7 things to know about the highly sensitive introvert

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7 things to know about the highly sensitive introvert

July 21, 2016 By

1)Introverts tends to avoid socialising and can be perfectly content from weeks to months on end in their own company, existing within their own world which is usually rich in imagination. They are perfectly content in spending their time reading books, challenging themselves to develop new skills and accomplish things outside of their comfort zone and will dedicate an enormous amount of time immersed in creative projects they love. They tend to find that it is very draining to come into contact with others often since the noise and chaos that comes from being in a manmade environment can overwhelm them, over stimulating their brain activity which is already highly stimulated even in the most peaceful of environments. Too many interactions can end up leaving them worn out or even burnt out for several days after.

2)Introverts find it very difficult to bond with the majority of people or even sometimes the minority since the characteristics they find appealing in others are often harder and rarer to find. If they do socialise, they will enjoy a profound and philosophical debate that will leave them feeling nourished and re-energised afterwards, oppose to the typical small talk many engage in which they can not stand. But often any talking at all can be very draining for the highly sensitive introvert and they may avoid it all together and anger those close to them who are not of the same nature. Others may find them rude or strange for being repelled by trivial conversation but unless one is also as introvert, it would be difficult to understand how essential it is that they preserve their energy as best they can for they are very aware of how easily they can run out of it from the slightest thing that may push them over the edge, leaving them worn out for days and desperately trying to recuperate.

3) Introverts often have highly active imaginations, hence why they do not enjoy an excess of noise that comes from external happenings, because often the activity and chaos in their head is excessive enough already, and this they can run of off for days without needing to be entertained by anyone or anything except their own imagination. Because of this, they may often lean more towards creative careers that allow them to remain in solitude and isolation for long periods of time without being disturbed, in which they can explore their imagination throughly and use up every ounce of their energy by being productive, driven and focused on the things they love.

4) Introverts tend to be extremely self-examining and introspective which is why they may be more certain as to who they are in the world, having spent many years forming an identity away from society allowing them to understand what it is that matters to them in life. They are less concerned with whether others accept them for their differences or not (or not concerned with it at all) and entirely focused on finding out what it is they need to accomplish and create in order to feel fulfilled. With deep introspectiveness often comes someone who is far more conscious and aware of the world around them, and because of that, they may choose to abandon much of the conventions and social normalities that many others still believe are an important part of the structure of their life holding it together. But introverts pave their own way in the world and are little concerned with what others believe they should be doing. They understand that the only way they will ever be happy, is from creating a life that is authentic and true to who they are, even if it means they are taking a path that presents greater challenges, loneliness and isolation.

5) Introverts are highly misunderstood because of their quiet and reclusive nature which maybe most will mistake for sadness. If truth be told, perhaps because introverts are such keen observers of life and themselves, they tend to pick up on very small details, elements of every environment they enter and every person they meet, and often seeing the world for what it really is can sadden them deeply. However what others often mistake for sadness is simply someone who is of a very thoughtful and sensitive nature, always self-searching, always absorbing the energy of their surroundings and taking both the beauty and disappointments of life in.

6)Introverts may be very silent and not speak much and many would assume it is because they have little to say but in fact it is quite the opposite. They have so much to say that they do not even know where to begin or how words could possibly be a high enough form of expression to communicate all of the conflicting and contradicting feelings they experience within. They would instead prefer to use all of what they yearn to express through a particular art form, one that is powerful enough to do their emotions justice. Introverts however will use words to express themselves, but more often through writing stories, articles or songs oppose to having long conversations. If they are of an artistic nature, they will be far more concerned with preserving as many of their ideas as possible, and they will never tire of gathering all of their contemplations and thoughts together to create something immensely beautiful out of it. They may rarely feel that they have ever accomplished anything at all in fact, unless there is evidence of it that others can witness. Turning moments and memories into something that can accurately express a little of what introverts experience in their imagination on a day to day basis, may be the most important and vital element of their lives.

7) Introverts value time and try their best to use it wisely, although they may get sidetracked by day dreaming a little to often or procrastinating with their tendency to over-think, over-analyse and over exhaust themselves from these mental activities which then may lead to them not accomplishing much for a few days at a time. But once they have scrutinised to enough of a degree and settled their chaotic thoughts gathering them together to form a structure that is logical, they will be extremely committed to whatever they take on, and have the ability to focus for unusually long periods of time on the task at hand until they are entirely satisfied with the outcome. They are very aware of the vast majority of time that is required to spend on any endeavour in order for it to arise to a level that is of a high standard, so they are careful not to squander there time on things and people that do not matter, and for that reason, only keep a small circle of friends.

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