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Are we conditioned to be cruel?

It has become almost a normality now to go about one’s day consumed largely or entirely with aspects that concern oneself, with little regard to the people in our lives or issues surfacing in the world that desperately need attention. Our fixation on consuming and having more for ourselves, has long outrun our concern for developing empathy and compassion and choosing…

Articles/Awakening & Empowerment

Top Ted Talks to watch

Carl Safina: What are animals thinking and feeling Leather and meat without killing the animal – Andras Forgacs One seed at a time, protecting the future of food – Cary Fowler The power of vulnerability – Brene Brown The power of introverts – Susan Cain How to grow a forest in your backyard -Shubhendu Sharma My wish – Build…

Articles/Awakening & Empowerment

Brilliant Documentaries everyone needs to watch

Environmental Mission blue – Robert Nixon & Fisher Stevens Cowspiracy – Kip Anderson & Keegan Kuhn Earthlings – Shaun Monson, Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix Almost human – Jane Godall Planet Earth – David Attenborough Tyke Elephant outlaw – Susan Lambert, Stefan Moore A crude awakening : The oil crash – Basil Gelpke, Ray McCormack If a tree falls – Marshall…

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Going vegan may be the answer to saving our oceans

According to various news outlets including Huffington post, The guardian, The Telegraph and Tech times, ecologists and economists calculated that the loss of biodiversity will curb the oceans ability to sustain the population which is expected to rise by over 50 percent by 2050. Billions of fish being killed worldwide for food every year has resulted in the extinction of…