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The five stages of loss

Stage one – Guilt. Shame. Agony. Suffering. Grief-stricken. Confused. Heart broken. Loss of identity. Loss of will. No passion left. Indifferent. Feels like the death of one’s spirit. Severely burnt out. No sense of direction. Isolating oneself. Manic depression. Unable to move on. Disempowerment. Despair. Suicidal thoughts. Vulnerability. Hysterical. Unable to cope. Seeing no way forward from debilitating state. Feeling…

Articles/Awakening & Empowerment

Choose strength…Choose love

There are periods during our lives that dismantle, demolish and tear apart any sense of identity we previously held. These periods challenge our greater characteristics and qualities to transpire. But we are given a choice, for at times when we experience conflict, loss, heartbreak or soul shattering events, it can either diminish us and result is us clinging to the…

Articles/Awakening & Empowerment

Coming into consciousness

It is the food we eat, the thoughts we believe, our actions, the souls we surround ourselves with, the gratitude and love we give to ourselves and others, and the creativity we use to bring about essential and fundamental change, that create a beautiful life. It is all these things that compliment one another, and we can not fully experience…


Why we stay sick

I recently spoke to a young boy who’s mother had cancer, I met a lady with breast cancer, a man with a chronic condition, a woman with a severe skin condition, who has a son with an even more severe skin condition, and then there’s my mother, who also has a skin condition that is considered a mysterious illness, and…