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Companion planting

Companion planting is necessary when growing your own food. This type of planting basically means combining the right type of plants together so that one can act as protection for the other giving organic gardens as an alternative to using unnatural harmful pesticides. Companion planting can repel specific insects but also attract bugs that are beneficial to the growth of…


Natural easy home made face scrubs

Face Masks These are some glorious homemade versions that your’s truly has tried and tested! I find it is necessary to make my own face masks and scrubs because regardless as to how organic or natural a skincare rage producing them claims to be, all of these products need preservatives since they are water based ones. Not that all preservatives…


For Vibrant & Clear skin

Most people mistakenly believe that skin conditions such as acne, blemishes, psoriasis and eczema, can be solved by piling various skin ointments onto the skin and treating the issue externally, however, what i have witnessed from my own skin problems and those of others who approach me for advice, is that it is always always a matter of the dis-ease that is…


15 nourishing plant based oils to rejuvenate skin

Avocado oil : rich in antioxidants, high in vitamin E, and a powerful helper in the battle against sin ageing, fighting free radicals and protecting skin cells from oxidising. Rich in omega 3 which is highly effective in preventing the appearance of age spots and reducing the risk of skin cancer. Ideal for dry, damaged and dehydrated skin. Effective in…


Techniques for asthma sufferers

What to do if you suspect you have asthma : -Do a blood test to check if you are allergic to something you may be unaware of. -Get your lungs scanned to see if there is anything abnormalities -You can do a peal flow test that will measure how hard you can breathe out and the readings will indicate whether…


What your pain means by Louise Hay

I have long been fascinated with the link between physical and emotional health, which we so often overlook, and it is only in recent years that holistic healing has begun to infiltrate into mainstream culture, and more of us our beginning to recognise the link between the two, and how our mental patterns largely contribute to, or exacerbate physical aliments….


The health reasons as to why i became a vegan

A few years ago, if someone had told me “you’ll be happy about your ill health in the future because of the experience and insight it will give you” I would have told them to piss off. But now I revise the past few years, i’m thankful I went through the burnt out, chronic fatigue, on going glandular fever, countless…


Why good health starts with the gut

There are particular health problems we live with for so long, we no longer recognize them as being an abnormality. Gut health is one of those. Many of us are also uncomfortable to talk about our bowel health because we find it embarrassing. I’ve now got into the habit of asking friends, if their bowl health is as it should…