I am asking you just for one day……

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I am asking you just for one day……

July 17, 2016 By

I made get shot down for this perspective but I will share it never the less. I believe that everything that is currently happening in the world is happening for a reason that we have managed to miss, and continue to miss, and have always missed since the dawn of time when such happenings have occurred. I’m talking about the recent Orlando shooting, the black communities that are targeted, The discrimination towards muslims and arabs, the discrimination towards gays, we’ve finally reached a peaking point in humanity where it seems like the world is finally beginning to fall apart, but fall apart so that it can be renewed and reconstructed without the former notions that kept us from progressing beyond the issues we are witnessing surface now. We are very much split into two halves more than ever, and the world is in pain.

We’re running out of resources, experiencing an energy and water crisis, we’re losing the planet’s wildlife, it’s animals, our greed is disrupting our eco system, and we are more divided than we have ever been and on top of that,politically speaking as far as the UK and US are concerned, moving in a direction that does not suggest a remotely secure future. We are facing what is undoubtedly, a most unpredictable and uncertain time in this period of humans existence. But what I find most absurd, is that every time an event such as the paris shooting or the Boston bombing occurs, rather than recognising how to constructively move forward, we ourselves build up the discrimination and hate in the world, we, ourselves, collectively, let our emotions dictate exactly how we are going to respond to these happenings. And it is why these happenings continue to occur. Because each time, we let our rage, and anger and outrage dictate exactly how we choose to respond. And it occurred to me today that, if we are ever to see change, how is this change to occur if we continue to build groups and cliques and huddle together, taking sides against those of particular race, taking sides against those who support causes we do not. We our perpetrators of the chaos in the world. We invite this through our own responses in regard to how we choose to react to each situation in which chaos breaks loose. What I am trying to say is, it is us that build the walls between others creating a wider gap and therefore inviting the continuation of hate and aggression from opposing sides that then choose to respond in either radical or extremely violent ways. We, collectively, either add to that hatred, or take away from it. I believe that the series of horrific events we are currently witnessing in the world are a result of our own collective anger, hatred, need for revenge. Our own response. And things throughout history as you can see, have not changed, because we collectively continue to respond with the same aggression and the same violence.

So if this is not the solution, what is. To love? To love has become the hardest most impossible thing when we witness all the wrong doings of others in the world. To love, and remove the discrimination we have so often been programmed to feel before we ourselves have felt what truly belongs to us, is one of the most difficult things. To love, even when we have so many reasons to hate and despise and loathe those that we would typically point fingers at and blame, even if those people are not directly linked to the pain and suffering that others have caused us, has become all too natural to most of us now. The answer and the solution to undoing this continuous cycle in which these violent events occur , should seem so simple. But it is not simple. It is far too idealistic. For if we are to love, then it means we must undo all conditioning and programming that the events we have witnessed upon the news, or personal experiences we have endured, or what our parents and society have taught us, have shaped us into. If we are to see change on a mass scale that results in peace and a diminishing of the discrimination and fear that the world is now centred around, then we as individuals, must influence that undoing, must influence the break and halt in the cycle of fear and hatred which up until now, most of us have contributed towards. But I would ask for all of us to reconsider our ways so that we can influence a change so desperately needed in the world right now :

I am asking for those who discriminate against others of a sexual orientation that is considered out of the ordinary, to stop the discrimination and learn to understand the person in front of them, learn to love them, in the same way that you would want someone to love you for the things that you may feel conflicted or misunderstood over. For the things that you may struggle and suffer with. Learn to feel them, as if you were them, with the same hopes, the same dreams, the same capacity to love, struggle and suffer. I am asking you to remove the barriers that cloud you from seeing what is only necessary for you to see – The human. Not their gender preference, Nor their physical form, just the human. One that wants to be happy, to feel they have a place in this often cruel, troubled, chaotic and insensitive world.

I am asking for those who have in the past expressed behaviour of a racist, or who hold thoughts and display actions of a destructive nature towards those who are a different nationality or skin colour, to stop the discrimination. Learn to love that person. Even if what is familiar to that person, is impossible for you to understand. I ask you to make them feel safe. Safe enough to tell you their story. You may be surprised to hear that what that person has endured a similar struggle to you, maybe in a different context, but there may be battles that you can both relate to in one another. And then that person, who before today, you were filled with fear and animosity towards merely from the colour of their skin or the language they speak, may instead become a mirror to reflect everything back at you, that you hold within yourself. Then you may begin to understand that this human, like every other human, may wish often to escape their physical form so that they can be heard, seen and loved for all the layers that they are underneath their body, loved for their own identity not the identity that the world has given to them. None of us choose who we enter into this life as. None of us choose that nationality or environment we are born into. But none of this should matter, for our physical form should never be what influences others when it comes to how much they can love or respect us.

I am asking for those who have lived in concrete jungles their entire lives and littered the streets of their neighbourhoods, to visit a park for the day, and recognise that this land, this earth, is here to be taken care of. We are the caretakers of this earth, and if you had land, you would not want others to litter it with their waste, so why do we take for granted the one home that we have to live. If you see others litter this land, do not follow their lead, instead, make them follow you by awakening them to how truly precious this earth we exist on is. Many of us detach ourselves from that beauty that surrounds us and the life that gives us the air we breathe and the food we eat. We obtain our food from packages on supermarket shelves, and thus the connection that would be built between us and the land if we planted the food ourselves, is broken. And so we forget where our food comes from. We forget who is really feeding us. Not the corporations or brands we cling onto tightly. But the earth. An earth that we abandon in our thoughts everyday, even though we breathe in her air and tread upon her everyday. Maybe if we were to remove our shoes and walk barefoot, we would be reminded fully of her presence and her power. Maybe if we were to visit a space filled with trees we would hear the sounds of the birds chirping and be reminded of what a beautiful sound that is in comparison to the sound of cars and other manmade noises we are bombarded with. If you were to plant a seed and water it , it would grow for you, and it would feed you. That is what this planet does. It thrives, it feeds and it is unstoppable in it’s ability to give. That is why we call it mother earth. Because it nourishes us. It sustains us. How could we ever see it for anything less than a wondrous, magical, overwhelmingly powerful planet of goodness and purity which it is our duty to protect and give back to. Yet we do not let her thrive, and we do not let ourselves thrive. We continue to ravish it, we continue to purge it of all of it’s goodness, yet even after all of that, she would still continue to provide for us. She would, forgive us for all the harm we have done. She would not stop producing her fruit trees or her waters or her soil that can provide us with all of the nutrients and shelter we need. Is our earth truly not the most beautiful example of what we humans could achieve, if we were only as forgiving, only as loving, only as resilient and resourceful to start anew and maintain a spirit that is not fuelled by hatred but instead hope, peace and the determination to grow in our capacity to love, feel and give, regardless as to what we have suffered. This earth, does not take from us, it only gives. And we must begin to give back to it, and those that dream to have each day, that which we so often take for granted.

I am asking for you to give all other beings on this earth that you may have harmed, abused, exploited, used as entertainment, or who’s produce you may have consumed up until now, the respect and treatment they deserve as equals. I am asking for you to recognise that all other life, be it an insect, a cow, an ant, a chicken or a dog, has it’s place on this earth, and none are for the sake of serving us, as we are not here to be forced to serve others, we may only do that if we choose. I am asking you to respect the lives of all, no matter how big or small they may be, and let that life live in a manner that you yourself would wish to live. Let that spider spin it’s web and leave it be. Let that cow feed her baby with the milk she produced for it, not you. Remember that your mother gave you the nourishment you needed. Now leave the parents of other specimens to feed their children with the nourishment that their children need. Let those animals live freely without fear or suffering that our species has inflicted upon them since the beginning of time. We have no justifiable reason to take from them for our food or our clothing or use them for our own amusement. And now more than ever, we must be part of a generation that gives those a voice who are still being taken from, still being imprisoned, violated and murdered. Still suffering because of our greed and our consumption. We must leave these innocents alone, abstain from eating their flesh and their bodily fluids, for they would never take from us as we do from them. They would never harm us as we do them. Let other creatures on this earth have the life that you would want for yourself. Give them that life. One of peace, one where they are protected and loved, extend that to those who are outside of your own form, flesh and blood. Those beings have the same capacity to feel, the same capacity to love, the same capacity to suffer as you would if your child was taken from you only to be killed. As you would, if you witnessed others die before you, knowing that soon it would be your turn. As you would if your life was about to be ripped from you and all you could do was wait, paralysed with fear, overcome with pain. For this is what all cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, minks, fish and others that we consistently abuse in the most violent way, have the capacity to feel, and do feel, as their lives are taken from them in the most brutal manner for inexcusable and unforgivable human consumption. Do not let that blood be upon your hands for supporting the industries that still continue to exploit them for the foods our bodies do not need.

I am asking you for just a day, to blow out the angry rapacious flames that continue to burn down everyone in your path, everyone that tries to reach you. I am asking you for just one day, to be driven by your endless ability to love, rather than your ego’s endless need to take, leaving you more empty than it will ever leave you full. Your ego’s insistent need to build up the armour that prevent any good from ever entering your sphere, upholding to a belief system that may no longer be serving you. I am asking just for one day that you are grateful for the body you possess, grateful for the life you have been given and the endless possibilities that you have to birth so many breathtakingly beautiful ventures into the world. I ask that for one day that you are kind to everyone you meet, curious and interested in the lives of others more so than your own, willing to listen more than you are to talk or respond, because they, just as often as you, feel unheard, invisible and forgotten in this colossal, fast moving space we call civilisation. And they just like you, find it impossible to be vulnerable when their heart has been broken, their spirit shattered and their dreams crushed far too often for them to ever believe it is possible to dream again. But Just for a day, you can make them dream again. Make those people feel seen and remind them that they matter. And then you will watch the world transform around you and say “This was the world I always wanted to create” And this is the world that you can create, if you would just let yourself love. I am asking that just for a day, we all put down the guns that we so readily aim at others and stop looking for someone to blame for the state that we are in and I ask that instead, we begin to take responsibility for the world that we create collectively, and do our part as a single individual to influence change. To recognise our own power as individuals. We do not need to wait for others to give us our worth, or to give us the permission to create something outstandingly beautiful. Or to stand for something we truly believe in with all our being. We can start today, even if it feels impossible. But I ask you for one day only, please let down all of your barriers that prevent you from seeing through a lens that has not been altered by fear, corrupted by distrust or hatred, and instead, see through the lens that you were born into the world possessing, before experience and exposure to the events you did not choose to happen to you, took all of that love, clarity, purpose and determination to make a difference, away. Just for today, be that child again without inhibition, prejudice, intolerance, restraint, suspicion or despair.

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JwaydanJwaydan Moyine is a classically trained Film Composer, Pianist, Cellist, Singer/Songwriter, and a Writer and Entrepreneur. She founded Earth Children to bring awareness to matters regarding the Environment, Animal welfare, Sustainable & Conscious living, Wellness & Humanitarian issues. She is heavily involved with activism for animal welfare in the UK and Egypt and child welfare in Syria, Thailand and Romania. She resides in Berkshire Running an organic food farm, an organic skincare company, and an online platform called Vegans & Elephants, bringing awareness to matters regarding the Planet, Plant based nutrition, Cruelty free living & the necessity of adapting to Veganism for the sake of Sustainability, Animal welfare and our Health. She has several qualifications in nutritional therapy, culinary medicine & holistic healing. You can find out more on what she is doing over at the Earth Children Facebook Page!
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