenic is a human carcinogen, and is also associated with increased risks of several non cancer endpoints, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neuropathy, and neuro-cognitive deficits in children. High arsenic-levels might also be part of the reason why consumption of the flesh of chickens and turkeys has been associated with various types of cancer, such as b-cell lymphomas and follicular lymphomas. Chicken flesh is also one of the most bacteria-filled kind of flesh we eat. A study from the consumer report for instance found that 97% of the hundreds of samples of chicken flesh they tested contained dangerous bacteria. 80% contained the bacteria enterococcus, which can cause bladder infections and meningitis, 65% contained the faecal contaminant E.coli and 11% contained salmonella.

According to T.colin Campbell PH.D, professor of nutritional bio-chemistry at Cornell university and lead researcher of one of the largest human nutrition studies yet undertaken, animal protein is completely inferior to plant protein for human needs. “Our study suggests that the closer one approaches a total plant food diet, the greater the health benefits. It turns out that animal protein, when consumed, exhibits a variety of undesirable health effects. Wether it is the immune system, various enzyme systems, the uptake of carcinogens into the cells, or hormonal activity, animal protein general only causes mischief”

“In our society protein deficiency is practically nonexistent. Instead, most people consume too much protein, which can also affect heath adversely, remarkably small amounts are enough to satisfy the minimal requirements of the average adult – perhaps two ounces, or sixty grams, of a protein food a day. Many people in our society eat much more than that at every meal..cutting down on protein will free up energy, spare your digestive system and especially your liver and kidneys from extra work, and protect your immune system from irritation” – Andrew Weil M.D

13)“You shouldn’t keep pets if you believe in being a vegan” – Unlike wild animals, dog and cats are bred in a way that domesticate them to live with humans. If we attempted to take a wolf or a tiger under our wing then all hell would break loose since these animals were born in a specific habitat and that’s where they belong. Needless to say, vegans who are aware of these matters are entirely against animals being removed from their natural habitat and imprisoned in zoos, circuses and cages and used for the public’s entertainment. It would be no different to taking a human and dumping them in the middle of a desert or the arctic and expecting them to adapt. Animals that are even bred in captivity yet designed to be roaming free in the wild often suffer extreme psychological disturbances from being exposed to an environment that is unnatural, disturbing, toxic and traumatic, confined to small spaces or burdened with the chaos and noise humans so often inflict upon them. This is the definition of cruelty and along with horse raising, hound raising, and any other sport or entertainment we subject animals to, to make profit, it needs to be abolished in the coming future if we do not want to see some of the world’s most precious wildlife and animals extinct. But on the matter of domesticated animals, it is not cruel to raise them in an human environment, as long as they are given all of the nourishment and support they need to have a happy life. Make sure you boycott the circus, sea world, and any other company making profit off of the exploitation of animals. To read more about this matter, See here

14)“Don’t force your opinion on me I have the right to eat whatever I want”

We indeed have the right to eat whatever we want however, when it comes to eating the flesh or produce of other animals, we have no right what so ever. Our these bodies ours? Our these secretions coming from our own bodies? How on earth can we claim that something belongs to us when it has not come from us. If I am the creator of a painting, a song, a dress, a building and so forth, then I can claim that these ideas belong to me. They have been brought form into the world through my creativity. Although I would be wary in using anything that is birthed into the world as an example of what belongs to us, since then others may claim that this may apply to children, and children certainly do not belong to their parents, however it is the creation of the parents, and therefore the creators deserve some say in the progression of what they have created. How as humans can we feel entitled to dictate to an animal what will become of it’s coat, fluids, flesh or body, when none of these belong to us? How as entirely separate beings that have no right to dominate, objectify, commodify or attack the bodies of animals, the same way men have no right to dominate, objectify, commodify or attack the bodies of women, can we claim therefore, that it is our right? It I create a work of art, and another was to approach me and offer a sum of money and purchase the art from me, then it no longer belongs to me, it belongs to them, not because of the exchange of money, but because of the mutual agreement, because I have given my consent. So now let us use this analogy in regard to animals. For us to claim that the milk, flesh or any other substance that comes from is our right to use, we would technically speaking need to confront the animal before we have the right to consume their flesh or produce, since it belongs to them. I am entirely 100% sure that no living being on earth would be happy to provide you with his or her flesh or secretions for the mere reason that you believe you are deserving of it or enjoy the taste. I am also entirely certain you would not be happy for someone else to use your clothes, food, or any other item that belongs to you without them asking for permission first. The idea that we believe we are entitled to use the fur, wool, produce, and flesh of an animal, inflicting suffering and death upon other living beings purely for the senseless reason that their flesh or produce is pleasurable or the clothing they provide us with is fashionable, is unacceptable and without a doubt, a reflection of how abhorrently arrogant, abominably unethical and morally lacking we truly are.

If as a man, you were to force yourself upon a woman without her permission then this would immediately be considered rape. For unless the woman has given you permission and consent, then it is considered taking what is not yours for the taking and therefore ; rape. You need permission to take something from the person it belongs to. You need consent before engaging in something that requires the usage of another’s body and therefore, property.They decide whether they are ready or willing to participate or not. “Yes but animals can’t talk to give their permission” you will most likely say. If a woman is unconscious or has passed out, she also can not give you consent either, but the answer as to wether you are allowed to participate in sexual activity with her or not, is simply no. If you are not given confirmation, it does not mean yes or maybe, it simply means no and that you are not in a position to make a decision as to which steps should be taken next. In the case of animals it is no different. We use their products and we may pay for them, but it is not humans we should be consulting in order to obtain this produce. Why on earth would a human have a say in wether it’s ok for us to consume animal flesh or produce when an animal’s body and produce is not any human’s property. It is merely one of many illusions that humanity has created ; that animals are owned by humans, animals are here for our consumption, and regardless as to wether they are tortured, tied up, beaten, knifed or raped is irrelevant, because they were their for us to do with as we wish. What sort of deranged and foolish individual or group of individuals, would believe that if they were present on this earth, it gives them the right to exploit, objectify and harm any other sentient be it child, woman or animal, simply because the child, woman or animal may be the more vulnerable individual. Is it the mindset applied by a logical, sane, moral, compassionate and decent human being to view those who are in a more unguarded or fragile position as an opportunity to exploit and dominate? Or is it the mindset applied by an abusive, immoral, ruthless, barbaric and psychotic human being?

If the roles were reversed and we as humans could not talk, would it be ok for animals to give other animals consent to use us for their own consumption or entertainment? The answer being a resounding no. I am entirely certain that if you could consult an animal, it would have no interest in being killed, raped or extracted of it’s fluids in order to feed or clothe you. So no, it is not our right. And we clearly do not have the right to take anything from any living sentient unless we have their personal permission. And since animals can not talk, and can not give us their permission(leaving the fact that no living things wants to suffer aside and therefore would not give us permission even if it could talk) we absolutely do not have their permission or the right to eat animal products. So next time we claim that it is our right to eat whatever we want, bare in mind that it is not our right when it involves somebody else’s life that belongs to no one but them.

15) Why believing you are entitled to eat whatever you want harms more than just animals – It is estimated that up to a billion humans worldwide are suffering from the effects of hunger mostly of whom are in poor or underdeveloped countries, however enough plant based foods could be grown to diminish the rise in poverty drastically but the majority of crops grown are fed to livestock for affluent nations instead. If all food crops were fed directly to humans instead of animals, around 70% more food would be added to the world’s supply, which would be more than enough to feed 4 billion additional people. It is estimated that the following amounts are used in the production of livestock – 38% of the world’s grain harvest, 50% of all the water in the US, 60% of Brazil’s Grain harvest, 70% of US grain harvest, 80% of US corn harvest. Approximately 5 million children in the US go hungry every month, and roughly 40,000 people die each day due to hunger or hunger related causes. If americans reduced their intake of meat by merely 10%, 100,000,000 people could be fed using the land, water and energy that would usually be used for livestock feed. According to the independent it would take 40 million tons of food to eliminate the most extreme cases of world hunger, however around 20 times this amount of grain is fed to farmed animals every year in order to produce meat. As already stated, around a billion people do not have enough to eat. Farming industries feed grains to animals in order to produce meat rather than feeing it directly to people. Around 97% of the world’s soya crops is fed to livestock. In order for this quantity of grain to be consumed by such a large amount of cattle in the first place, huge areas of land are taken over by farming industries encompassing the space for these cattle to graze which, as already stated, is illogical when so much land could be saved, wildlife habitats preserved, animal lives saved and human lives saved if all these grains are fed directly to people oppose to cattle. Considering that national geographic claimed the world’s rain forests could be diminishing or entirely vanishing within the next a hundred years which is mostly due to animal agriculture, alarm bells should be ringing in all of our heads. The suffering that animals and the impoverished are subjected to along with deforestation are not the only result of a meat based diet fuelling the meat and dairy industry. The indigenous communities around the world are the first so suffer the effects of the west’s irresponsible meat consumption. Ironically, it is the indigenous who live in the most sustainable and conscientious manner having the least impact on the climate, that are the first to witness the devastating changes often destroying their homes and lively hood. The indigenous are essential when it comes to many ecosystems that inhabit their lands and territories, since they are the rare few that understand the vital balance that must be maintained in order to preserve wildlife habitats, endangered species and most of the materials that we here in the west rely on heavily. Without a healthy ecosystem, this will cause disruption to biodiversity which provides a fundamentally important role to all life by providing us with raw materials, food and the industries that support life. So to wrap this response up, so far I believe enough evidence has been provided to proof that our eating habits are not a matter of our business alone if it results in a domino effect of destruction around the world. We have the right to eat whatever we want, on the condition that it is not harming or killing another, or wrecking various people’s livelihoods, and as you can see, we collectively with our meat and dairy addiction, contribute towards all of these things every time we choose to buy an animal product or a product with an animal ingredient in it.

16)“But if there were humane ways to kill animals it would be ok right?” – If I was to stun you to minimise or remove the pain you feel before I slide a knife into your chest or your throat, and there were various onlookers at the time witnessing your murder, can you imagine that their reaction to this would be “ah well thank goodness she stunned that human first, it was a humane death thank the lord”. Let’s just cut the bullshit for a moment rather than searching for nonsensical, absurd and ridiculous excuses to validate animal mass murdering. The reality is, many cattle , pigs and sheep are not stunned to minimise the pain before they are slaughtered, however regardless, how can anyone possibly debate that there is such a thing as humane killing is beyond me and all other rational beings. Taking a life is taking a life. And whatever the circumstances in which that life is taken, unless it is because you are trying to defend yourself or a loved one from being murdered, there is absolutely no other justifiable argument to killing any sentient. In the words of Gary Yourofky – “There is no such thing as humane slaughter like there is no such thing as humane rape, humane slavery, and humane child molestation. How in the world could slaughtering billions of innocents be done with love, humanity and concern. Cultures might excuse and ignore certain victims of cruelty but that does not exonerate the cruel act, especially from the victim’s point of view which is the only thing that matters”

17)“But animals are here for us to eat” – Based on this ‘logic’, if another race of being were put on earth now, who were superior in intelligence, far more advanced than us and under the illusion that consuming human meat would be nourishing and beneficial for their muscle mass and overall health, does it give them the right to see us as a food source and therefore gather us all up and throw us in a warehouse chained by our feet hanging upside down and slaughter us one by one? We would certainly have provided them with enough sufficient evidence to suggest that we are in fact a highly uninvolved, violent and inhumane species capable of destroying the environment and causing tremendous destruction and chaos to all other living sentients on earth to the extent that we have (just to confirm with an example – up to 60 billion animals are slaughtered per year for meat) and therefore with that conclusion in mind it would maybe be better if WE as a race were eliminated and abolished from earth. Based on the ‘animals are here for us to eat ‘logic” since this new and highly evolved species came after us and are superior so us in a variety of ways, holding this ‘logic’ in mind, they must therefore conclude that humans as the less advanced specimen, were clearly put on earth in order for them to consume. The only difference in the comparison here between us consuming animals, and this greater and more evolved species consuming us, is that consuming us would truly be beneficial for the planet. Where as us consuming animals is causing complete and utter destruction towards the planet considering half of the world’s animals have been lost in the past 40 years due to climate change caused by animal agriculture, fish farming deforestation (often a result of trees being unnecessarily cut down in order for animals to graze before they are taken off for slaughter) and one in 6 of the planet’s species will be lost forever due to the stress on habitats from deforestation, the rise in pollution, fishing farming and global warming. Animals are not here for us to eat. The same way birds, bees, slugs, frogs, butterflies, elephants and other living sentients are not here for us to eat. All of these beings play a vital role in maintaining the balance of our eco-system. Without them, our planet would fall apart. And since the population of many of these sentients are quickly diminishing, so is the health of our planet, and since our health is entirely connected to these eco-systems that we rely on for our survival, eventually, it will be us, our children and grandchildren that suffer as well. 

18)“Vegans are so arrogant” – There are vegans who use Veganism as a means to enhance their position and status in the world (the same way somebody else uses their designer clothes, career, or an attractive partner to enhance theirs) we all do this to a certain extent with the things we feel passionate about or attached to. There are also vegans that may use it as a means to boost their self-esteem, and create the illusion that they are that much better than everyone else for having the particular ethics and value system that the majority of society lack, and to be fair, wanting all life to be treated with kindness, compassion and given the freedom they are entitled to, certainly does raise one above the majority in regard to awareness and ethics for the most part. But let’s get one thing clear here. Being vegan does not make you a saint. I have strong objections towards anyone walking around wearing it like a badge and announcing it to the world to promote their position as a vegan as if they are that much better than non-vegans. You can be a vegan, and you could still be an asshole. You can eat animal products, and be a wonderfully kind and generous individual but just extremely misinformed and ignorant to the reality of how your food is made and where it came from, as many of us were once upon a time before we made the connection. Being vegan really does not hold much weight unless you’re very clear on your motive. If your motive is to position yourself on a pedestal of greatness encompassing an all loving, compassionate, spiritual being entirely about oneness, who in conjunction with this, invests their time in attacking anyone who does not happen to uphold your Veganism views then your motive probably needs a reality check. Some vegans, like all people, may be driven by their ego or driven by the desire to truly create change in the way people view animals as dis-equals. But no, that does not automatically make all vegans arrogant who treat non-vegans like they are lesser beings. I believe the only time vegans treat non-vegans that way is when non-vegans begin to justify the slaughter of billions of sentients purely for the sake of pleasure. At this point, I have no problem with vegans voicing that they are better than non-vegans. If you are a ethical, aware, enlightened vegan debating with an ignorant, unkind and aggressive meat-eater who clearly lacks compassion and intellect, then it’s safe to say which of the two by definition, has a better approach. Here’s the definition of “better” ; ‘Preferable’, ‘recommended’, ‘one step ahead’, ‘improvement’, ‘in a more excellent way’, ‘would find it wiser’. I believe all of these words encompass what it means to be vegan.

19)“What about Grass-fed, organic, free-range” These labels are highly misleading and their only aim is to leer customers into feeling that they’re buying produce that left out the cruelty. How can you possibly leave out cruelty when the animal is objectified, harmed or slaughtered in the end regardless? It’s entirely nonsensical. Animals that are raised on the typical organic and free-range farms spend the majority of their time being crammed and confined into crowded sheds exactly the same as animals on conventional farms. Cows on organic dairy farms can also be kept in crowded sheds, existing in their own waste, similar to the cows on factory farms. ‘Organic’ does not by any means express that these animals have been raised in better conditions. These cows are also artificially impregnated every year and their calves are also taken from them right after they are born. They suffer the same cruel fait as factory farm animals, and in the end they often end up on factory farms and slaughtered by being hung upside down and getting their throats cut often while still unconscious. The terms ‘organic’ ‘free-range’ ‘humane’ or ‘natural’ should not be used in regard to raising animals to produce meat or dairy since these animals are raised in the same dirty conditions which studies have accessed that their flesh is often contaminated with bacteria and pathogens, which result in the animal produce we consume causing heart-disease, cancer and other serious health aliments after these products are consumed. The idea that decreasing the suffering of an animal by giving it more space to move around in, makes the consumption of their flesh or fluids more acceptable is illogical. If you were to go from killing people everyday to killing them twice a week, does it all of a sudden classify your reduction in killing as humane? It is no different when it comes to organic or free-range produce. At the end of the animal’s life in which they are exploited until exhaustion, they are killed anyway. There is nothing remotely better about buying from an organic farm just because they provide slightly better living spaces for the animals. The issue is not in regard to giving the animals better conditions to live in. the issue is not exploiting, using, or killing them at all. And since no farms that label their produce organic, free-range or grass-fed can claim such a thing, These labels make no difference, and it certainly should not influence you to believe that you are being kinder and more conscious is purchasing such produce. Also, according to the authors of Cowspiracy and in-depth research, did you know that grass-fed cows emit 60 to 400 percent more methane than cows raised in factory farms doe to their different diets. Methane is 86 times more destructive than carbon dioxide. More on this : 

The Organic and ‘Free-Range’ Myths

The Myth of Eco-Friendly Animal Products

20) “Why are you rescuing dogs but not pigs, cows & sheep?” – Both vegans and non-vegans need to stop churning out this statement every time they see someone defending the life of an animal that is domesticated or that we tend to keep as pets. At the end of the day, wether we’re saving human lives or domesticated animal ones, we’re doing good. People choose where to do good. Not everyone has to save farm animals, not everyone has to dedicate their life to saving dogs and cats. But if you witness somebody doing good in the world, you’re first reaction should be to support them with their cause, not immediately look for what they’re still lacking or not doing. Some people defend the right’s of other races, some people defend the right’s of women and some people defend the right’s of the impoverished. We need all kinds of people working on all the world’s various issues. If everyone dedicated time to saving animals then there would be a huge imbalance and many of those who are in a position to educate others on how to value the planet and the lives of others in the first place, are needed in order to bring awareness. It’s all very well expecting everyone to run around the world saving animals but if we do not get to the root of the situation and learn to educate people about the vital and important role that many of the animals, wildlife and plants play in contributing towards a healthy ecosystem, then rescuing animals would be made that much harder. Different people fight for different causes. We need that. Just because the cause they fight for is not one that matters so much to you personally, it does not make it less important or essential for the growth of humanity overall. Maybe before you leave a comment reprimanding someone for the good you think they should be doing on top of the good they are already doing, ask yourself – Who are YOU helping?

21)“Vegans are so rude and offensive” – Think about how you would respond to someone telling you that your eating habits are retarded and you’re a waste of space on earth. There are a variety of meat-eaters that go out of my way to make nasty and spiteful comments under my posts, even showing visuals of animals being murdered and commenting “ye but I like meat though”. I try my best to maintain serenity during these moments and respond gently but the reality is, the majority of the time, it is somebody’s ignorant, shocking attitude or online bullying that brings that aggression and rude responses to the surface of the vegan debater. Many vegans try hard to find ways to educate and bring awareness to a manner devoid of fury or anger and use a tone that effectively allows non-vegans to understand our argument. And sadly the reaction from most non-vegans is an attempt to dismantle the vegans argument with a silly and illogical response which clearly shows they no absolutely nothing about the topic of Veganism. Veganism isn’t a religious cult. It’s about the person not the subject. Yes unfortunately some people turn it into a cult like presentation because all causes we stand for are driven by our emotions, and sometimes the emotional element takes over and we get carried away, and admittedly, it is easy to get carried away when you are the one witnessing the madness of our society day in day out via videos of slaughterhouses or animals getting their coats ripped off for fur. If you were in our shoes with your eyes open to such as extent, you would probably also be furious and driven by emotion, struggling to maintain calm every time you have a debate with a non-vegan who clearly does not want to listen because they didn’t come to listen, they came to hurt and attack the vegan to a point where they can then feel better about engaging in a practise that promotes the exploitation and murder of other beings. You have to understand that for vegans, who go out of their way to face the realities of the farming industry and other animal cruelty related matters everyday to educate themselves in order to bring awareness,that the emotional element here is very very strong. Because we are aware of that which everybody else is hiding their head in the sand over, because for many, the reality is often too painful or horrific to witness. It’s easy to hide and pretend the issue does not exist, but for most vegans, they’re doing the opposite and diving straight into the problem in order to present people with enough evidence to convince them that subjecting animals to such awful faits for the sake of the consumption of foods we do not need, is simply not justifiable. It takes a tremendous amount if courage, strength and resilience to stand against a sea of people reluctant to change their destructive habits. It takes an incredible amount of bravery to continue to fight for something that breaks your heart every waking day, and on top of that, face the sneers, mockery, unkindness and ignorance of the majority and even those closest to you. Vegans are taking on a discussion that most people would avoid. And most people avoid it simply because of how deeply painful and difficult the reality of this topic is. But that does not stop us, and nothing ever will, because simply, we know that what we are advocating is the ethically correct thing to advocate. So there emotional element for vegans often takes over and fuels them to act relentlessly. But if you think about it, Its no different to people who support certain football teams, or have certain political views. There’s a very strong emotional element driving all of us to support and represent the things that we do, and for vegans it’s no different, and the emotional element comes from a place of simply not wanting to see any animals tortured brutally and murdered anymore for entirely unjustifiable reasons. Meat eaters, I understand the idea of not being able to eat your favourite food anymore might be hard for your to digest (the same way meat is…seriously though) but that’s one reason for you to get upset. And that can be solved with plenty of tasty plant based alternatives. But also understand while you have one reason to get annoyed, vegans have over 30. so you can see why they might come across as a little ‘cult’ like every now and then. But then again, for vegans, meat eaters are a little like a cult too – they are invested in clinging tightly to their meat eating habits using various illogical statements to back up their reasons as to why we need animal products, all the while, maybe thoroughly aware that the only answer they have in defence of these habits at best is “it tastes good”. It’s easier for us to shield ourselves from the reality so that we can stay asleep and stay comfortable in an unconscious world that is not presented with hard hitting truths that will force us to change our habits or go an extra mile in order to lead a more compassionate and cruelty free lifestyle. But i’ve yet to hear a meat eater turned vegan announce that it was such a difficulty and a bore. On the contrary, all of them claimed “it was the best decision I ever made and i’d never go back” and until now, those that have made this statement to me, never did.

22)“Vegans are so aggressive” (sort of the same as the last statement but thought i’d throw it in here anyway) – I am going to use the simplest possible analogy that I can come up with here ; If somebody told you the sky was red, and you had to continuously point out to them that it is in fact blue (because it is) eventually, you may begin to get a little impatient, maybe annoyed, possibly aggressive, after what seems like the a hundredth time of explaining an extremely non-debatable and obvious fact. For the growing number of people that choose to abstain from consuming animal products or using anything that consists of animal material, most of them are highly aware of the reality of where all of their produce comes from. In other words, they’re educated on the matter. They most probably read a few books, watched a few documentaries, read a few articles or books by leading nutritionists, dieticians and scientists who have done countless research on the plant based diet VS the animal product based one, or follow a few vegan bloggers and pages of activists bringing awareness towards these issues. To stand in front of a person however, who has absolutely no insight or knowledge in regard to why vegans believe they should abstain from participating in what is so clearly a barbaric and brutal world, and attempt to debate with them about how very wrong they are with a stream of illogical, unreasonable and illegitimate points, that for the most part make appear to be utterly incoherent and ignorant, would make the most evolved and peaceful saint aggressive. It’s not that vegans are aggressive. It’s that anybody, who is educated in a particular area be in politics, technology, science, engineering, etc, would probably be exceedingly exasperated if somebody who has absolutely no awareness or knowledge in their area of expertise, began debating about a topic that they have no strong footing to stand on with. You may think vegans are aggressive, but we think that non-vegans passing statements on Veganism with the air of someone who has an entirely bullet proof argument at their disposal, need to stop passing judgement on a matter that they are misinformed on immediately. This should not be a conversation that ends with guns being pointed at one another while vegans declare they’re right and non-vegans search for every swear word and insult in their particular language to defend themselves with for feeling exposed and caught off guard once vegans present various indisputable facts to them. This should be a conversation where those who are not educated on the matter of veganism are willing to listen, ask questions, learn more, and then decide for themselves. Who knows, you might have a life changing experience that results in you becoming fitter, stronger, more energised, or reversing some physical aliment you’ve been suffering from for years by adapting to this lifestyle. There is always something new to learn whatever the topic, so I would encourage non-vegans to always be open and curious before shooting vegans down on a subject they know little to nothing about.

23)“Veganism is like a religion” Religion is based on faith. Veganism is based on not wanting to harm, kill, or exploit any living sentient. Some religions actually advocate the killing of sentients and promote violence and justify it for nonsensical reasons (just like meat-eaters). So no, Veganism is not a religion. I find that religion tends to brainwash people to a degree where they are no longer willing to see any body else’s perspective, and I also find that religious people tend to lack logic and rationality to debate coherently and intelligently (Please look up Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins) and be informed on matters that challenge their religion because they are unwilling to face a reality that threatens their belief system. Meat eaters tend to be brainwashed to a degree in which they are no longer willing to see any alternative in spite of the fact they have no strong foundation to stand on with their argument and in spite of the fact that there is all the evidence in the world to prove them wrong. They also tend to lack logic and rationality in all of their debates and they are rarely ever informed on matters that challenge their way of thinking because they feel threatened in facing a reality that proves their debate to be absurd and unjustifiable every single time. Vegans force meat-eaters to detach their belief system and recognise that their current way of being is not, and has never been acceptable. Still think vegans are the one’s who behave like veganism is a religion?. Hopefully the parallel I made between religious people and meat-eaters is enough to bring to your attention as to which party is closer to behaving in this manner.

24)“You will never make everyone vegan, give up!” – I also can’t make everybody intelligent, compassion, concerned about animal welfare, and in support of gay right’s sure. But just because you can not influence the entire world to open their eyes, it does not mean one should not at least try. I have seen a tremendous change in those around me after hearing about veganism and their willingness to commit to dropping animal products and adapting to this lifestyle. The health benefits for them were endless and on top of that, they felt much better about no longer contributing to the cruelty. We are all responsible for what we create in this world. And the vegans that currently exist have no come about due to nothing. They have come about from being influenced by others who have paved the way. And since then, the numbers have risen as individuals have taken accountability for their actions. The only way to influence any movement is to become part of it, and thankfully there has been a huge rise in vegans in the UK, and the US and not to mention israel who now have the biggest vegan population largely thanks to Gary Yourofsky who has been relentlessly committed to bringing awareness to this issue for any many years. The number of people switching to veganism is certainly rising as people become aware of the health benefits and ethical related issues. So just because one can not make the entire world vegan, free of racism, homophobia, poverty or inequality, it does not mean one should not at least try. If everyone had this attitude, we would not have half of the world’s biggest non-profit organisations and activists having made the significant difference that they have. Every little bit of change matters. And your influence matters the most.

25)“You can never avoid using other products that have caused the suffering of someone else anyway in the western world” – Just because we can’t avoid using laptops or cars that might be the result of somebody’s suffering, it does not mean we can’t avoid animal products when there are plenty of alternatives. The difference between these two comparisons often made is that one presents choice, and the other does not. Being a vegan does not mean avoiding all cruelty, it means avoiding cruelty wherever and whenever you can, and bring aware to the harm that is caused from adopting a attitude, like the majority of society, in which you refuse to acknowledge the reality of how your food is made and where it comes from. There are more and more alternatives in regard to leather and clothing in general, which are produced in a sustainable and ethical manner. As vegans grow in numbers (and believe me they will) more corporations will need to begin to search for cruelty-free alternatives that cater to these individuals needs and hopefully what will be a bigger proportion of the world’s needs. The world is constantly progressing and evolving when it comes to technology and science and the use of animals for materials and foods will eventually decline and it will be much easier to avoid animal use in all areas of life. But in the meantime, just because we can not avoid it entirely, does not mean we can not minimise the suffering caused by adapting to a vegan lifestyle.

A recent statement that was made on my page– Try explaining that to a poverty stricken family in a third world country with a malnourished family. If a stray dog is available or chicken you take it and are thankful for it. I myself hunt and fish with complete understanding and do so in a respectful way. I’ve lived in third world countries and seen in person pigs, dogs, chickens and cows harvested. I’ve also seen this done in nature in a way more cruel manner. I don’t believe in cruelty towards animals but I do fish daily and I don’t see a problem with it. Also as a side note many products from tooth paste to fabric softener, plastic bags, nail polish, paint, glue, shampoo and conditioner, tires, deodorant, computer and cell phone parts all have animal products in them. So with your point of view they should also be given up. If so I don’t expect to see you replying to my post nor using much of modern technology”

My response – “As it happens, i do not use any of those products, i make my own shampoo, toothpaste, and skincare products, I make my own eco-friendly bags, I do not consume produce with palm oil in and i do not use the other following things you listed (with the exception of a computer and phone obviously) since i am entirely aware of the reality of how they are made so i avoid them at all costs. Now, as far as computers and cell phones go, that is true, we can not avoid using them in this modern day and age, however, that does not excuse the fact that we do not need to add to the cruelty we participate in by unnecessarily consuming animal products. That, unlike using a phone or laptop, is something we can easily avoid doing. Just because we can not eliminate ALL cruelty in the world, does not mean we should not AVOID participating in it whenever we can. We absolutely do not need under any circumstances to consume the flesh or fluids of animals who have been tortured or killed. Therefore, unlike using a laptop or phone, it is something you can avoid. I would like you to be aware of the fact that the psychology behind your behaviour is used as an attempt to excuse yourself from the arising guilt or feelings of discomfort you may well be experiencing as we communicate since you are being faced with a truth you have not cared to consider before, a truth that would require you to change your behaviour in order for those feelings to dissipate once and for all, however, currently, your only way of coping is by finding fault with the person you are debating with, attempting to throw them off guard in order to make yourself feel equal in status, oppose to accepting the truth and making a conscious effort to change your eating habits. If you can avoid cruelty, then avoid it. Being vegan does not mean being perfect. It means eliminating cruelty where ever and when ever one can. And cutting out meat and dairy is where one can begin. I have also previously answered questions in response to “hunter gatherers did it” “it’s natural” “We need meat” But i hope you will understand i do not have the time to respond over and over again to the same excuses people use with answers which they continue to argue against with illogical and irrational responses. Every answer you are using here is invalid. You are not a hunter gatherer. You are not a starving child in an impoverished country that only has stray animals as their available food, you are not from prehistoric times. We do not live in an age where, how we use to behave, is acceptable given how much we have advanced and thrown away many barbaric traditions and outdated myths (such as how we need meat for nutrients) The easiest response you could have given was the truth – Which is ; you do not want to face the reality that killing and torturing animals is absolutely unjustifiable in every possible way. Btw, fishing involves torture, so i am baffled as to how you do not believe in torturing animals when you are currently doing so.”

26)“But if you don’t produce the meat, you’ll strip the soil of its nutrients and you’ll have a critical shortage of fertiliser”– Fertiliser does not come from meat. It comes from the poop of horses and cows etc. The materials you use for composting consist of vegetables and fruit, Never any animal products, You don’t need to produce meat to have fertiliser. Meat has absolutely nothing to do with that. Manure or hemp bedding would not necessarily need to be included for composting but if you can obtain it, the nitrogen will help strengthen the compost. Coffee, and a few other materials can also help with the nitrogen production. We’ve been growing crops sufficiently for many years using only plant based materials and so have all other farmers in our area who use the waste products of cows or horses they keep to fertilise the land. But slaughtering animals to fertilise the land has no connection what so ever.

27)“Vegans are dumb” I found this comment amusing so i thought I would add it in just to make you giggle! I believe showing the utmost concern towards environmental matters, the impact our behaviour here in the west has on the impoverished and indigenous communities elsewhere and not wanting to see any animal endure pain via getting their coat ripped off so you can wear it around your body in spite of there being endless alternatives, and choosing not to support the farming industries who run a knife through a cow’s throat, separate it from their mother when they’re young, kill countless baby chicks, is a pretty smart and compassionate thing to be concerned about to be fair. On the other hand infesting your body with various physical diseases, supporting animal cruelty with the food and other items you purchase even when you’re entirely aware of where this food comes from and how your items are made and the devastating impact your choices have on the planet, is not all that smart.

28)“Vegans think they’re so superior to everyone else” – Vegans abstain from eating animals and using animal products for clothing, cosmetics, and so on, because they believe that all life is equal, or at least, that is the general belief of an educated vegan. For those who may still be using leather or certain hair or skin care products that test on animals, it simply means they need to be doing a little more research into the current brands they purchase, since not everyone is willing to go the extra mile and ditch their favourite make up brand or hair gel and so on. However, the general belief of most vegans is that all life is equal to the lives of humans and we should not support any industry, be it the fur industry, meat and dairy industry or entertainment industry (such as zoos and circuses) that promotes cruelty, death and the imprisonment of animals. I find it hard to get my head around this statement often made to vegans since meat eaters on the other hand, seem to regularly justify their meat eating habits on the grounds that we humans are the superior race and are therefore entitled to use all animals and materials from the earth that are at our disposal. But in all fairness now, if vegans do believe that they are superior to those with animal product eating habits, it may be justifiable based on the fact that vegans tend to have a great deal of awareness in regard to the devastation that a meat and dairy diet has on the planet, and therefore out of a vegan and meat eater, when it comes to environmental issues and animal welfare, it would seem more often than not that the vegans are more educated in regard to issues such as the planet and the impact our consumerism habits have. The since superior could be equated to more advanced or evolved, then I think it’s a rather non-arguable issue to state that overall, vegans certainly seem to come out on top if they’re able to recognise (unlike the majority of meat eaters) that we no longer need to participate in the habits, heavy cultural conditioning and traditions that have been handed down to us for centuries that over the years, have slowly but surely resulted in our planet’s wildlife, plant varieties and clean waters slowly deteriorating and some of the earth’s most precious species becoming extinct. Vegans recognise that there is a more advanced, logical, healthier, sustainable and kinder way to go about their everyday lives, and there is no reasonable, rational or valid explanation as to why we are not all doing the same.

29)“People will think i’m weird if I go vegan” – People will think you’re weird for doing anything that goes against the status quo or the conventional traditional way of doing things. This should never be a reason to stop you or any of us. Humanity would never have advanced had it not been for a select few individuals that stood up for what needed to be changed. Besides, what people think of us should never come into the equation of concerns we have when it comes to making certain necessary decisions. However you may be surprised to know that the response I got from many friends was more one of interest than one of mockery. Once I began to start informing them on the benefits of the plant based diet and refraining from eating animal products, many of them decided to try it for a few days and saw a tremendous difference in how they felt both physically and emotionally. One friend claimed he lost several kilos just from ditching meat and dairy products and replacing everything with legumes and vegetables. Another friend told me her eczema cleared up when she stopped consuming eggs for a week, and several other friends who suffered from issues such as constipation, skin conditions, low energy levels and bloating saw these symptoms become reduced or eliminated from their lives entirely simply from replacing milk with plant based alternatives, and main meals that included meat with foods such as eggplant, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and a large portion of vegetables full of antioxidants or water retention reducing plant based foods. If you truly want to see changes with your heath, experience a cruelty free way of living or make a choice that you believe in, what other’s reaction towards your choices are should not be your concern. You have enough valid reasons to move towards a vegetarian or vegan diet and wether family members, friends or colleagues understand that or not, should not effect your decision to do something that will truly make a difference in the world and make a difference to your health. Even if those around you do not understand why you’re doing it for ethical reasons, doing it for health reasons is more than an enough of a reason to adopt the vegan diet.

30)“If I go vegan it won’t make a difference anyway” – Each person in the US that chooses to refrain from eating meat and dairy saves up to 200 animals per year. Each person that refrains from eating meat and dairy in the UK saves up to 175 animals per year. According to Peta, the average person consumes around roughly 130 shellfish, 40 fish, 26 chickens, one turkey, nearly half a pig and around a tenth of a cow. And in regard to sea animals, vegans and vegetarians save up to 151.91 sea animals in the US per year. The average american eats around 12 fish and 137 shellfish per year. It is important to remember that even if we are not directly consuming fish, many of the fish that are caught are ground up and then fed to other fish or the animals we consume. Statistics claim that 20% of the world’s production of fishmeal in 2010 was used to feed pigs. Around 144 and 293 wild sea animals are captured and killed annually to feed the fish eaten by the average consumer. There is an overwhelming, and I mean…truly overwhelming amount of numbers, studies, evidence, research that has undisputedly proven the domino effect and impact that each individual consumer has on the entire planet, including sea life, from continuing to eat animals and products that come from animals. Let’s also not forget wild animals that are killed by habitat destruction for grazing land and feed-growing land, wild animals killed by pollution and diseases from other diseased animals. Animals culled on farms such as male chicks. Animals that die during transportation. Animals that die on factory farms before being slaughtered due to disease. Animals killed by pesticides used on feed crops and by the harvesting of feed crops. In a nut shell, anyone who is no longer supporting the meat or dairy industry by buying animal products, helps the demand of such products go down, therefore consumer demand for alternatives will increase encouraging more corporations to create vegetarian and vegan food items and decrease the animal products they use. All of these products created in the world are simply there due to the average consumers demands. As soon as the consumer changes what they want, companies and corporations will need to catch up and cater for that. You as a consumer control these corporations, not the other way round, unless you allow it to be the other way round, which sadly, most people do, because they don’t recognise that they have the power to create this change by simply making demands for cruelty free alternatives instead. Most of us won’t make a difference because we don’t truly believe that our efforts will count, but believe me, the only time change begins is when one of us, or a few of us decide to bring awareness to matters that are truly so important. And what could be more important right now than saving our earth, the only one we have. Most of us want a kinder and more compassionate world, but most of us don’t realise that the easiest and most effective way to contribute towards that begins with what we choose to eat, wear, and buy in general. What we choose to stand for. What you spend your money on, you create more of. Spend it on alternatives to meat and dairy, and you’ll help create a world full of more dairy and meat alternatives and help be part of a movement that decreases unnecessary pain, ill health and poverty in the world.

31)“We’re naturally predators : that’s how we got where we are today” – A ‘meat eater’ eats animals because they are presented as mere objects : nuggets or links on a plate, cooked for safety with additives that enhance the otherwise bland taste. The human being is not carnivorous nor a natural born predator in any sense. Lack of claws, jaw strength to rip apart flesh and no enzymes to break down uric acid are some of the many examples of our non-carnivorous traits. Could we have survived while consuming animals during times of famine or in harsh environment? Absolutely. However the continuance of such an act is only a traditional one, not instinctual. Only herbivorous animals develop disease like atherosclerosis (clogging of arteries) with such ease, after consuming flesh : unlike all true omnivores and carnivores. Our desire of animal flesh only develops after it is divorced from the animal and highly altered to suit our taste buds : a”piece of meat”. Culture is different than science or anatomy, which proves the human to be better suited for plant foods.

As summarised previously in regard to the myth that prehistoric humans spent more of their time hunting and consuming meat, this ‘reasoning’ is not remotely valid to justify slaughtering billions of animals lives each year for in-practical, illogical, unsustainable and inexcusable reasons. Prehistoric humans, unlike us, were not breading animals purely for consumption. Yes, they may have hunted once in a while, and it is not nearly as often as the majority of misinformed meat eaters imagine since it was a rare feat that they would kill their prey, and more often than killing animals themselves, they took from the left-overs of animals killed by other animals. Prehistoric humans may have consumed animal flesh to sustain them during a period in time when there were few other alternatives, but they were certainly not cramming animals into cages, hanging them up next to one another and slitting their throats one by one, or constantly breeding and raising animals for human consumption. Prehistoric humans may have had hunter instincts that were necessary back then to provide for their families, however, it is complete and utter idiocy and nonsensical to use this statement as a means to justify human behaviour towards animals now, in the 21st century. A century where the idea that we must consume meat and dairy is merely marketing propaganda that has successfully brainwashed us into believing this is a necessity for our health. A century where we have advanced with science and technology to such a degree that we can create plenty of alternatives that taste similar to both meat and dairy, create clothing out of plants, oppose to putting animals through tremendous suffering for absolutely no reason that can be justified what so ever. Every time you use the “well caveman did it, it’s in our nature” statement, You are justifying the slaughters of millions upon millions of innocents every year. Every time you use this statement you are justifying death, rape, torture, inexcusable acts, all because you, with your meat and dairy eating tenancies that you are reluctant and resident to let go of because “it tastes good” (not for any reason that is remotely valid or critical) refuse to acknowledge an issue that has become the most pressing and urgent matter we are currently facing. As issue that is contributing to not only the loss of the lives of billions of sentiments, but the loss of human lives who are born into the world only to die of starvation, due to our greed here in the west as we mindlessly consume the animals who are raised on the grains that could directly feed the millions of lives in developing countries deprived of the food we have in excess, the food we do not need. An issue that is contributing to the loss of our wildlife, the disruption of our eco system and the loss of countless tree’s that are the lungs of our earth. Every time you use this statement, you are justifying the entire disarray and obliteration of our planet. In your denial of the reality of animal agriculture, you are comparing a time in which people were at their most primitive, barbaric and incapable of using any alternative methods with absolutely no resources or amens to create the materials that we have now, to a time where we have absolutely no rational or valid excuse to not abolish the farming industry and put an end to this outrageous, barbaric and abysmal practise. You can not compare a time in civilisation in which we had very few options to provide ourselves with food and keep ourselves warm, to a time in civilisation where we now have almost every single possible option available to avoid the harmful, appalling and cruel practises that we inflict on animals for the sake of producing products our bodies have absolutely no urgent or essential need for, when we can obtain that nutrients entirely from plants alone. We are now able to create renewable “eco-leather” made from plant fibres. We are now able to create fabric out of banana plant stems with material that is entirely carbon neutral reducing our carbon footprint and leaving aside animal cruelty. In an age where, what use to be impossible, has now become entirely feasible, and the most absurd ideas that would have seemed laughable before, are now shaping a future that uses cruelty-free methods, saving and preserving the earth’s resources, it indisputably proves to the world that the exploitation of animals and the use of animal materials and the non-sustainability of it all is now, more than ever, is entirely inexcusable and if the majority continue to dismiss the reality of climate change, animal agriculture along with all other evidence that proves raising animals for slaughter is impractical and destructive to our environment, then it will be all of us that suffer in the end, and our children and grandchildren even more so. To use a statement such as “we are naturally predators and this is just our nature” shows nothing more than a person who is ignorant and misinformed to the absolutely detrimental state that our planet is currently in due to their very reasoning that “we have always done it this way”. The attitude that those of us continue to carry towards the realities of animal agriculture in ignoring our responsibility as individuals and using any excuse available regardless as to how senseless and ludicrous it may sound, is exactly what is contributing to the state our planet is currently in. You can of course change this reality, by changing your habits, changing your attitude and doing your duty as an individual when it comes to your food choices and making a difference that would save countless lives and ultimately, the lives of many others on this earth, oppose to ignoring and detaching yourself from one of the biggest issues our planet and all life on it, is currently facing.

However, for those that still believe we are “Naturally” predators, please stop purchasing your meat from your local supermarket, and get out a sphere and hunt down your meat by yourself. Let’s see how far you get with you ‘natural’ predator instincts before you recognise how that statement may not be fairing you as well as you may have thought. Humans belong on a plant based diet. The media sends out false nutritional information and subject us to constant propaganda so that the dairy and meat industry can continue to be profitable but the truth is, and has always been, that we do not, and have never needed, to consume animal products, and every reason given against this argument, comes from those of an unconscious, often selfish, complacent and ignorant disposition and nothing more than that.

32)“You can’t build muscle on a vegan diet” – Frank Medrano, Patrik Baboumian, Torre Washington, Arvid Beck, Ryan Nelson, Will Tucker, Dani Taylor, Giacomo Marchese, Simone collins, Robert Cheeke, Mindy Colette, Richard Campell, Derek Tresize, Vanessa Espinoza, Jim Morris, Joel Kirkilis, Kenneth G williams, Denise Nicole, Bill Simmonds, Amanda Riester, Dusan Dudas, Alexander Dargatz, Rich Roll, Barny Du Plessis, Alex Voevoda, Yolanda Presswood, Sim Collins, Jehina Malik, Harriet Davis,James Hatchel,Michelle LeBlanc Risley, Ed Bauer, Michelle Risley, Plant based athlete, Avi Lehyani, Tim Shieff, Rob Bigwood, Sara Russert, Mac Danzig, Carl Lewis, Antoniette Pacheco, Sara Russert, Gaiaisi, Kelly Green, Mu Jin Han, Dom Repta, Neil Whyte, Kenneth williams, Yolanda Presswood, Kody Kowalowski, Nathane Jackson, Keith Holmes, Scott Jurek, Andy Lally, Gianna Miceli,Fiona Oakes, Carlos Barbon, Ed Bauer, Kristine Belliston, Rob Bigwood, Pam Boteler, Brendan Brazier, Chad Byers, Chris Campbell, David Carter, Mindy Collette, Simone Collins, Jericho Fine, Mike Fremont, James Hatchel, Melissa Hauser – Enough said.

33)“We should put humans first” – If you think that by maintaining a diet consisting of animal ingredients that this qualifies you as putting humans first, and that those who adopts the vegan diet are putting humans after animals, you are greatly mistaken. Our choices as non-vegans contribute to polluting and destroying this planet, a planet which we share with billions of other humans and life forms. Our choices as non-vegans contribute to the poverty and starvation of those in third world countries who could easily be provided with enough grains to combat their situation (as already mentioned in previous responses to various statements made) but instead, those grains are being fed directly to farm animals. Our choices as non-vegans are hurting those that consistently and relentlessly fight day in and day out to protect those that can not protect themselves. So if you are under the impression that vegans exclude humans from the picture and meat eaters are a representation of those that stand for the wellbeing of their fellow humans, then you are utterly and completely uninformed and can not possibly use not being a vegan as a means to support the fact that you stand for human rights before all others. On the contrary, Being a vegan literally encompasses standing for ALL life. It does not exclude humans from the cause. It tackles many many dire and urgent issues all at once. Some vegans may put animals at the forefront of their priorities when it comes to Veganism. Others may put health and fitness at the forefront, but regardless, by simply adapting to Veganism, it benefits all of those who will be excluded from harm and no longer in the firing line of the cruelty and consequences that consuming animal products causes. As I pointed out in earlier answers such as how we do not have the right to eat whatever we want if it contributes towards the harm of other beings, Veganism is not a matter of diet, it is a matter of re-considering how our choices as consumers may be impacting on everyone, not just our own health or animals. Our practise of exploiting animals equally as much concerns the wellbeing of other humans as it does animals. And not just those in third world countries or indigenous communities, but also those who consume animal flesh and products that are one of the no.1 contributors to many human diseases. Adopting the vegan diet is one of the most efficient ways to secure our health or help reverse current common diseases we may suffer from, and it is our job as adults to educate a younger generation with correct nutritional advice that has been updated from the outdated, misinformed and corrupt system still encouraging the consumption of dairy for calcium and meat for iron and protein. This system’s agenda is to make profit. Their concern is not the health or wellbeing of the population. It is purely marketing propaganda that ensures the continuation of the meat and dairy industry and that in turn, ensures they make the utmost profit regardless as to how many lives are sacrificed in the process. Their concern is certainly not whether the population is supplied with the correct amounts of dairy and protein. For those that still believe the nonsense of the nutrient and food based guidelines of the UK institutions that are led by our government , and profited on by our government, it is in their interest to mislead the public into believing such information in order for them to maximise the profits that are made from the meat and dairy industry. It is time to awaken to the reality of the farming industries and the media that have done a phenomenal job at keeping us blind and ignorant of their motive and practises. We now have enough leading nutritional therapists, health advisors and scientists confirming that we can get all of our nutrition requirements from a plant based diet, and unlike dairy or meat, plant based foods if organic or homegrown are free from added hormones, disease, mercury or other toxic substances that put our bodies at risk of developing dire illnesses such as cancer or heart disease. If you knew there was a way to obtain all the nutrients you would ever need without putting your health at risk, and without harming a vast majority of others, would you not go with that option instead? – well you can. By going vegan. So anyone who claims that we should put humans first, is greatly misinformed in regard to how many problems we can tackle if many of us adapted to the vegan diet.

34)“If everyone went vegan it would disrupt the livelihood of farmers” – Correction : it would disrupt an industry that is inhumane and harmful. And many of these farmers could use this as an opportunity to switch to plant farming. Governments could help by covering costs reconstructing the land for a different type of agriculture. It would require a different undertaking of how to grow these foods of course which would require training but in the long run, this seems like a perfectly logical and ethical solution! For example in Russia, the government announced they will give free lands to anyone who plans to use it for agriculture. So for the farmers going out of business, this problem could easily be solved by animal farmers switching to plant based agriculture and feeding the nation with fresh organic fruit and veggies instead. Why would it be beneficial for farmers to make the transition from livestock farming to plant farming? For the following reasons : livestock farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transport in the world combined. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with their production are estimated to account for over 14.5% of the global total. This is more emissions produced from powering all of the world’s road vehicles, trains, ships and aeroplanes combined.Currently, the UK only assigns around 16% of agriculture land to the growing of protein crops and the majority of this goes towards feeding farm animals. As an alternative, growing more protein crops oppose to farming animals would not only help prevent the suffering of millions of animals but also reduce both greenhouse gases and the threat to global food security. Livestock is widely acknowledged as one of the leading causes of deforestation in the majority of the world. According to one green planet, meat eaters use 160% more land resources than people who eat a plant based diet. Livestock take up 26% of land with another 4% dedicated solely to growing grains to feed livestock with. Which equates to roughly 30% of habitable land worldwide dedicated solely to animal agriculture. Roughly 260 million acres of forests in the US have been cleared to create land to produce livestock feed and around 80% of the deforestation in the amazon rainforest is attributed to beef production, and considering that when forests burn, tree carbon matter is then released in the form of co2 polluting the atmosphere, this adds dramatically to the increase of greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, as the amazon rainforest biome slowly decreases in size from the rate of deforestation, so will the wildlife found in those forests along with the potential use of plants or medicine much of which we in the west rely on. Forests in general play a vital role in maintaining the global carbon budget and they absorb approximately 2.4 billion metric tons of carbon each year worldwide. But with the dramatic loss of these forests comes the dramatic increase of carbon dioxide contributing dramatically to climate change, Hence why cutting meat and milk production and replacing animal agriculture with plant farming is so essential. Of course the US contributes dramatically to this devastation but the UK is also equally to blame. The average consumption of meat in the UK is double the average in the rest of the world. It is no surprise that over 64% of adults in the UK are now registered as being overweight or obese and nearly a third of children in the UK are following the same fait, not to mention the alarming rise in various cancers, bowel disease and heart disease due to the over consumption of meat according to the National Health service. The overconsumption of animal products in the UK (and everywhere else in the world) play a significant role in increasing greenhouse emissions, water consumption and pollution and, as already discussed, overconsumption of meat and dairy play a significant role in threatening the food security in poorer countries. So in answer to your query about farmers going out of business. This can easily be solved with an alternative (plant farming) that would ensure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improve the livelihood of farmers, and prevent the unnecessary sufferings of millions upon millions of farmed animals.

35) More evidence that switching to plant farming is crucial – According to Author and Activist Chris Hedges and the makers of Cowspiracy, The production of livestock has been responsible for up to 91% of the loss of the rain forest and savannah, and we find ourselves lethally despoiling the lungs of the earth largely for the benefits of the animal agriculture industry. Killing the forest is a death sentence for the planet. Land devoted exclusively to raising livestock represents 45% of the earth’s ice-free land mass. All of this does not include the assault of the oceans, where three-quarters of the world’s primary fisheries have been overexploited, and vast parts of the seas are in danger of becoming dead zones. As Hedges so accurately puts, Our contribution to pollution begins with what we decide to purchase and consume. It’s not just with the occasional purchase ; It’s with every food item we eat every day. When it comes to meat and dairy, in order for that animal to be raised for us to eat there are a number of other influences that come with it which contribute to food wastage, pollution, and overall devastation of our earth. For example, in the US alone, farm animals such as chickens, pigs and cows produce over five million pounds of excrement per minute. These animals are raised each year in order to satisfy our demands. These animals produce 130 times more excrement than the entire human population in the US. The manure sewage is largely responsible for impacting climate change, water and soil pollution along with air pollution and the use of our resources and the wastage of food. The waste produced by these animals raised for food includes antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and other chemicals which are used to speed up the animals growth so they can be slaughtered earlier. The animals themselves produce methane along with carbon, nitrous oxide and additional methane emissions which occur during the whole raising, feeding and killing process. By making a transition from livestock farming to plant protein agriculture, we would be able to grow twenty times the amount of pounds of edible vegetables, fruit and grains as in pounds of edible animal products. We are unnecessarily and illogically using twenty times the amount of land and crops and hundreds of times the water alongside polluting waterways and air while destroying rainforests which are the lungs of the earth, to produce animals to kill and eat. Of course we can all do our bit here and there by changing our method of transportation for example and choosing maybe to drive less and cycle more, use less plastic and recycle more. But none of this will reduce our carbon footprint as much as adapting to a vegan diet would. Animal agriculture, raising and killing animals for food, is really what’s killing the planet.

36)“I want to go vegan but It’s so much of a personal sacrifice to give up animal products” – It’s interesting that we’re conditioned to such a severe point that we are under the delusional impression that WE are the one’s making a sacrifice to give up the flesh and products of animals which belong to THEM. It’s the equivalent of you as a parent having your children dragged away from you to be fed to a bunch of animals and then those animals claiming that they’re not prepared to refrain from eating human babies anymore because of the tremendous personal sacrifice involved. If animals participated in the same barbaric practises than humans did, making the same statements in regard to their meat eating habits as humans did, many humans would be entirely outraged by such a statement. But the audacity and irony that humans imagine that THEY are the ones who are making the personal sacrifice when it is the animals blood, flesh and body fluids that they are consuming, is really quite laughable. They are the one’s who are being stripped of everything that makes a life worth living, for us. Stripped of their nutrients, stripped of their comfort, stripped of their freedom, stripped of their children, stripped of their fur and coats, and stripped of their lives. When you go vegan you do not give up anything, you simply stop taking what was never yours to take in the first place. If we have been programmed and brainwashed to believe for so long that animals are at our disposal for us to do as we wish with them, then of course we will associate with veganism as making a ‘personal sacrifice’. However , if you are able to recognise your animal consumption habits for what they really are, you will realise that it is actually that it is only when it comes to the animals that the sacrifice is involved. The only real reason people don’t want to give up their animal products is due to the inconvenience of then going away and re-educating themselves on the plant based diet But is merely out of the inconvenience and laziness that prevents non-vegans from adapting to veganism and no other reason.

37)Tradition and cultural conditioning – Clever marketing ploys and tactics along with tradition, cultural and social conditioning have contributed towards the majority of people believing that the consumption of animals and animal products is perfectly normal. In fact, it is viewed as such a normality that those who refrain from eating animals and animal products are deemed as fanatical, abnormal, extreme and often made a mockery of. Think about this for a moment – those that refrain from eating the produce of animals and animals themselves because it is cruel, barbaric and causing complete and utter chaos to the planet’s natural balance (both the Earth’s eco-system’s and the Oceans eco-systems are suffering tremendously due to our consumption of animals) are considered insane. But participating in the obliteration of our planet and the death of many lives is apparently perfectly normal ;“Because it’s always been this way!”. Of course we would consider any new and alternative way of thinking abnormal and insane if we have never considered that there is in fact an alternative in the first place with ample of valid and acute reasons. Nor have we ever cared to question where our food comes from and how it is made. Branding has done an absolutely magnificent job at creating the disconnect between the animal in it’s living form, and dead form. For example Dead cow has been given the term ‘beef’. Murdered pig has been given the term ‘pork’ , advertisements for milk or dairy would often show a happy cow on the front of the packaging oppose to the distraught look on the cow’s face as it cries and screams while it’s new born baby is dragged away from it and relocated to another part of the part to be slaughtered for meat. And some eggs are advertised as ‘organic’ or ‘free range’ (as if that makes any difference) which does not change the fact that billions of baby male chicks are still ground up or run over by a tractor, while female chickens unfertilised reproductive cycles are consumed readily by us without us realising that in fact what we are really consuming with eggs, is consuming a chicken’s period. As peta perfectly explains : “female chickens have a menstrual cycle that can be daily during certain times of the year. Like women, hens have ovaries. During a hen’s cycle, an ovary sends a yolk on its path. The yolk forms what we know of as an “egg white” as it moves through the reproductive tract into the shell gland. The shell takes about 21 hours to form and ‘cluck’ = out pops an egg”. Moving on, food industries have presented animal products in a way that creates a complete disconnect between animal and finished product. This is not a coincidence, this is done deliberately. To make consumers not think about where their food actually came from. Imagine if we had billboards and advertisements all over the cities we live in revealing to us the entire process of each animal being horrifically slaughtered, screaming and crying in pain, often abused by factory works by being beaten or knifed. I doubt little girls would be running to the meat section saying “daddy I want pork for dinner” if they knew the reality, and their parents told the truth.

38)Changing social normalities – Consequently now we have a mass of consumers who are disconnected and detached from the reality of their food and where it comes from. And when that reality is brought to light, often it is a met with variety of reactions and nonsensical excuses such as “we need meat for protein” or “we’ve always eaten meat”. There’s a well known quote that says “the most dangerous phase in the english language is “but we’ve always done it this way”. I believe that quote holds much truth when it comes to this matter. For those unwilling to abstain from consuming animals and their produce, the list of excuses continue, expanding and elaborating into more absurd and painfully ignorant responses, because for those who have always consumed animal products, to suddenly accept a new and indisputably shocking reality in which the consumption of animals is barbaric and inhumane, can not be processed. And thus, vegans are met with accusations such as being insane, idiotic, obsessive and fanatical, all for simply pointing out the absolute and brutal truth of the meat and dairy industry and why it is absolutely unacceptable for us to participate in supporting it by purchasing animal products or advocating that meat and dairy are necessary for a balanced diet. Most of us are unaware of the fact that we do not need to consume animal products for our health. Most of us are unaware of the fact that animal agriculture costs thousands of human lives ever year (The US could feed 800 million people with grains that livestock eat) Most of us are unaware of the waste, pollution and illogicality of it all. We have no awareness as to the impact our consumption of animal products has on develop countries, we are unaware of the sufferings cows, chickens, chicks, pigs, lambs, sheep, fish, undergo for our consumption, and we are blinded due to tradition and ignorance combined and thus, we continue to participate in these harmful practises rather than consider the alternative – Questioning and challenging that tradition and awakening to the astounding and overwhelming amount of evidence presented, urging us to adapt to the vegan diet. Tradition can not be followed when it promotes harmful, cruel and barbaric practises. Tradition can not be followed when it effects the lives of billions of specimens worldwide and is contributing to wiping out some of the world’s already endangered species. It is truly astonishing and ludicrous that eating animals is widely consider socially acceptable, but Veganism is not. More of us must question the practises and habits of certain things we participate in daily and wether those normalities can really be considered normal if it Is resulting in ill health, pain and suffering.

39)Bizarre Cultural examples that what is considered a ‘normality’ is often plain madness – We must acknowledge that throughout human history, many practises that have been so widely promoted that once such a large majority of society adopts those practises, the few that choose to refrain from involving participating are considered abnormal. A few examples of this are female authors and musicians during the 18-19th century who faced huge resilience when trying to promote their works, to the point where one of them change their name so a male name so that society were more likely to purchase her book , because it was widely considered at this time that women were not as intelligent as men during these male-dominated periods in history. The Bronte Sisters for example published many of their first works under the male pseudonyms of Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell claiming that they did not like to declare themselves as women since their mode of writing and attitude was not what was considered feminine and many were liable to be looked upon with prejudice. Another example is the Author of ‘little women’ Louisa May Alcott who choose the name A.M Barnard in order to write gothic thrillers and other subject matters that were deemed unladylike. Even J.K Rowling’s deliberately choose ambiguous initials due to her publisher stating that the book Harry Potter might be less successful if young male audiences realised it was written by a woman. And if that does not demonstrate how very little society has progressed since the days when female authors disguised their names as men’s, Rowlings published a crime mystery ‘the Cuckoo’s calling” under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith which received criticism once she revealed herself to be the author. This matter would have any feminist or even non-feminist raging and professing how ridiculous it is that in this day and age , such sexism could still arise, to which most vegans would respond by pointing out the hypocrisy of claiming we should have progressed in regard to women’s rights when we are still so far behind in regard to animals.

Another example of a practise being adopted by the masses in certain locations, even though it resulted in the pain and suffering of another, is female circumcision. This practise as you may be aware is still very much prevalent in developing countries who lack education and awareness to understand how backwards, nauseating and dangerous this procedure truly Is and similarly as with eating animals, inflicts horrendous pain, suffering and sometimes even death on many young innocent women who are subjected to the primitive, barbarous ways of a misogynistic, fallacious and unfounded tradition. All of these things we can apply to the farming industry – Misogynistic in the sense that we believe animals are lesser beings that us. Fallacious in the sense that everything we believe about retrieving our nutrition from animals is entirely false. And unfounded in the sense that there is absolutely no solid foundation on valid reasoning on which any argument from those who consume animal products can stand without being deep flawed and unjustifiable.

I’m quite certain that anyone capable of using reasoning and logic rather than mindlessly following the conventional ways and habits handed down to us, can agree that all of these traditions are barbaric and completely unnecessary. We are often astounded that such ruthless and brutal practises such as circumcision could still take place in various parts of the world which we would immediately condemn, yet we participate in one’s that consist of similar cruelty, appalling violence, extreme illogicality and oppression everyday. Child marriage is another good example of an appalling practise stemming from tradition. That which is considered customary in various cultures and is still very much prevalent in around 20 different countries until today, such as India, Chad, Central Africa, Malwi, Somalia and Nepal. If we look closely at, what is considered, ordinary traditional practises, we can begin to observe common threads between all such as, many of these are participated in in countries with little to no education and a great deal of poverty. Since neither low education or poverty is prevalent to the extent in the west that it is in many of these countries where we witness these practises, I see absolutely no excuse as to why we can continue to participate in things that are part of our culture or tradition which are clearly very much outdated, impractical, damaging and barbaric to the times we live in. If we have access to the internet, then we have access to a vast array of knowledge, and if we have access to knowledge, our eyes can be opened to the reality of these practises rather than the brainwashing we have been brought up with. There is absolutely no excuse for a non-vegan to not immediately eliminate animal products from their diet, once they are aware of these realities. Other traditional happenings that are considered a normality include sacrificing animals which occurs during certain Hindu Festivals in which animals are ritually slaughtered since they believe that the spilling of the animal’s blood will appease evil spirits. This is widely accepted in India as perfectly normal. Another of example of something that is considered a normality and yet many of us would be appalled by. Yet how is our practise of killing animals for meat and dairy because we believe it is necessary for a balanced healthy diet any different?. Some believe certain unfounded nonsensical beliefs, and we hold others such as how consuming animals benefits the human body. Human sacrifice is also still practised in some Hindu communities, such as a widow burning, known as Sati, which consists of a widower throwing herself onto the fire on which the husband is being burnt to burn with him. This is still a customary practise in some parts of India. And then there are blood fiestas which is customary in Spain, consisting of people getting together and inflicting pain on bulls, cows, goats and other animals as a means of entertainment. More recently the dog meat festival in countries such as China, had thousands protesting all over the world and millions outraged by such an event. Those that were prepared to march during protests defending the rights of millions of dogs and cats tortured and slaughtered during the meat festival, are the very same people that regularly contribute to the continuation of the meat and dairy industry. The very same people who condemn the murders of one group of animal, but unknowingly or knowingly support the murders of another.

The list of traditional and backwards events is one that is indeed endless, clearly displaying the insanity, savagery and illogicality of our species, and If you care to do your own research on the matter of tradition and customary practises, you will recognise that little to no good has ever come of any of them, and that it has often take a select few advanced, compassionate, educated and highly consciousness individuals to abolish and end all of them. In the same way that vegans are now attempting to abolish and put an end to animal exploitation and cruelty.

40)“But I do not personally kill the animals so I am not responsible for their pain or deaths and since the meat and dairy is already available to me, why would I waste it and refrain from eating it?” – As discussed earlier, consumers control corporations, not the other way around. The consumer makes the demands and eventually corporations have to catch up. This is why Ben & Jerry’s recently launched a range of non-dairy vegan ice creams. Smart move! They recognised the growing number of consumers who demanded alternatives to dairy and caught onto the fact that since sales in dairy products are beginning to fall and demands for alternatives are going up, creating a non-dairy range would be a very appropriate thing to do. It was non-dairy consumers that created this demand. We have seen the same results in regard to non-dairy milks, with dairy free milks sky rocketing now accounting for 20% of the overall market with sales increasing by 40% between 2013-2014. And thanks to companies such as Beyond meat, Linda McCartney’s and Impossible foods, meat free alternatives are also becoming popular among many consumers. According to Mintel, even meat eaters are now opting for these alternatives, with only 7% of customers out of 36% purchasing meat-free burgers, being vegetarians. More meat eaters than vegetarians are also buying Quorn products for the first time in the companies history. And the guardian reported that the company have calculated that “if a million people consumed Quorn mince instead of beef just once a week over a year, 12,5000 fewer acres of land would be required to feed the population”. Just imagine how many trees and animals would be spared if every meat eater adapted to plant based burgers full time. Sales of meat alternatives reached $553 million in 2013 which blatantly indicates the gradual shift many meat eaters are making to veganism or reducing their intake of meat. Replacing meat with nutritious plant-based protein alternatives is becoming a growing trend alongside the growing market for non-dairy milk, ice cream, cheese and yoghurt. The current strain and demand placed on our food system can be significantly reduced if more consumers make demands for plant based alternatives. What the consumer demands can change everything. But it is the consumers responsibility to create this shift in society. One where instead of adopting the attitude in which they claim they are not contributing to the animal abuse by simply purchasing the products, they instead recognise their power as an individual and as a customer of animal products. We are very much responsible for the fait of these animals which we can easily contribute towards changing by opting for non-meat and non-dairy products instead. We are either adding to the demands of animal agriculture and animal abuse, or minimising it. And we contribute to this every single passing day with our food choices. The current demands that exist towards meat consumption results in the extensive use of factory farms, antibiotic overuse and significant proportions of crops that are grown for animal feed not directly for humans creating tremendous strain on food resources and the planet. These elements, plus more, are what consumers of animal products contribute towards. However, If one less consumer of animal products turned to a billion, then this would revolutionise the world for better. Do not underestimate your power as an individual to influence many many others around you to make responsible and cruelty-free food choices.

41)”Real men eat meat” –  I always perceived that real men protect and that they are a voice for those that do not have one. I would also imagine that real men do not let tradition or conditioning blind them from seeing the truth and being led towards what is ethically right, and what is ethically right means not harming, exploiting or killing other beings for food or our own entertainment. How many times have men been told that “real men eat meat” and without truly understanding the implications of those sentences, they begin to partake in events that advocate violence and insensitivity. They begin to promote brutality, sadism and inhumanity by favouring food choices that are a result or torture, suffering and the murders of billions of sentients. This, as real men, we can not turn a blind eye to, but many will from feeling incapacitated by the reality of their food choices, or threatened by the actuality that the notions they were raised on, were nothing but a lie carried out by marketing ploys who promote falsities, and hide us from the brutality of the meat and dairy industry. But is it not strength to stand for what is false and wrong? And is it not strength to confront these atrocities and then change our way of eating and being so that we refrain from harming other sentients from the actions we partake in each passing day? These days, ‘real men’ that frequently tear apart the flesh of what were once living, feeling sentients, abused, knifed and killed for their enjoyment. Real men i am sure would not dare to commend or attempt to justify the murders of millions if their own fellow species was subjected to such an unspeakably awful, vile, horrendous and unforgivable fait. And yet these are the very men that refuse to condemn it each day with the food choices they make, refuse to awaken to the undebatable reality which shows us we can not truly be real or contain the humanity we wish to see more in others, if we treat the animals who can not defend themselves, the animals who are the most vulnerable, as objects and commodities to be consumed and used for our pleasure or entertainment. And thus the most colossal hypocrisy our world has ever witnessed, is represented through the men that claim they are real, and yet represent everything opposite to what this word embodies. Those men, that refuse to do the very thing that good men, strong men and honest men would do – Refrain from consuming the flesh and fluids of a species that are here in their own right. Not for our use. Many of these men will endorse the common practises and cultural ‘normality’ of consuming meat, so that they will uphold to the ideals that men are convinced demonstrate their masculinity and strength. But maybe we can argue that the real champions are not the men depicted in the mainstream media that have incorrectly defined and corrupted what it is to be a ‘real man’. Nor are they the men in the advertisements tearing apart a steak to promote the meat industry that is determined to consistently drill the message, that one must eat meat to be a man, into the heads and lives of the majority of society who are unaware that the advocation of meat eating, is merely to benefit the meat industry with profit, and not the health of the young men inundated with insecurities and desperation from the constant bombardment of this meat eating message that succeeds by running off of their misery and low-self esteem, like all advertisements tend to. And what are the consequences for young women? To ingrain into men that violence, sexual-aggression, dominance, a lack of emotion and a lack of compassion equates to masculinity? What message are we sending out to those men when we do this and how will this effect the women when they are exposed to the aggression and violence these men equate to masculinity? Does it tell these men that it is ok to force ourselves on women even if they protest? That it is ok to shun and neglect the feelings of others? That it is ok to verbally or physically attack another or even to rape? Surely alarm bells should be ringing in regard to how we raise men if participating in violence in valued above cultivating emotion. And surely alarm bells should be ringing when research now indicates that men are more likely to commit a crime, men are more likely to own a gun, men are more likely to hunt animals for sport and men are more likely to lead the way when it comes to pursuing that which advocates vicious, macho and hostile behaviour, particularly towards women. If culture dictates to us that men only hold appeal if they participate in violence by fostering tough characteristics oppose to nurturing ones that will contribute to less crime, less dysfunction within families, less abuse, less oppression towards woman and a willingness to change their eating habits which leave out the suffering of others, then surely it is time to reconsider wether what culture dictates is truly for the betterment of all of us.

Is it not time that what we evolve in regard to what we consider the definition of masculinity to be and instead, see it from an alternative perspective. One where we take a stand to protect our health by nourishing it with plant-based foods, avoiding the risk of the many diseases our bodies can become exposed to through the consumption of animal protects. One where we take a stand to leave out the suffering of other sentients from our diet and become aware of the fact that we can nourish our bodies with all of the protein and other nutrients, typically associated with meat, needed, without contributing to the torture or deaths of other’s in the process. One where we can pave the way for other men who are still misled by the media, peers and family members misinforming and encouraging them to invest in their meat-eating habits, perpetuating this cycle of violence, misery, inhumanity and savagery that our world appears to be built on.  If pursuing and killing innocents such as deer, fish and other animals is considered manly, and if raising our children on a diet of other sentients that have been imprisoned, tortured and slaughtered is considered natural, then we must begin to put our own habits, beliefs and food preferences aside, and question as to wether these habits, beliefs and food preferences can be a justifiable reason for us participating in the atrocities. Question as to wether what we are taught through tradition, cultural , socialisation and ideologies. This is of course easier said than done, considering that in order for us to get to a stage where we can scrutinise what we have believed for many years, such as that which dictates to us is natural and masculine, we would need to separate ourselves from the social groups and environment that invite us to continue in upholding the same views we have been brought up with.

Let us return to the definition of what it means to be a real man. For the very definition of ‘real’ is to be authentic, genuine, sincere, wholehearted and unaffected by the conditionings of society. So if we are to truly claim that we are real as men or women, then must we not be follow the absolute truth in order to claim so? Must we not be willing to be unprejudiced towards all others and honest when it comes to that which may lie outside of the preconceived notions we hold and make us uncomfortable to question? For the words ‘truthful, unprejudiced, honest-to-goodness define the meaning ‘real’. And so, if we are to claim that a man is real, then he must surely be following his own heart oppose to the conventions that may lead him away from a moral compass, and a social structure that attempts to usher many of us further away from the truth, logic and goodness we once held before it was eradicated out of our souls. And if a man is to follow his own heart, then his perception of the world would no longer be barricaded by these social ‘normalities’ or tradition. And he would be able to see all others as an equal, a friend and a gift. All women and all animals. There would be no questioning or belief in his mind that women or animals are here to serve his needs. He would be aware that only those who are still trapped within the oppressive, deceitful, hypocritical, nonsensical, detrimental and discriminatory laws that our world have been built upon, would be able to view any other who was not his own gender or did not take the physical form he did, as inferior and an object for his pleasure and amusement. Real men, see no inferior. They do not associate with either women or animal as an item that can be utilised and exploited as if both women and animal were designed for such a thing. They value love, truth, equality and integrity. They may have a deep, prodigious, unceasing and unrelenting need for change. To reconstruct this world so that the old misconceptions and ideologies that blind us from achieving harmony, oneness and love towards all life, are overthrown and replaced with the unquestionable validity, wholeness, morality, principles, etiquette, dignity, love, and a commitment to what is right, and what must be changed. I ask these men to remember that what it is to be a ‘real man’ , is not what culture has consistently bombarded and invaded us with to the point of forgetting that there is an alternative. An alternative which allows us to leave out the exploitation, cruelty, suffering and deaths of others. And an alternative that allows us to stay true and honest to that which is fair and just while taking into consideration that although this earth may be our home, it is also the home of many many others, and all are equally deserving of life while on it. I ask these men, that in knowing the suffering that is caused to other beings, to not partake in it , nor be afraid to challenge the notions others hold that they are unable to challenge themselves. I ask that these men recognise that in the end, the strong ones will protect all life, and not separate themselves from the animals and trees that are an essential part of this earth. They will not place themselves on a pedestal of superiority and claim that the earth and all life is here for their pleasure and usage, but rather, recognise that they are here to protect the earth and all life on it as often and as gently as they can. If we are ever to use the word “real” in describing our character, then let us remember that those who are real, are full of goodness and love, eager to represent the essence of humanity. And those who are real are prepared to face the reality and then act upon it. And those that are real will become guardians of this earth and extend love and protection towards all those regardless as to what form the other enters into this world possessing.

42) “I love the taste of meat & dairy though” – 

Chickens ; Every year, around 52 billion chickens are slaughtered globally for meat. Chickens live their entire lives crowded together with millions of other birds in a shed wading around in their own feces, breathing in bacteria in the air, suffering from blisters and painful burns to the eyes which often blind them. Chickens regularly die of heart attacks and other diseases which is primarily due to the growth hormones that are fed to them to accelerate their growth so they can be slaughtered more quickly. They are piled into trucks and transported to slaughterhouses arriving with broken bones and often infected with disease. When they arrive, they’ll be slaughtered in the most brutal manner ; by getting their throats cut open, getting dropped into a tank of boiling hot water, and most of them will still be conscious while being killed. Around 4 million birds are scaled alive and in tanks that are highly contaminated containing feces from the skin and feathers which get absorbed through the pores of the chicken which you eventually eat.

Because of the horrifically dirty conditions chickens are subjected to, they are usually rampant with pathogens and foodborne disease such as E.coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter which are highly dangerous to human health. There is also solid evidence that urinary tract infections is caused by the consumption of chicken. A vast array of studies from top universities and independent researchers have found the antibiotics fed to chickens are highly toxic to humans and this will it prevent humans from responding to antibiotic treatment, contributing to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria which pose a major threat to human health. To top it off, research has confirmed that the consumption of chicken puts humans at risk for dementia, neurological problems, breast cancer, and other cancers! three-quarters of fresh chickens in supermarkets and butchers are contaminated with the potentially lethal food-poisoning bug campylobacter as recently reported ! In the Independent and the Guardian newspapers

    • This consequently makes 280,000 people in the UK sick each year, with many thousands being admitted to hospital as a result and around 100 people a year dying.
    • According to Peta, 92 per cent of all chicken on sale is contaminated with faecal matter. Which means it’s likely you’re eating poop every time you eat chicken!

if you thought terms such as “free-range” and “organic” make any difference then you’re mistaken. Chickens are subjected to the same conditions, the same inhumane treatment as chickens anywhere else! These terms are used to manipulate the public into thinking they’re buying cruelty free or safe produce but none of it is true.

If you thought the treatment of chickens in the the egg industry was any better, you’re in for a shock. Millions of baby male chicks are ground up alive every day the very second they’re born because they are of no use to the egg industry. In buying eggs, we are also supporting the murder of countless chicks. In-spite of what you’re told about animals being raised in ‘humane’ conditions, quite the opposite is the truth. The fact an animal is killed is an act in itself that is nothing but inhumane

Cows ; Around 30 million cows are slaughtered every year. Cows are shipped usually without food or water to a slaughterhouse and when they arrive they will be sent down a dark chute into a ‘knocking box’ that restrains them from moving while slaughterhouse workers use a captive bolt gun which shoots a steel bolt into the traumatized and terrified animal’s brain. A shackler then inserts their hind legs into a chain, so it is hoisted up to prepare them for getting their throat slit. But more often than not, things go wrong and the cows that are stunned regain consciousness which means they suffer torture unlike nothing else ; they are able to feel as their skin is ripped off and their limbs are getting removed. Nothing can compare to the horrors and pain these animals endure, for no necessary or justifiable reason.

Pigs : 115 million pigs are killed each year. Baby pigs routinely have their tails sliced off with wire clippers and their teeth removed and when pig are not profitable due to their small size, it is common practice to smash their head against a concrete floor to kill them off. Pigs are usually stunned and then knifed or gassed to death in chambers. But due to improper stunning methods of killing many pigs are still alive and conscious when they are dumped into scalding-hot hair-removal tanks meeting their deaths highly distressed and in a state of terror. Female pigs will be used to produce babies so more meat can be produced. These females are kept in metal confinement units which are so small that they can’t turn around or lie down comfortably, and as they get bigger during pregnancy, they’ll have no room at all to even lie on their sides. When they give birth, they are moved to farrowing crates keeping them confined on their sides, often remaining in one position for more than two year! When they are only 10 days old, piglets will be separated from their mother and sent off to be raised and killed for meat while their mother will be returned to the gestation crate for another pregnancy.

Both cows and pigs are fed hormones to speed up their growth rate and drugs and antibiotics to keep them alive, often causing animals to be riddled with bacteria! which can cause serious health issues for humans who consume their flesh. And that’s not the worst of it. A large amount of studies carried out recently have confirmed that meat contributes towards inflammation in the muscles, brain tissue, eyes, heart, bones and kidneys. It also causes degenerative arthritis, gout, strokes, heart disease, liver disease, obesity, kidney disease, lung diseases, autoimmune diseases, gallstone, osteoporosis, inflammatory bowel disease, cholesterol, diabetes and stomach, colon, rectum, pancreatic, lung, prostate, testicular, kidney, and bladder cancer! A Harvard study of 37,698 men and 83,644 women, over 22 and 30 years, confirmed that red meat increases total mortality rates and cancer mortality rates and another Harvard study found meat eaters to have three times the colon cancer risk compared to those who rarely eat meat! The oxford vegetarian study confirmed that heart disease is almost 60% lower in those on a whole-foods plant based diet oppose to meat-eaters. The Physicians Committee reported that meat consumption was strongly associated with hormone-related cancers such as breast and prostate cancer. A study published in health journal fertility and sterility discovered that that men who avoided all meats had an almost 30% percent higher fertility success rate than those consuming bacon and other meats! According to the telegraph, one of the largest studies of it’s kind followed the health of almost 450,000 people aged 35 to 69, found the more processed meat people ate, the more likely they were to die early from any cause. Cancer Research UK reported that around 16,200 people died of bowel cancer in 2012 in the UK and stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer for men and the ninth most common cancer for women in the UK! And guess what one of the primary causes is? Yup. meat.

Cows & dairy :  Like all mammals, cows only produce milk when they are given birth. Just like human mothers they carry their child for nine months, and then, like us, they will begin to lactate in order to nourish their child. But because of the dairy industry’s interference, extensive genetic manipulation will cause these female cows to produce up to 12 times more milk than she would naturally produce to feed her calf. She will suffer a lifetime of constant confinement, pain and abuse, only to be killed in the end for meat, when her worn out body is no longer able to produce milk, which will be used for burgers, leather hand bags, leather belts, leather shoes and the gelatin in the candy we give our children. Millions of young innocent male baby calves are born into the world each year, but they are of no use to the dairy industry, so they will be killed shortly after birth and used for meat. These calves are forced into the man-made world as their mothers are repeatedly artificially inseminated. with what is referred to as a ‘rape rack’, an object that invades the animal’s body as inseminators push their arm up her rectum pressuring her cervix as they inseminate her with the other arm. To put it simply, female cows are repeatedly raped so that they can produce more babies, and then produce more milk for human consumption.

Female cows have their children repeatedly ripped away up to seven times, each time either to be killed shortly after birth and sold for meat. Up to 21 million dairy calves are slaughtered for veal or beef every single year. Can you imagine having a child, only to have that child immediately torn away from you and sent off to be killed, while you are hooked up to a machine to produce milk until the end of your days which will be met with the same fait as your child? To imagine that one may be robbed of the bond with one’s child immediately after 9 months have passed so that we may greedily eat the ingredients she produces for her child, is heartbreaking, and millions of dairy cows experience this every single day. Visit to find out more.

If so much cruelty and ill-health is involved with eating animals and animal products, why do we do it? Well many people are under the impression that the consumption of animals is necessary because of the protein and calcium and other nutrients, but these days, the nutrient content of any meat is outweighed by an excess of saturated fats, cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, bacteria, toxins, and other nasties doing the body far more damage than good! Luckily, plants have plenty of protein + all the other nutrients you need and none of those nasties! You can obtain all the protein and vital nutrients you need from plant based foods, which are low in saturated fats, such as pulses, beans, lentils, chickpeas and buckwheat and other plant foods such as quinoa, broccoli, tofu, hummus, nut butters, nuts and seeds ; All of these are a good source of protein and provide a good source of fibre, unlike meat, and contain none of the health risks or the cruelty that animals are subjected to! Calcium can be found in sufficient amounts in kale, broccoli, cabbage, celery, oranges, collard greens, tofu, almonds,chia seeds, kidney beans, spinach, sesame seed paste, figs, black beans, chick peas, tempeh, soy milk and hummus.

43) The communication gap that could solve the vegan and non-vegan issue It would be far more beneficial if two people with entirely opposing views, could dedicate their energies towards cultivating listening skills rather than disputing and raging at one another. I believe the biggest problem causing the greatest communication blocks we currently suffer in our society is that no one is prepared to listen anymore. Talking and getting our own opinion across is, for most of us, the ultimate motive. Taking another person’s perspective into consideration is of no interest to us if we feel that it will not benefit us in anyway. And for the most part, many of us will feel that a subject which is new and unfamiliar, may be of no use, not because it is actually of no use, but simply because it would require us stepping outside of our comfort zone for a moment and recognising that our reality, is only one of billions, and there is always a possibility, that the current reality we are experiencing in our everyday life, is not the most beneficial reality in order for us to maximise our wellbeing. The ostracising of new eating habits and the mockery towards vegans from non-vegans is not a matter related to Veganism at all. It is related to self-absorption and ignorance. Self-absorption because, if we are so insistent on residing in our own world and our own thoughts for the larger majority of our lives, then we have most likely never taken time to consider the alternative – stepping outside of our own world, putting the “me me me the world revolves around ME” conversation on hold, and entering somebody else’s for a moment to get a better understanding of where they’re coming from. If one has been conditioned with a particular belief system for so many years, it is tremendously difficult to awaken from that conditioning and recognise the alternative – that maybe what we have known our entire life is one big fat lie. Behind the curtains of any unfamiliar topic, exists a world that we never knew was present.

Awakening to that world and stripping away the many many years of cultural conditioning and brainwashing, is really what it comes down to. This takes courage, this take bravery, this takes a willingness to advance and progress as a soul, for if we are to cling tightly to what we have always known and been taught without daring to question it, we can never truly advance. You may ask “what does being a vegan have to do with advancing” and that is a whole other topic i shall write about in due course, but i can tell you this for now – We can never ever progress as a species if we can not protect, respect and cherish others that need it the most. That, among all else that humans could accomplish, is the most fundamental, basic and yet truly powerful way of expressing our commitment to advancing as a race. If we are to claim that we are a more advanced race, then we must recognise that our duty while here on this earth, is to protect and love those that are vulnerable. not ravish this earth, not take from it, not objectify, abolish, exploit or harm other creatures, but protect them. If we are truly to consider ourselves the progressive ones, then that must be how we act among other sentients that are part of this earth.

Before becoming a vegan, I could watch a burger king advert without flinching. Before, I would see the laughing cow logo and think how happy that cow must have been to produce that cheese for me. Before, I would see a chicken nuggets add and just see chicken nuggets (not an animal screaming as it’s strung up by it’s feet and beheaded) and before, I would see certain clothes brands and not associate it with child labour, the wool, leather or fur industry. Once you go vegan, You see absolutely everything for what it is. You see pain, you see torture, you see death. Not a delicious meal or a pretty package but rather the gruesome and cruel reality

Once your eyes are open you see everything that is wrong in the world. And I mean everything. It’s a button you can not turn off. You realise how shockingly deceived and blinded you’ve been in regard to all these issues for all these many years and suddenly, you begin boycotting every cosmetics brand, clothing brand and throwing out leather hand bags entirely distraught that you could ever have possessed them in the first place, but knowing that I can be one less consumer contributing towards unethical and cruel practises in the world certainly makes a difference. All of my care is now directed towards those in this world that suffer every single day due to our greed, our selfishness, our blindness, our ignorance, and our refusal to advance as a race that is more than capable of at least trying. And for all of those that are trying, you know the truth, so please, never ever stop telling it. I can only hope that those who are still new to the concept of veganism, will be more open minded and soft hearted when approaching this issue and begin to recognise the many joys of adopting the vegan lifestyle oppose to focusing on the slight challenge of transitioning. I promise it will be a small price to pay for what is to come in the future, if we will collectively continue to raise awareness in regard to this issue.

“Veganism is not a diet, but the avoidance of all forms of exploitation of non-human animals to the extent such avoidance is possible” – Magnus vinding

“Given what lies ahead as global warming ravages the ecosystem, the failure to curb the destruction wrought by the animal agriculture industry, especially as droughts plague huge swaths of the globe, is collective insanity” – The sustainability secret By Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn

“The more forcefully we ignore something, the more power it has over us and the more strongly it influences us. Looking undistractedly into the animal-derived foods produced by modern methods, we inescapably find misery, cruelty and exploration. we therefore avoid looking deeply at our food if it is of animal origin, and this practise of avoidance and denial, applied to eating, our most basic activity and vital ritual, carries over automatically into our entire public and private life. we know, deep down, that we cannot look deeply anywhere for if we do, we will have to look deeply into the enormous suffering our food choices directly cause. So we learn to stay shallow and to be willingly blind to the connections we could see. otherwise, our remorse and guilt would be too painful to bear. The acknowledge truth would conflict too strongly with our self-image, causing serious cognitive dissonance and emotional disturbance. we choose to ignore, and thus choose to be ignorant and inattentive.” – Will Tuttle : the world peace diet

“There are 70 billion land animals raised and killed for food every year across the planet. There are 7 billion humans on earth. Livestock and their waste and flatulence account for up to 32 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year or 51% of all worldwide green-house gas emissions.” – The sustainability secret By Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn

The average American eats at least 209 pounds of meat a year. The markegard model or raising animals requires 4,5000 acres to produce 80,000 pounds of grass-fed meat. If all 209 pounds of meat were grass-fed beef, only 382 people could be fed by the markegards land. In terms of the land use, taking the 4,5000 acres that the markegards graze, diving it by the 382 people gives us 11.7 acres per person. So it takes 11.7 acres of land to raise enough grass-fed meat for one American, for one year. Multiply 11.7 acres by 314 million americans and that comes out to 3.7 billion acres of grazing land needed to feed the United their annual meat, if it were all grass-fed” – Kip anderson

Mohandas Gandhi

For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.-


He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

The Gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies; they are the trees and the plants and the seeds.”


Cows scream louder than carrots.”

Alan Watts

“A human body in no way resembles those that were born for ravenousness; it hath no hawk’s bill, no sharp talon, no roughness of teeth, no such strength of stomach or heat of digestion, as can be sufficient to convert or alter such heavy and fleshy fare.”


“We cannot have peace among men whose hearts find delight in killing any living creature.”

Rachel Carson

We know we cannot be kind to animals until we stop exploiting them — exploiting animals in the name of science, exploiting animals in the name of sport, exploiting animals in the name of fashion, and yes, exploiting animals in the name of food.”

Meagan Duhamel

Nothing has benefited me more physically, mentally and most important spiritually, then adapting a vegan diet. The best decision I have made as a human for me and the planet.”



-Every year, man kills and cuts up 60 billion animals, 60 billion lives, almost ten times the human population in a single year- - Terra by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 21.29.48

When you become a vegan you give up nothing.You just stop taking what was never yours to take.

900 million mammals and birds, and hundreds of millions of fish, are victimised in Britain every year for the simple reason that we like the taste of their flesh, or the products of their bodies.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 16.34.07

-When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your heart, that is consciousness- - Bhagavad Gita.


-culture is not your friend- -Terence McKenna






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