What your pain means

I have long been fascinated with the link between physical and emotional health, which we so often overlook, and it is only in recent years that hollistic healing has begun to infiltrate into mainstream culture, and more of us our beginning to recognise the link between the two, and how our mental patterns largely contribute to, or exacerbate physical aliments….

Books/Wellness Books


-Swallow this – Joanna Blythman -Liver detox plan : the revolutionary way to cleanse and revive your body – Xandria Williams -Gut and Psychology Syndrome – -The digestive health solution – Benjamin I Brown -The clear skin cookbook – Dale pinnock -Skin Cleanse – Adina Grigore -Reverse the signs of ageing -Dr Nigms Talib -Forkes over Knives : The plant…

Books/Science & Consciousness

Science & Consciousness

How not to be wrong : The power of mathematical thinking – Jordan Ellenberg Alan turning – The enigma : Andrew Hodges Tesla – Inventor of the electrical age : W.bernard Carlson Seven elemants that changed the world – An adventure of ingenuity and discovery : John Browne The accidental universe – The world you thought you knew : Alan…

Books/Vegan Cookbooks

Vegan Cookbooks

There is no shortage to the amount of healthy and delicious recipes overflowing from these books. I have tried at least several from each and it has entirely changed my families and friend’s perspective on the vegan diet, opening them up to a way of eating that is both consciousness in regard to their health, and the planet. I decided…

Books/Sustainability & Planting

Sustainability & Planting

You do not need several acres of land in order to start growing various greens or herbs that will not only save you money but also reduce the amount of pesticides you are exposed to. These books are packed with information for anyone interested in learning about the following Animal agriculture and the impact it is causing on the planet,…

Books/Happiness, Spirituality & Psychology

Spirituality, Happiness & Psychology

For anyone who wants to indulge in a world committed to shifting our perspective and broading our outlook on life, these are the books to read. Whether you are interested in matters such as learning to heal the body in understanding ones emotions and gain greater insight into the connection between our physical self and our thoughts, revolutionise ones life…